Fantasy with ex girlfriend who was an abusive b****

Not to be taken as reality, but my fantasy is with my ex who is in her late 50's, 5'8", dark eyes and hair, small b******, athletic, but very large, thick thighs, and pretty face when she is not violent. That was the horrible reality of her behavior in the past. She was violent toward me and scary as h***. Thank God I got away. All men should get out of relationships like that!

For many years she stalked my friend and found some online nudes that we posted to drive her insane, which it did. She could not stop looking. My new friend is gorgeous and is very strong. Her thighs are even bigger and much stronger than the hag's. My friend has the best p**** any woman could ever have. The size of her lips, the tightness and depth. She is the wettest woman I ever met. The old hag is dry in comparison and has tiny p**** lips and a hair pie c***. She started to shave to compete. Laughable!!!

My fantasy concerns the evil ex b**** and a very nice woman that I am seeing. She is over 20 years younger, 5'8", 36C,26,44 when she is thin. Gorgeous blue eyes and stunning face. Thighs that are as big as her waist and big full calves as well. She is stunning. But she is protective of me and we thought of a very dirty fantasy involving that horrible b****.
I set the old hag up and she bites. It is a s** meeting. To make a long story short so that you perverts here can c** as fast as possible, I get her to lay on her back, her thin arms over her head, on the bed naked with a blindfold on. My blue eyed girl who is very strong mounts the old tree trunk leg hag and straddles her face, but not yet touching her. Suddenly my friend speaks: "Since you like to look at my p**** so much, how about eating it you f****** b****"! The blindfold is removed and my friend drops her shaved and extremely wet p**** onto the hag's mouth at the same time pinning her wrists down on the bed! She is trapped by a much stronger girl and freaks out! The old hag's big eyes bulge and she is smothered by p**** goo covering her mouth and nose! My friend squeezes her giant thighs around the b**** and she cannot move, still holding her skinny arms down. She smiles into the b****** eyes and tells her that she deserves this and laughs at her.... The b**** is hysterical and cries. She is suffocating until my friend gives her a little air. She does this to her for 10 minutes. This b**** really deserves this treatment. She has physically hurt me for years. She has this coming!
Finally my friend releases her, only to punch her in the stomach. The old hag cannot breath and turns colors. Again she punches her in the stomach, humiliating her. The b**** is never able to defend herself and we leave her devastated, her face covered in p**** goo.

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