Straight-ish guys wants d*** - what would you do to me?

I'm not attracted to men, but d**** really turn me on. He best thing is a pretty tranny girl with a big d***. I want to kiss her, suck her big gorgeous t***, kiss down her stomach and then start sucking her glorious d***. I want to deepthroat it, lick it, suck it until she c*** down my throat and then lick it clean. I want her to f*** me in all fours, use me like her b****, maybe reach around to stroke my little d***. I want her c****** in my ass! Then I want her in her back so I can f*** her and see her big d*** at the same time. I want to watch her stroke it and get real close as I lose control and c** in her, our b**** bashing against each other's. Then I'll bend down and suck her off again.

I want to be gang banged by several trannies, sucking, wanking and getting f***** all at the same time. I want to be humiliated and hired out to their friends like a c** slave. The ultimate humiliation would be to be hired out to a group of guys, and get fang banged by them. I want to be blindfolded and tied up on all fours so my tranny mistresses can charge people to f*** my ass or get sucked off by me. I want to be taken roughly, abused, used, even raped. I want to be tranny c** s***.

I'm 5'10, tanned, have a small d*** and open to anything no matter how disgusting. Would anyone use me? What would you do to me? I've only ever had a small d**** in my ass, anyone want to take my a*** virginity with your big d***? Who wants me gagging on their d***? What do you want to do with me?


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  • I'm 60 and have three sissy b****** I f***, my wife supervises and cane's there a*** if they do not do their tasks well and put's there little c**** in a cage it hurts when they get a h******, so at the end of the session she release's then and lets then w*** if they lick her c*** as I f*** then

  • You're not straight, you're bi or very gay. I have a 9 inch d*** you can gag on, I'll f*** your mouth like teenage p****. I'd f*** you for hours in your ass filling you with c** several times, you won't be able to walk. I'll go sit in the living room after so you can crawl all the way to me like a f***** slave and you'll suck my d*** clean after it's been in your ass, you sissy f**. Then I'll dress you in heels & a little dress and you'll be my cleaner/cook/maid etc and I'll rape you whenever I want!

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