I'd like to say a quick f*** you to my parents for landing their children with such god awful mental illness genetics and deep-seated fear of the medicine that might help them. you knew you didn't want children but you got knocked up and decided oh well better just have em anyway. and now three people are in the world because of your carelessness who are f***** up all to h*** and suffering for it. and you will never apologize.

also a f*** you to my old boss for losing me a job opportunity that i desperately needed, by forgetting who i was and then being embarrassed and making up some story that made me look like a liar

i am so sick of being so f****** depressed and anxious all the time but i cannot accept that i can't be okay without drugs. without foreign man made s*** in my body. i will be a slave to no f****** drug. i will not suffer from side effects just so i can be a zombie instead of a real person. i'd rather suffer. i am a machine in my own right and if i cannot function without a crutch then i've failed.

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  • Hey man. I felt that was for a long time. I finally found a psychiatrist who only prescribes me stimulants. So it erases the depression. Wellbutrin, Prozac, Adderall... They've saved my life. They won't make you a zombie either. Good luck man.

  • Man you sound awesome - I admire a mentally strong person who refuses to be led by others actions!

  • Haha wow. a positive comment on my confession, i think that's a first. thanks friend.

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