Been having s** with a girl who told me she was an escort

I'm a 20 year old male and I have recently finished a dance and performing arts course at the Worcester college of Technology.
During this course in my second year I meet a mature study on the same course has me, She was 27 at the time and I was attracted to her, She has blonde hair, and green eyes slim and in good shape. I started talking to her on breaks and when it came to a performance partner we were paired up by our teacher for the next 6 months. In the following 6 months of our practical sessions we became very close with our body language, I mean the dances became very suggesting we would rub against other and I would have my hand on hers legs alot and not to mention her dance wear became more revealing as time pasted from shorts and t-shirt, to a low cut top then she started wearing leotards with tights then just her leotard which was a size too small and she knew it and she would get alot of stares during class.

When the course ended last July, I would get invited around offer to watch TV or just hangout we started having causal s** at least once a week and not really taking any precautions with her, a few months ago one night we where at a house party at hers she was talking to one of hers friends and she told her she had been escorting for a few years. After the party when everyone left I asked her want she was talking about with her friend and I asked her about the escorting she told me she had been doing it while at college part time. The more drunk I was getting the more I asked her, but she would not tell me how many guys she slept with she told me she was on birth control while she had been escorting and some of the guys she used protection with and she told me she was not doing it for the s** just for the money but some of them she didn't mind.

That night I left and didn't contact her, Two weeks later she messaged me asking me to meet her at hers. I told her I was busy and had things to do, she asked me why I have been distant and she really need me to meet her so I did. She told me she was pregnant and when I asked her who's it was she told me its mine I asked her how could she be so sure and she told me she had only slept with 3 people since being off birth control one a client and the other was a one night stand and me. I Had a paternity test and the results said probably of paternity: 91.2%. She has asked me to move in with her and asked me if we want to be official, things are moving so fast and I Don't know how to take the test results or what to do next but I needed to get this off my shoulders.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Don't trust her take every test u can to make sure it's not going to be a headache for your future

  • She's a w****, treat her and f*** her like a w****

  • Risky

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