I'm having gay s** with my straight cousin

It was about four years ago he had just moved here from New York with my grandmother ,hes adopted. I used to babysit him during the summer. One summer day I had gotten very sleepy and I told him to take a nap even though he's a teenage I didn't trust him In my house unsupervised. I went upstairs to my room and got in the bed. As I began to fall asleep he walked in my room and he asked if He could lay down in my bed. * i don't consider myslelf gay but I was highly attracted to him**. He laided down with me and I began to get alittle arousled . He got closer and closer to me. And then we hit skin to skin contact. We began to make out and then I gave him a b******* and he gave me one. After that we kept doing it every so often. Shortly after that we started having lots of s**. This went one for about 4 years. Everyone sees him has the straightest guy in the world but only if they knew he is a gay freak. Now he has a girlfriend and asks as if I don't exist. We haven't had s** in about four months . He believes that each time was a mistake, but we've had s** about 59 times lol . I believe he's having s** with his girlfriend, all I want to know is having s** with someone for four years and having lots of laughs doesn't give you a bond. And what do I do I believe that I'm a bisexual and I want to date a girl but I can't seem to get over him . How'd he get over me ?! Please help

Oct 20, 2015

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  • It sounded like you both filled a void in each other's life for awhile. Yes, 4 years is a long time. And it would be very difficult to say that neither of you have feelings for one another. But maybe the reality is, is that where was it going? From what you're describing, this sounds like a purely sexual relationship that was kept a secret. You both considered yourselves straight, but are truly bi or bi curious. And to the outside world - family, friends, coworkers, general public you both are straight males. How long can you live like this? Maybe he wanted more and was afraid to ask because you seemed content with the way the arrangement was. Regardless, how do you think you could have taken this public? Would you come out to your friends and family? Sure, he may not be related by blood, but he's still considered part of your family. Given what is happening now. Maybe he wants to be with a woman and is just not capable of being friends with you right now. Or is scared you'll say something or try something. Plus Men seem to get over partners quicker than women. So maybe that explains a little. Maybe you weren't the only guy he was sleeping with. That wasn't meant to hurt you, but could explain how he saw you in his life. Who knows without really talking with him what he's thinking. But for now, respect his wishes/choices and reconcile your feelings and process this as you would any break up. Take some time for yourself. You'll get through this. And if you have decided you're truly bi or gay - embrace it. Join a dating site and get out there. BE SAFE. Date and have fun. And you go and find yourself a girl or another guy.

  • You both should date instead of getting over each other

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