I hire lesbian prozzies

I am a 79 year old lesbian and I like young women and I like to make love to them often. Not criminally young but in the their early 20s. So to fulfill my desires I pay to have young lesbian prostitutes and why not I have more than enough money and I sure get my money's worth. There are 5 girls I use regularly at the moment and they will often recommend someone new to me, they are usually new to the game and use me as a kind of teacher I suppose. They give me a good rate for this so everyone is happy. When I was younger I used to be about 50/50 bi-sexual but as I have got older I have gone over to the lezz side more and more. I have a dear old friend I have known over half my life and now his wife has passed away I give him whatever he wants. Like most men he enjoys 69ing and I enjoy doing it with him but that s** with him is the only hetero s** I have anymore.
Are there any other old lesbians out there who hire young girls?

Oct 22, 2015

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  • I'm 16 with small t** and shaven tight p**** and want lesbian s**, would you train me. I will submit to you

  • Hi darling I'm 60 busty and bi, single I have 3 married female lovers aged 25, 39 & 50 like you l lean more to the l**** side. Last week ln Spain I paid a lesbian prostitute £75, she was 21 and very good value for money.

  • Shame we cannot meet up, we could exchange young lovers names while we s*** each other. I find that I l*** after women all of the time nowadays, I was telling a male friend of mine (the guy I mentioned in my first post and we have s**) and he said that I was having the same thoughts as the average male. I don't l*** after men in the street any more though, just women. But as I said before I do have a male friend who I sleep with fairly regularly but I think of him as a friend first and s** partner second. Some of the lezz prozzies I use I sometimes think that I love having s** with them but don't actually like them - not really making myself clear. I suppose what I am saying is that with these girls it is a matter of L***. I am getting h**** talking about this I think I will go and lay down and put some of my toys to good use. Bye bye luv.

  • Were you from? We could meet ?

  • Rochester, KENT, UK. I would love to meet yo and I could arrange some friends for a party.

  • Sounds good to me, would love a l**** party Sue. How do we meet?

  • I am not the lady named Sue, I am the lezz who wrote the original article and if you (r Sue) live near Rochester in Kent then we can have some girl-on-girl action. Actually I have just given myself an o*****, I woke up feeling very h**** this morning. I must have s** today!

  • Have you f*** your male friend or some juicy young lezzie? I'm meeting Hana tonight for a drink while naked at her flat, a little bit of bondage I think. Sue xxx

  • I am Sue and would love some lezzie action with you

  • Had a few drink and let Hana be dominant for a change, spanked my t*** and a***, put nipple suckers on me as I was bound and fisted me. She is such a good girl

  • Dream about you Sue.

  • We should start a lesbian exchange club?

  • Iv masturbated thinking of you to, my husband watched and wanked over me

  • My l**** lover (the 39yr old Sara) has fisted me left and now my husband is kneeling over me with a hard c*** and om going to w*** him off, till he spunks over my big t***, Sara doesn't let him f*** her but Hana 25 & Julie 50 do

  • Sara want to be a w**** for you

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