Jack Morley's 3 Inch P****

My name is Jack Morley. I have a 2.8 inch erect p****. I love to "flash" women and have done it thousands of times. I recently exposed myself at a Bridgton, Maine coffeeshop, a Sonic drivethru, at Blockbusters, and elsewhere. I usually wear a d**** when I go out in public. Should I continue with my hobbies?

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  • Actually,my d*** is 2.8 inches erect----Jack

  • Jack Morley BERLIN NH has a 3 inch erection. According to Lifestyles condom company research 9,999 out of every 10,000 men are bigger than Jack. Maybe that's why he's an exhibitionist!--Cassie

  • As a woman, I would love to cut your d*** off.

  • I'd let you-- .Jack

  • Keep going bud! I have a 3.2 inch d*** and have exposed myself to my boss as I hated my job. Fortunately she found it funny and now teases me which is why I have stayed working there. She threatens to expose me to our colleagues if I don't do as she says, it's amazing. She often calls me into "weekly catch ups" to suck her little finger to make me get a b****. She knows I go off to the toilet after to w***!

  • 3 inches my 12 yr old has 6 you are tiny man oh by the way in 9x6

  • That's kinda hot, my gf sometimes teases me that her 15yr old neighbour has a much bigger d*** than me and can't wait for him to turn 16 (uk legal age) so she can f*** him and compare him to me.

  • So you lied about it being 3 inches?

  • My name is Jack Morley and I live in New Hampshire. I shave the hair off my WHOLE body. I have a 3 inch erection. Last summer I went for a drive naked. I pulled into a McDonalds in Gorham, NH. I began playing with myself as I waited in the drive-thru. Just as I was handed a milkshake I e********* hot, white, c** all over the steering wheel. The waitress smiled and held back laughs as she gave me the change. I gave her a c** soaked $10 bill as a tip and drove away happy. Am I bad?

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