Did you need to beat me up after you got "the best b****** ever"?

You grabbed my ass in my miniskirt as I walked past. My long skinny legs on show, I was in my highest heels which made me almost taller than you. My tight corset top strapped tight on me. I look at you as you smile after groping me. I kneel down in front of you, and kiss your d*** through your jeans. I stand up and tell you, the back door in 5 mins, any longer and I'll suck someone else's c***.
Two mins later you walk out if the back door, I push you up against the wall, get on my knees, undo your jeans and pull down your boxers. Right in front of my face i see your d*** harden and double in size to about 8 inches. I tell you no talking, no touching, just let me suck. The better you are, the better I am. I start by kissing your big veiny d***, up and down your glorious length. As I kiss the top, I spread my lips around the head. I slowly suck, looking you deep in the eyes as I start to take you deeper and deeper. I'm a pro though and whilst still staring at you, I've got 8 inches of c*** in my mouth. I gag a little but nothing major. For the next 10 mins I suck you harder and faster, licking all over, massaging your b****, running a cheeky finger to the tip of your ass. You don't complain so I finger you a little. As I'm sucking I can feel you getting closer, I looks end my corset and expose my tiny tiny t***, as I suck you and suck you. You're about to blow so I take your c*** out and at the exact moment aim at my face. Oh f***, a huge cumsjot all over my face, another on my tiny t*** and then back in my mouth to suck you clean as I poke my finger up your ass again. After I've extracted every last bit of c**, intake my finger out of your ass and give it a little suck as I give you a cheeky wink. You tell me that was the best b****** ever. So what went wrong?

You grab me telling me you want to f*** me! Bending me over, revealing my cute ass in my thong. I beg not to but you turn me around, push me back onto some crates, my t*** exposed, c** still on my face. I tell if you want to f*** me, bend me over and f*** my ass. But you don't want to. You rip my thing off and stop. I tried to warn you, but it's too late, you've seen my little d***. You're confused. I beg you to f*** my ass and I'll suck you after, just don't tell anyone. I'll do ass to mouth to keep my secret. But you hit rage. Humiliated maybe but you groped me first and I gave you the best b****** ever. Not enough for you, you beat me up. And leave me there.
Fortunately some guys found me later and I got gang banged f***** (that's another story) for the greatest and worst night of my life all in the space of 3 hours. By the way, I saw your friends the following week and told them you liked my finger in your ass, I also told them you'd probably like my d*** in your ass too. From their reaction you obviously hadn't told them everything about me. Know they know :)


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  • Everything about you arouses me totally. It makes me want to rape you.

  • I would rape you anytime you wanted it, and all I would ask in return is that you occasionally rape me back.

  • ....damn...you are so hot........it makes me wish i was one of your "clients and friends".....g******......g******...........

  • I would give anything to eat your ass!

  • I want to have 10+ guys f*** me in one day, maybe you can eat my ass after that?

  • Yes, I would love for you to load up that way, after f****** men all day, and then hurriedly drive to my house to feed me all those beautiful and delicious a*** creampies. And you know -- better than anybody -- how much I love drinking and eating those pies. Nothing is better than the taste of multiple cumshots mixed with the taste of that hot and nasty young ass of yours. NOTHING. C** feed me. Please c** feed me. I need that. And I need you.

  • No sweetheart, you can sit tied to a chair and watch me get f***** by 10+ guys, I'll be moaning like the sluttiest girl you've ever seen, you,love be jealous of how much pleasure they bring me, my little d*** will be getting hard and c****** continuously. After they've all had a go, they'll go round again. Then they'll bring you to the bed and sit and watch as you eat 20+ loads of c** out of my pretty little ass. Then you can stay and watch me tied up, blind folded and get raped over and over, but I doubt you could afford to eat my nasty ass again ;)

