I can't stop thinking about my brother-in-law's d***

My wife's younger brother has always bragged about the size of his package. He likes to walk around the house wearing just his boxers, and I've been able to tell that he is pretty well endowed. Well last week I accidentally walked into the bathroom while he was stepping out of the shower. This boy has a HUGE d***. It was soft but the thing was bigger soft than mine is hard. I knew he was big but I was just not expecting this.

Ever since I saw him naked, I've felt so inadequate about my own d***. He's 17 and he's so much bigger than me. Girls get more pleasure from bigger penises, right? Also, now every time I see him, I am picturing him naked with that big hairy tool swinging between his legs. Am I attracted to him? I don't even know. I caught myself staring at his bulge today while he was making toast for breakfast.

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  • The bigger the d*** is when its soft it will not grow as big because its about 3/4 its full length.

    Where a guy like myself who is small to look at fools you will its full length of 7.5"- 8" and 6" girth.

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  • I have a 9 inch c*** bro and I get looks from guys all the time.

  • 9 inches? That's probably how big my brother-in-law is when he's hard. Maybe more.

  • Im not into guys but I can appreciate a site of a huge c***. Im about 7 fully hard. I never had complaints but wish it was a couple inches larger. One girl I f***** had a shallow puss y. When I pounded her she went wild. It feels good bottoming. Im sure there are times that it would suck to have too big of a coc k. I fuc ked some girls that have a small puss y and it is painful for them.

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