I have a platonic relationship with a Female she is 30 and Nurse at the district hospital in Bradford. We meet while speed dating but never went to the next level and decided to be friends, she meet someone and I moved on but every week we would into each other at a bar in town sometimes after work. I work as a software engineer in Leeds and don't to avoid heavy traffic I stop by there. I had not seen in at our local in awhile so I decided to knock on her door and check to see if she was okay.

When I arrived at her apartment I knocked on her door and It had taken her ages to open I could hear music and heavy footsteps, when she finally answered the door I could see her eyes her dark and dilated, she let me in and the place was messy I asked her if she was okay and was she high on something?, she nodded and laughed then told me she was, I asked if she want to go out clear her head get a drink or something, she said no and didn't feel like it, but can have a drink here, so we had a drink. I mentioned I had not seen her and she told me she been off lately. I asked want the problem was and after a few drink she told me while at work on the ward they had a crazy patient who exposed her and one other nurse to aids. After the long silence she told me she was off work ongoing tests and told me her bf left her last week. I felt bad for her but hung around because she was upset and looked an emotional wreak, Later into the evening we started kissing and one thing lead to another we ended up having s** in her bed, I don't remember much of the night but I didn't carry protection and I asked her if she had any she said no, I may be paranoid but my feet have been tingling in the last few days.

Oct 28, 2015

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  • This sounds ALOT like Season 2 episode 7 of 'House M.D.'

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