H*** S** Addict

I'm a normal, masculine guy - a suit & tie guy - who works in Marketing for a college. But every day after work, I go to adult bookstores. Not only do I watch p*** and m********* in those little booths in the back, I perform oral s** on men as they watch p*** in little booths. I go after work, on my way to work, my lunch hour ... Averaging just 2-3 men a day, over 15 yrs, my numbers have surpassed crack ho numbers. I've been caught in the act by the women who work there. I've caught stuff. But I can't stop. What is wrong with me? with my brain?

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  • I'm exactly the same, and I even have my regulars, guys who come into the store when they know I'll be there. Guys who love me and who know I know how to please men. They can't get enough of me. And I can't get enough of them. We're all addicts, and we all feed off of each other. No harm. No foul.

  • You should start charging for your services. As many d**** as you suck, you would make a b***** fortune.

  • Let me just tell you that if i knew where any of your bookstores were i would come there every day and make love with you. and i would love you. i would let you go with the others if you wanted that because you deserve to have what you want and honestly that just makes you a sexier partner but i would take care of you and be your partner even if you kept f****** all those men. you are just too sexy. thats why you want all those d**** all the time. all i want . . . . . . is you.

  • There's nothing wrong with liking the way d**** feel in your mouth. Or you ass.

  • Your obviously real good at it otherwise all those men wouldn't keep coming back for more of you.

  • I wish you were my lover. I really do wish that were so. I would love you so much and so hard.

  • I think you do it because you love it, and because you love men. How can that be wrong?

  • There is nothing to be proud about it. It is a shameful act and nice to know that you've discovered that you are in trouble. Divert your youthful energy into more productive ventures; work out, charity, reading books like "tough times never last . .." "purpose driven life" etc. It is a pity that your parents divorced while you were young but you've got a whole life ahead of you. Set good life goals; college, job, marriage and look forward to achieving them. Get excited about life. Perhaps you'd tell us an achievement story next year.

    Like every addiction, discipline your flesh like taking on veggie/fruits for a while and being able to resist the lure of this enclosure.

  • Your body is simply seeking what it needs. You're oversexed, but that's not a bad thing. It sounds to me like you'd be having fantastic fun, if you'd just allow it. So? Allow it.

  • You were possibly molested as a child

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