C** in panties

My wife is super hot and for the past month or two I've gotten extra hot for her panties.
We are not in a cuckold relationship but the idea of her getting drilled by another guy is very appealing. The thought of seeing a bull stretch her and fill her up with his c** makes me so hot.

I love going down on her and I've gotten really good at it.
I'm not sure if she's f****** on around on me, but lately I've had a think for her panties. In the morning after she showers I go in and look to see if there's another guys c** in them. I'm into what they smell like and usually I blow a load in them.
She did laundry last week and I guess she noticed. She confronted me about it and I guess my stains left a strong impression on her.
The panties she leaves in the hamper definitely have a lot in them now. They're always wet and smell different esp after she's been at the gym. I wonder if she's getting drilled on the dl now.

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  • Hey guys if u like share your wife pictures or her panties or talk about ur s** dream send me an email www.rezakolivand021@gmail.com

  • The taste of my mothers slit as I sniff and lick her and my mother in laws panties.momspantysniffer

  • I like to c** in my wife's panties while I am eating her out, cor that is h****.

  • Yes she is, all that s**** in her knickers is for you. You like it so enjoy what she is giving you. You instigated this, my husband did a similar thing. I came home and handed him a pair of knickers full of fresh s****, he naturally thought I had f***** someone but I got a friend to w*** in them. It turned him on so much I now f*** strangers when I go out and her licks their s**** out of my c***

  • You are so naughty

  • My kind of woman

  • You male or female, I'm bi

  • If you're asking me, the one who said my kind of woman, I'm a male

  • Were you from? I'm up for a f***

  • Just think of all you s**** in my c*** and knickers, as I push his head between my leg to like me clean.

  • Yes Lick you clean

  • I accept that you don't want to f*** me

  • Just ask her if she's fooling around, honesty is best. Bring out a pair of the panties you think are c** stained as you are beginning to eat her out. Tell her that "yes it turns you on to think of it", and then let us know how it went

  • Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
    Hebrew 13:4

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