My boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me on Monday. I moved all the way across the world to be with him and now he doesn't want to be together. I want him back so very much but he wont give me the time of day.

And, NO, it wasn't something I did. It was all him.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • yea, he's an a******.

  • Or how about do nothing. You may not know what you did to make him leave but you did something. And even if you didn't do anything it's best you found out now instead of when you are married with 3 kids and have property together.


  • Don't listen to Rack. He has a hemorroid that is agitated lately. Is he military overseas? He meet a floozy bar-girl. he will loose interest in her soon - other way around..and will want you back. Say no.

    NEVER chase after a shmuck. Don't beg to be loved. That sucks. Fine, you are p***** off and hurt but say to him:

    fine...j***...I am flying first class to go back home...you are paying for it. My stuff will be shipped by air (it's more expensive)....you are paying for it. I need an apartment to live when I get back home...you are paying for the first 6 months.

    If he says no to anything say fine again. tell him you f***** one of his buddies who had a nasty STD an dhe will still pay fo rit one way or another becasue if I was in your shoes anything he held dear as far as a possession goes would be mine or trashed.

    Do not go silently into the night by try and maintain your own integrity. Saying that, don't smash his stuff. Call his mom instead and ask her how long her son was a closet homosexual.

  • ^You are very rude.

    He is an a******. But, it was very bad judgement on your part to move somewhere for this guy, I mean you were not married.

  • Ok don't go back to him. You're obviously not good enough for him but that goes without saying. Do what i did when me and my girlfriend of two years broke up, develope a drinking problem. Worked for me.

    Rack the Jipper

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