S** S** S**

One night i snuck out to see my ex boyfriend that is now my boyfriend again. I snuck out almost every day that week. Anyways, to the s**. His d*** is so perfect. It is 9 inches hard and really thick. i can barely fit my hand around it. It gets me wet and excited just thinking about it. One night I went to go see him. I was still madly in love with him and still am and he is with me as well. He started fingering me and just doing it so perfectly. Pushing on my G-spot so nice. I was moaning so loud letting out the cries of my enjoyment that i havent felt in 6 months before. He was getting hard and i knew it because i could feel it pushing on me getting me more wet by the minute. I grinded on him feeling what he had to offer almost making him bust through right there with out going in yet. I took off my clothes teasing him. I let him touch the curves of my 93 pound body. I am so small compared to him. My pu*ssy just throbbing for him. SO wet and ready to go. I took off his basketball shorts. I started to rub him through his boxers. i let him grab my b****. I started giving him a hand job. His d*** was so hard and smooth to the touch. I almost made him bust right there. I started to go down on him and he let out soft groans. I deep throat-ed his 9 inch c***. Tasting a little of c** i then decided to only put the tip of his d*** in and lightly thrust. Im very tight and we have always had problems getting him inside. I slowly lowered myself onto him and let moan after moan come out. It was music to his ears. I was riding him, so fast and hard that i thought his d*** was going to fall or break off. He grabbed me by my hips and pounded me against him. It felt so good. I was about to c** but he got there before me. He pulled out lifting me up off of him. He busted so much. There was enough to drink like water when you're extremely thirsty. He came with in 15 minutes and he is the type of guy that usually busts in an hour and a half. We did this all week and i just want more. I addicted to him. I love him so much. S** for us is so good, it wont ever be the same with anyone else.

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  • Well he ain't your ex- then is he?

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