I had s** w my bf's brother and can't stop thinking about him

I've been with my bf a few months and he's amazing, like the sweetest guy I have ever met and I really see us having a future. Well, as we got to know each other, we shared photos of our family-siblings, patents, etc. And turns out his youngest brother is someone I slept w all summer a year ago. S** w him was something else and he ate p**** for hours. I've never had a man make me c** as many times as this guy. My bf has no idea I slept w his brother, if he does he hasn't mentioned it. I love my bf and would never do anything to hurt him but past few days I have been fantasizing so much about his brother, even when we have s**. I feel so bad! I keep reminding myself of how sweet and kind my bf is and how stupid it would be to ruin something w him over a loser like his brother. In a way I feel like I feel like I don't deserve such a good guy and I am trying to subconsciously sabotage what we have for the typical losers I'm used to? Idk its driving my crazy and I wish I never had messed w his brother but then again i never would have thought that a year down the road, I'd meet my bf and develop real feelings. :/

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  • I don't see this ending well. What happens at a family get together when the brother is in attendance and brother recognizes you and either 1) tells your bf he had s** with you all summer, which blindsides bf because you haven't told him or 2) pulls out all the stops to f*** you again, reminding you how much he made you c** and maybe even blackmailing you into s******* him (if you don't I'll tell my brother what a s*** you are).

    So don't delay - tell your bf about your past with his brother. No need to go into detail.

  • Well awkwardly enough I let the family, brother included and it went well. The brother gave me some extended eye contact but nothing was said. So am convinced either brother hasn't said anything or bf knows and isn't saying anything. I am still making it a point not to spend time around the brother or develop more than a polite relationship w him when I see him. I would never cheat on my bf but I feel spending any more time w the brother than I have to would be weird.

  • Yeah, tough situation to be in... that's rankle the best of us, right?

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