The storm

My girlfriend and I are traveling through Ecuador on our gap year. A couple of weeks ago we were staying in a hostel high up in the mountains. We splashed out on a private room for a few days to get a few good nights sleep. On the second day a bunch of tents appeared outside our room; a huge group of backpackers had arrived and made camp on the grounds. We couldn't sleep much the second night because they were up late partying. On our third day we went to breakfast and some of the group befriended us and invited us to a pool party in the grounds of the hostel. We spent all day drinking cold beer in the sun and playing volleyball in the pool. My girlfriend got a lot of attention because there were way more guys in the group then girls, and she stripped down to her bikini bottoms to play volleyball. I don't usually mind her being on the beach but there was something about it that made me jealous. It didn't help that she was flirting with them all either. We had dinner with them at dusk and then hung out in a fire pit they'd made near their tents. We decided to go to bed quite early. We'd both drank too much and the sun had made us sleepy. We said good night and headed back to the room. As soon as we got into bed it was clear that my girlfriend was very h****. We fooled around a bit and fell asleep. A few hours later there was a knock at the door. There was a horrendous storm and the camp was a washout. The hostel owners were housing the campers in the common room, but a couple of guys we'd been friendly with came over to ask if they could crash on our floor. We let them in and made space for them to get comfortable. My girlfriend lay on top of the bed and chatted with them while I got blankets. One of the guys was particularly drunk. He told her it was a shame she'd put her top back on (referring to the fact that she'd been topless all day). She blushed and he said that he'd very much enjoyed the day. I told them they she'd VERY much enjoyed it to. He said "well if we all enjoyed it so much then why'd you have to go and put the top back on". She didn't blush this time but instead took her little silk pj top off exposing her amazing t***. I couldn't believe it. I knew she was a little drinks till but I've never seen her do anything like this. It was different than being on the beach or at the pool. The guys went very quite and locked eyes on her body. She then slid of her tiny hot pant shorts exposing her bare p****, lay back on the bed and started to finger herself. I tried to intervene but the boys already stood up and walked over to the bed. Instead I turned off the light. It was pitch black. We all got naked, climbed on to the bed and touched and kissed her everywhere. She had six hand and three c**** all eagerly wanting to make contact with her naked body. The thing that turned me on the most was the sound. I could hear her, my own girlfriend kiss the other guys, as if that wasn't enough I heard her moan as they rubbed fingers over her p****. She was in sexual bliss. Nobody, to my knowledge had f***** her yet. But I knew she was wanking them off because she grabbed my d*** and couple of times. All of a sudden she moaned hard. I ran my hand down her stomach and to her p**** to find that she was being penetrated. I felt her c*** lips as they were being pushed aside by this big d***. A few seconds later he came inside of her and i felt his hot c** spewing out of her. This continued for what seemed like hours. Eventually I fell asleep on the bed next to them as they f***** like rabbits. The next monring I woke up to find my girl naked, with c** everywhere. The storm had ended and the boys had left. She apologized but I just kissed her and told her it was ok.

Oct 24, 2015

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