  • It truly would make me terribly jealous to see you actually receive all those filthy hot messy loads in that beautiful little girlish ass of yours. Actually, it would drive me insane with jealousy and desire; jealousy and desire to be one of the men being taken care of by you in that special, loving, intimate way, and to just have you, to be in your life. I can understand and would understand that you are a rare and special girl, and that the demand for you vastly exceeds the supply of you, so I would understand that few men could afford to taste you even once, much less afford it twice in one setting. But I would do whatever I would need to do in order to show how much I care for you, and to taste you over and over. When you say "I doubt you could afford to eat my nasty ass again", it makes my heart beat faster and faster and it makes want to taste you all the more, and it challenges me to put myself in a position to taste your "nasty ass" repeatedly. You are such a delicious young child, and it makes me want you and love you.

  • Something tells me that once I put my c*** in your mouth, I would never be able to remember my wife's name. Damn, honey........you are one super hot piece of ass. Wish you belonged to me. REALLY wish you belonged to me. DAMN!

  • Most of my "clients" & "friends" are married men who come to me to give them pleasure like their wives couldn't even imagine being capable of let alone even know how to do. I love sucking d***, it's what I'm best at. You can f*** my ass (and I love that too) but having anything from a tiny pecker line mine to a huge thick black c*** in my mouth, doing what I do, it'll be another thing for you huni. Of course if you want to f*** my ass lying on my back with my little d*** waving around you can. Or if you want it dirty, I'll suck you, spit all your c** onto my tiny d*** and make you suck it off. And you'll do as I say, you always do as I say, and then rape ,e afterwards ;)

  • You sound so sexy. Would love to meet you and blow you.

  • ^ same here ^

  • Dear both, I have a tiny d***, maybe only a couple of inches, that's how I have always been and why I got into being a girl and sucking c***. I'd rather be on my knees with your d**** in my mouth, maybe together....

  • Okay, so, you seduce this total stranger whose name you don't even know, and entice him to meet you behind a building, where you de-pants him and blow him -- out in the open -- and now you want to complain because he didn't fully appreciate the fact that you totally lied to him about who and what you are (misleading is the same as lying: you know this). Is that about it? You got what you deserved. And my guess is that you will do the same thing again soon with some other unsuspecting man whose d*** you've manipulated into wanting your body, he'll beat your ass too, and then you'll be back here complaining again. Do you not see the pattern? Clean up. Straighten up. Get off the meat.

  • You sound angry huni, maybe if I suck your d*** you'll be calmer?

  • Just because you've got a d*** doesn't mean you can't be a c***. You're a c***.

  • My mouth is better than any c*** you've ever had.

  • If it had been ME you took into that alleyway, I would have been the one sucking YOUR d***. I know you must taste like heaven.

  • My little dickie takes just seconds to c**, I try to restrain but I'm too h****! My c** does taste good though ;)

  • So sexy. So nasty. So filthy. That's why we all love you.

  • Thanks hun, I bet you would love f****** my tight ass and then me sucking your d*** after ;)

  • If you and I were together -- whether dating, cohabiting or married -- I would totally let you date other men whenever the urges struck. Even if we were out on a special date at a restaurant or a club or a concert the movies or whatever, if you saw a man (or men) you had the hots for or just wanted to get with for fun, I would encourage you and allow you to go. Why? Because I would want you to be happy. And you are obviously the kind of girl who could never be satisfied with just one man. I would love knowing I had helped make you happy.

  • That's so hot, I'm imaging us being out for dinner and I see a hot guy in the restaurant. I get up half way through the meal, suck him off and come back with a bit of his j*** at the edges of my mouth. Then on the ride home, you stop on the side of the road and f*** me senseless to punish me.

  • When you return to the table from your "escapade", before sitting down, you lean down to me and kiss me deeply, allowing me to savor the flavor of your tongue, which now tastes of another man's c*** and his c** and his a******. I know -- because I know your proclivities (and I love your proclivities) -- that, not only have you been blowing the guy who sat across from you in the restaurant, you have also been r****** him........like mad. And I also know that, no matter what you've been doing or who you've been doing it with, you will always bring me sloppy seconds. Not because I love receiving them, but because you love giving them to me. This is the relationship we have. And it is perfection. You want me to share in the love you have with other men.

