I f*** my next door neighbor more than my wife!

I live in Las Vegas and have been married for 10yrs. My wife fell into the gambling addiction a few years ago. It hasn't mattered what I say to her or how much I ask her to stop gambling, she can't or won't.

She can stay up half the night in a casino, but when she is at home she is always tired and not in the mood to have s** with me. Sometimes her sister will come in from California for the weekend and she will stay at the hotel with her sister so they can just gamble the weekend away together.

My next door neighbor is Judy, she is in her 50's I think but damn good looking. She is an Office Manager and always looks great. She will tell you she is a blonde in a bottle and it makes her look sexy regardless.

One night I was taking the trash cans to the curb when Judy came out to do the same thing as me. We had a bit of conversation but nothing personal, just talked about the weather and things like that. I made a comment that her husband had her trained to take the garbage to the curb and she replied she had put her husband to the curb a few months ago, and left it at that.

A few weeks went by and Judy came over to give something to my wife. They had been talking about Magazines of some kind and Judy brought the Magazine over for my wife to see. It was Saturday afternoon and my wife was with her sister that had came into town that weekend.

I was p***** and I said something to Judy about her keeping the magazine because my wife could care less about it now and she wouldn't be home until late Sunday night after her sister left to go back to California. I made a comment about them being very extreme gamblers and Judy said that's why she put her husband to the curb.

Out of the blue I suddenly asked Judy if she would join me for dinner that night. I knew I was going to be alone but asking Judy to go out wasn't quite kosher. Before I could come to my senses Judy said she would love to have dinner with me.

When Judy came out of her house that evening she looked delicious. She had a nice summer dress on with high heel sandals. Her makeup was freshly applied and just enough jewelry to make it complete.

During dinner we both spilled our guts about our personal experiences with our spouses. I guess we both needed to get it out and we understood each other completely. Judy had put down almost a bottle of wine during and after dinner and I had put more than my share of Bud Light Limes away as well. When it was time to go I knew I wasn't in any shape to drive, so not being a hero we got a cab to take us back home. Judy said she would take me the next day to get my car and that worked for me.

The driver dropped us off at home about 11pm and Judy invited me in for Coffee, which I was in need of for sure. I sat on the barstool at the counter and watched her move around the kitchen. My mind must have wondered for a moment as Judy was suddenly standing behind me and she was running those long red nails up and down my back. Even through my shirt those nails sent shivers through me, and I was a great feeling as well.

The stool swiveled and I spun around and Judy was slightly above my eye level in her heels. It didn't matter, I reached up and pulled her towards me and I began to kiss those shiny red lips of hers.

Judy never resisted or hesitated on returning the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly and my tongue slipped between her red lips. We kissed like lovers do, not shy about the hunger we both had inside of us. Our embrace became one as I stood up from the stool and wrapped my arms around her, my tongue forcing it's self deeper into Judy's mouth.

Her own tongue battled back, swirling feverishly in my mouth as well. My right hand caressed her breast and she made a muffled sound of pleasure. Judy's hand found it's mark and began to work my c*** through my pants. Just kissing her got me hard and it was like a new sensation all over again.

By the time we got to Judy's bed there was no need for anymore foreplay, we were both ready for the ultimate moment. Judy was soaking wet and I was rock hard. We f***** like animals in heat. Her long nails raking my back as I pounded into her. She got on top and rode me, then I would take her from behind. I tried to hold back but it had been too long, Judy urging me to keep f****** her until I erupted like a volcano into her loins. We lay there for a while in silence, her long red nails gently moving back and forth along my arm.

At some point Judy got up and went to the bathroom. I slowly drug myself out of bed and got dressed. She came out of the bathroom and walked up to me. I made a comment about her being short without her heels on. She said the next time she would leave them on and put them in my back. I decided then I was going to see if she meant that.

Judy and I get together rather frequently. We go to Dinner or to a movie, sometimes I take her dancing. We always come back and have great s**, and I have no guilty feelings about it.

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  • Man-up and get a divorce rather than continuing to scandalously cheat on your wife this way. What you're doing is sexually satisfying but still wrong.

  • Yeah ok how can u expect someone not to cheat on u if ur not even trying to satisfy them regardless of whether ur a girl or guy seriously

  • My wife and I don't live in Vegas, but we do live about 2 hrs from a number of Gulf Coast casinos, and she and her daughter and their friends either drive or take the casino bus down there almost every weekend (3 times a month on average). What my wife doesn't know is that I've been f****** her best friend here in our bed every time she goes off gambling and I've been doing it for over 6 yrs. The s** is so good that we've even discussed divorcing our spouses and getting married ourselves. My wife hasn't opened her legs to me in over a year but I've banged her best friend dozens of times in that same period. I'm not addicted to gambling, but I'm addicted to my wife's best friend!!

  • F****** Las Vegas ruined my life also, had to move away. Same as your old
    lady, not f******, just gamble her life away. I used to pick up women at times
    in the Casino's that were staying there. We would go up to her room and f*** and my old lady never had a clue because she was glued to those f****** slot machines!

  • Hey man I just saw your posting! I'm from LV with the same problem. My wife is from the Philippines and that's all she wants to do is gamble. No s**, not much of anything with her. The only time she gets aroused is when she is going to Gamble somewhere. I told her I wanted to move out of Vegas and the look on her face like she caught me f****** her mom. Do what you got to do man and good luck!

  • ^^^^ dude that was funny as s*** - I hope you left her

  • Na sounds like its time to file for divorce. Simple as that.

  • Hope you would like your wife to "f*** her next door neighbor" more than you? You reap what you sow except if you repent.

  • Why don't you preach to his wife first about repenting from GAMBLING, you bible MORON.....

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