Incest s**

Im 18 and have s** with my mom like 3 times a day shes a nympho and loves my big dickim not proud of it but shes amazing in bed shes 45 very fit and tonedperfect 32 c titsdad caught me once and beat the s*** out of us both and raped me they split up but we cant control ourselves

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  • If this is true, why not do it, when it comes to s**, what two adults do behind a bedroom door is up the them. I say if it feels good they should enjoy it , it maybe the best f*** they have ever had. I would like to watch them go at it!

  • If I had been your father I'd have had you both arrested while I was out lawyer hunting.

  • "im 18"

  • This post is horseshit. It never happened but in my lifetime I did know a worthless a****** who routinely f***** his own sister. She was underaged as was he and she got pregnant. The police were called and they tried to determine whether the baby was her brothers or her boyfriends.

  • This is not true. There is someone who posts on these pages who cannot put a decent sentence together and you can always tell his posts. I don't mind people putting fantasies up on this site but this guy's posts are unreadable because he is too stupid to learn how to use English.

  • Tomorrow when someone calls you "mother f*cker" your fight him. What a shame!

  • Assuming it is true you did all that, how is s** with your mother an achievement? How much academic qualification or business gain did it add to your life? What of setting better goals; (education, marriage, job) in life and achieving it. Have you read the book; why you act the way you do?


  • I want to have a threesome with you and your mom. I have a little d*** so you can f*** me whilst I eat your mom's p****, after you've filled her with your c** and I've sucked your d*** clean of course. Then if you want I'll do ass to mouth and suck your d*** clean after you've f***** me. Then f*** your mom's ass so I can eat your c** out of her ass and suck your d*** clean again.

  • Mom and I want you to join us where are you from?

  • I'm from the UK but often visit different areas of th USA. Where are you guys?
    What turns you on more? F****** me while my little d*** dribbles c**? Me doing ass to mouth? Or me licking your c** out of your mom's p**** or ass?

  • I'm stroking my c*** thinking about it

  • Is it big like mine?

  • Mine is tiny, that's why I suck d*** and eat c** outta p**** and a****.

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