My fantasy self is a s***

We all have those fantasies where we just live our lives differently than they are. Some of is (like me) have multiple little alternate lives going on in our heads. In a few of mine I'm a s***.

IRL I would never be categorized as such (though I can act slutty for my fiance (if we are playing around for laughs) or just acting). I have no idea why many of my fantasy selves are like that. Maybe it is some hidden sexual desire I have.

Is this normal? Or, at least, not all that strange?

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  • We can all be as Dirty and Sexual as we want to be in the obscurity of our own minds, so yes it's normal. It's the human animal side of our nature to want to have s** or to breed the more taboo the batter. It is only strange to those that have not indulged in p*** or experienced immorality. Thanks for sharing, I share your thoughts.

  • No not strange for I to do the same thing but sometimes I even do it in public towards strangers without even thinking of what I am doing.
    Like yesterday waiting for the bus to arrive so I could get to college without thinking my thumbs began to tease my nipples making them stand out and when I hit one small spot beneath then oh god it feels so good and all of a sudden I opened my eyes and there was three older guys watching me I said oops to myself pulled my jacket over to cover myself for I had even unbuttoned my blouse exposing my b****** for all to see. This isn't the first time I have done this or even finger myself sitting on the bus or even letting a guy get me off on the bus but it get's like you can't control it when you do or where you do it. I can't anyway

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