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Sexual intercourse is beautiful when it is done with someone you love and in a secure relationship like marriage. There is peace of mind when spouses are faithful to and trust each other. Women should be respected as the "weaker" partners and their bodies treated with utmost care and nourishment; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The woman's body is for her husband to cherish, enjoy and she has been given the responsibility to procreate. It is an awesome and enormous responsibility that the creator has made the lady to determine who comes into the world. Kudos to your mom for giving you a chance to live. You can see that "the weaker partner" is the more powerful one!

Sexual escapades/ fantasies/ indiscriminate s** however, rob one the beauty and enjoyment that there is in s**. Imagine how many times you've had s** and your mind is inundated with thought of "am I going to get a disease . . . or get pregnant . . . who knows whom he or she slept with last . . ."? The body; especially the woman's is most times, dehumanized, desecrated and dishonored. When folks have s** outside of marriage, the beauty is lost. The results are myriad;


1. guilt -though most times denied, there is the residual feeling of "am I doing the right thing"? The reason is because there is eternity set in the human heart. And man has got the ability to know good and evil.
2. Possessiveness/greed/ jealousy: Ladies especially remember the day they lost their virginity, there is the urge to stay with and "own' that fellow. You do not want to share him with another. Possessiveness is the consequence of greed which results in jealousy. It can lead to murder. Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming but who can stand before jealousy.
3. Heartbreaks: This is when the fantasy wanes and the object of s** is lost to another party. This is most times inevitable. It robs one of concentration and can lead to depression, schizophrenia and other psychological afflictions. This is where the spiritual component of man is manifested. It is a bruise of this aspect.

Physical/health effects (you can use google to confirm any of these):

1. We know about the diseases: HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, Non gonococcal urethritis (NGU) or Non specific Urethritis (NSU), herpes, Ebola, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which can cause cervical and throat cancers etc. etc.. All these diseases are transmitted through both genital and oral s** and a*** s** (most risk due to the friable mucous membrane of the a*** which brings he s**** in direct contact with the blood).
2. Physical abuse resulting in body injuries or death: this is the result of jealousy/ heartbreaks when sexual partners are multiplied both in marriage and outside of it. You probably know one or two persons that have lost their lives due to disputes arising from s**.

It is beautiful, peaceful and safer to be faithful to one's spouse; isn't it?

Nov 22, 2015

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  • I have had over a hundred partners in my 12 years of s** and I yet to contact any dreaded diseases.

  • Ugh, you can tell a guy wrote this and knows nothing about women sexually. Dude, girls like to be naughty, adventurous, nasty, and the dirtier the better, telling her you love her while boning her is not as half arousing , spiting on her and licking it off! Just take my word for it there is nothing more appealing to a woman sexually than the feeling of having your brains f***** out in the elevator by a stranger! You want to rock her world, be an animal! You're Welcome!

  • You are so right in many cases.
    S** in a elevator when it accidently gets stuck between floors is absolutely out of this world, take it from me I know.

  • Op. You are a moron. Yes the first time you fuc k the girl you love its great to be sensual. In my experience every girl like to be fuc ked wild and aggressive. I fuc ked a girl once end she felt guilty because it was rough good s**. The s** she had before was passive. After a few fuc ks she was wild. I love the fact I can convert girls. My wife was the same way. . You will regret this one day when your wife gets curious and think your sexlife is a plain doughnut without cream and sprinkles. While she is out having a cake with tons of cream and sprinkles without you knowing. There is so many out there. Mark my words.

  • Basically NO

  • What a load of crap!

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