I'm a young h**** weirdo

I'm a boy 15 The other night I stole my moms d**** and was using it in my ass on omegle I'm completely straight though haha it felt so good what does this mean?

Nov 4, 2015

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  • I wish i can see u i am 13

  • I think you need a guy to f*ck your cherry @ss!

  • Does not mean anything. It means you need to get your own d****. Its kind of gross unless you are ok with fuc king your mom. You should clean your a ss. Then spend a few hours to yourself. Work your way with lots of lube and go for it. Dont toutch your dic k. Just pound your as s you will cu m annaly it will make your toes curl.

  • Yeah, i am a girl and know guys enjoy stimulation in the bum while having normal penile stimulation. Hey, s** is exactly the place that anything goes! Do whatever feels good - it maybe be categorised as x y z, or may change, or whatever - but s** is only the business of you & your s** partner.

  • It means you want to have a threesome with your mum and for another guy to f*** both of you

  • It doesn't mean your gay, basically every man can find pleasure when getting f***** in the ass, even if they choose not to.

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