  • Oh I will give you all kinds of treats. When I come home late at nigh and you're in bed, I'll wake you up, squat over your face and release several mens' c** out of my ass straight into your mouth. And yes you'll certainly taste lots of ass on my tongue. I can't give a b****** without trying to shove my tongue up his ass. And for good measure you'll rim me too. Then as soon as I'm asleep, you'll be raping me and c****** in my ass, then ramming your s***** d*** in my mouth until I'm gagging like the little s*** I am. I'll be your dirty little girl, dirty slutty little girl with my tiny c*** who sucks off strangers in car parks and comes home to you to share my dirty gifts.

  • Yes, darling, oh dear god YES. I want ALL of your dirty gifts. And the dirtier they are, the more I'll love them, and the more I'll love you. I want to always be eating the c** of your male lovers from your a******, mixed and blended with that sweet, sweet, sweet assjuice of yours [you KNOW how I love your assjuice]. I realize of course that you will be out EVERY night with all kinds of men, some you know, but most of whom you just pick up in car parks and gay bars and out in public, so the volume of fluids you squirt, spray or just drip into my mouth when you come home will be enormous, and it will be filthy. And then, during the night, as you indicated, there will be rapings. Repeated rapings. Because we both know this about you: you need to be raped so you know who's in charge. And who loves you. Forever. Forever. Forever.

  • Oh god I wish you were here raping me right now! I'd struggle to get away but you just have to grab me tighter and f*** me harder. Rape me! Rape me now! I've been a bad girl, you've come home to find me having an orgy with 8 men in our bed, I've got a d*** in my ass, two in my mouth and one in each hand and I'm wondering how to take more. There's one guy with his lips around my little dicklett. I want to see you throw them out and rape me continuously. Tie me up, set up the webcam and and f*** me over and over whilst I moan and cry. Why not eat your own c** out of my ass mixed with my sweet sweet ass juices. Will you rape me every night master? Invite others to rape me, charge the, and keep all the money yourself, share my ass just as much as I do. Make me w*** off into a glass, then f*** my face and I'll milk your big d*** and swallow your c** with the glass of mine!

  • Yes, I would arrive at home expecting to find you with multiple lovers, and I do. The sight of what you are doing to them and what they are doing to you drives me insane. Insane with l*** and with jealousy. I throw them all out, not because I am angry, but because it all makes me want you for myself. You are crying, begging, weeping, seducing, apologizing, telling me you can't help it, that it's just who you are. I know that, of course, so you aren't telling me anything new. I know you're a w****, but you know that your whorishness is a very large part of why I love you. Dichotomy? Yes, but we are meant to be together because of that dichotomy, not despite that dichotomy. You lay on your back in the bed -- our bed -- where they were all just abusing you, open your legs and your a****** and offer me their cream. You do that, thinking it will distract me because you know I love eating and drinking from your a******, but I'm not distracted. I grab you by your beautiful hair and slap you. First with my palm, then with the back of my hand, then the palm again, and the back of the hand, back and forth, forth and back. You're crying now, wailing, eyes full of tears, unable to see. Unable to see that, as I am slapping you, I am lowering my pants and my underwear. And then, as you writhe on the bed where you were despoiled by eight strangers -- eight strangers with huge c**** and massive cumloads -- you feel my c*** drive into your sweet ass, past your sphincter, into your r***** and your colon. "This is rape!!", you cry out, as I continue to hold you by your hair and continue to slap you, "This is rape!!" And I say, calmly, sweetly, "Yes, darling, I am raping you. Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that what you needed? Isn't that why you brought those men into our bed? In order to get . . . this?" At once, your resistance stops, your body goes still and peaceful, and you smile and say, "Yes, master, oh God yes! This is precisely what I need. Please don't stop! PLEASE!"

