I want to have s** with my girlfriend. sister

I love my girlfriend. Very much I don't want other girls but her only but her older sister is hot and she sleep in the living room and she sleep with so pant that see throw and you could. See her panties and when I go in the kitchen. To get something. To drink. At night so time the blank is off her when she is asleep I get h**** that. I go to the bathroom and do what man do with there hand on tell what get a girl peragnet and then I go back to bed and now wish I could have s** with my girlfriend sister and get here peragnet but it hard when you have 4 kids with my girlfriend but I still want to have s** with her sisteleading wales want to join the waiting herer still I don't now what to do it driving me insane what do I do

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  • Give her the d*** f*** her

  • Maybe write her a love letter. You fuc ken illiterate numbnut!

    You have grammar of a 5 year old.

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