Drug Counseling, s**

I am a 32 year British white male and I attended a drug rehab and counseling group for people who are taking illegal substances or for people like me who have come off medication and been lift out in the cold.

I started going to group sessions as part of my induction for return to work, most people in these group sessions are a mess and taking insane amount of drugs.

On my third session me and this women around 25 year started chatting, she told me about her Cocaine and Heroin addiction she told me shes being shooting up these along with Amphetamines since 19 she was on the thin side and some visual effects of the drugs but still quite attractive and a few sessions I asked her out for a coffee she agreed and we went out I remember she was having withdrawal symptoms and had been on a government replacement drug, its was late so I walked her back to her flat and she asked me to come in and talked for awhile about all sorts and made the mistake of having a drink with her, we drank and finished a bottle of Vodka and almost half a bottle of Disaronno.

We started kissing on her sofa and taking her clothes off, When I had taken her top of she had puncher marks down both arms and what looked like wax burn marks over her b******, I was drunk and didn’t stop she had already taken her skirt off and started unzipping me and before I knew it we were having full s**. We had s** for around an hour, after that she was asleep I got dressed and header for the toilet, I went into the wrong room It was bedroom, I got curious and looked around there were a used syringe on the night stand next to her Bed I looked in her top draw and found Handcuffs,Condoms, and money rolled up. I got my coat and left, at the next group session she did not show up but I have not been feeling to feel since Monday.

Oct 26, 2015

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