My boyfriend pretends he doesnt m*********

Not a confession. Just needing advice,
My boyfriend and I are very open with s**. Anything he wants to try he just asks and we try. Works both ways. We have always been a laid back relaxed couple with a healthy appetite for s**.
One of our regular events is that I entertain him as he masturbates. This might be dressing up, mutual masturbation, strangling him etc. Whatever he fancied that day.
What's bothering me recently is that he's hiding the fact hes masturbating. Eg, the other day, he told me he was h**** and asked me to join him in the bedroom and I said I cant coz I have a shopping delivery due any second and he said ok. He seemed fine with this till half an hour later when he said he was going to sit on the toilet for a bit then went upstairs. The toilet is directly above my sofa and I could hear him very clearly going at it. When he was done he came downstairs and I said he could of just told me he was going to m********* like he usually does. I wouldn't of minded and would of left him to it. He flat denied it. This had happened a few times now. Why does this upset me? Its not like hes cheating on me but I suddenly feel like hes betraying me. It hurts.

Nov 10, 2015

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  • There are 2 types of guys guys that m********* and guys that lie about masturbating.

  • You need to suck his c*** more often!

  • Fuc k bitc h. Its your fault for not taking care of him. Maybe he fill wind someone else to fuc k

  • You're clearly an man and a ignorant one aswell.I'm glad I'm a lesbian.Women understand women,better than any man would and does.

  • Try not to be too bother with his m*****ing act privately. He just shy been to be upfront about it.

  • Typo: just been shy

  • Maybe he just wants something for himself. Maybe it puts him off to tell u every time he has a w***. Give the fella some peace lol

  • The kinkier you are. The more he can get off.try going braless tops see thru tiny skirt no nickers .f*** someone infront of him but just ease him into it little bits

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