  • Oh my god I have a huge d**** in my a****** while I read this and yelling out this is rape. You deserve to rape me the way you talk about me. I am a w****, I have no control, I want d*** 24/7, in my mouth, my ass, my hands, c** all over my face, in me, swallowed, etc. I think to punish me more, you need to blindfold me and tie me up for an entire weekend, f*** me continuously and when you need a break, get someone else to f*** me, keep my mouth full of c*** for 10 hours straight. Take photos and upload them on the net, abuse my little flirty sick and b****, then p*** on me, on my face, in my mouth, I'm a w****, I will have f***** hundreds of guys in our bed by this point, you'll be sleeping on dried up c** stains without even knowing, I'm a w**** that needs to be punished. But will I ever learn.....?

  • No, my sweet baby, you won't ever learn. Not ever. It's not that you CAN'T learn; no, of course not. You're highly educated and incredibly intelligent. Everyone who meets you (or who f**** you) says so. And they say it whether they meet you as a man or as a woman. It's easy to recognize from the way you speak and the interest that you show in people just how brilliant you are. And naturally, it's easy to see how beautiful you are, as well, especially when you're dressed as a woman (this is what drew me to you in the first place, on the night we met and first connected sexually). The problem -- if it's even a problem (I think it is NOT) -- is that your physical desire and sexual hunger are so extraordinarily high that they quickly overwhelm your intellect: you MUST have s**, and you must have it with men, and frequently with strangers. It is a fact of your life, and it is a necessity. With that need also comes the need for punishment (we will not ever plumb the depths of that psycho-sexual phenomenon in you, because we will not try: we love that phenomenon in you). Not everyone in your position needs punishment, but you DO need it. You need someone to punish you. You don't need the punishment from multiple men (that r***** in the alley who beat wasn't punishing you, he was hurting you, and if I ever find him, I will punish HIM, permanently), you only need it from one man. And you need to be cleaned, also only from one man. Punished and cleaned. That has become my role in your life, to clean and to punish. And that is what I do: I clean and I punish. And I do it by p****** you clean (yes, dear: inside and outside of your sweet girlish body) and then by raping you repeatedly. It might not be so with any other couple in the world, but it is precisely true with us. I p*** on you -- and in you -- to clean you, and then I rape you far beyond the point at which you can no longer stand it. With us, for us, between us, this is love.

  • You are a caring and loving master than must punish and clean me, I am who I am & you treat me as I am, with our special relationship, I am always under your spell. I've just been with 6 guts, each of them came 3 times, I took 6 loads in my ass, 6 down my throat, 3 on my face, 2 on my tiny t*** and one over my tiny d***. You must lick that clean first, then p*** all over me, p*** in my mouth, p*** into my a****** and then p*** on my tiny c***. I've been so naught master. Then I need to be raped like never before, I want to wake up in the woods, naked, gagged, hands tied behind my back, blood dripping from my a******, beat me as you wish as you own me, no one else has this privilege. I'll have to somehow make my way home without being raped again. Tell me how you'll rape me master! Please tell me!

  • Why would I do what YOU want? No, you will not wake up in the woods. You will wake up with me bathing you, softly and gently washing your skin and your privates, and shampooing your hair. Then I apply cream to you, I powder you, and I perfume you, preparing you for what's to come. And what's to c**. As we finish, I put you on a leash and walk you from the bathroom, down our hallway, and into the living area. The room is filled with men. White men. Black men. Asian men. Latin men. Naked men. Erect men. Rapists. Each of them have precum dripping from the heads of their c****. They are ready for you. But you are not ready for them. You have been with this many men before. But you have NEVER been with this many professional rapists. They each have at least two convictions, and have spent time in prison, for the rape of someone like you: part man, part woman. They know what's needed. And they do it. Do they take turns on you? No, they fight for the right to rape you. They are tearing at each other to get at your mouth. To get at your a******. To get at your c***, what there is of it. There is not a moment that passes that you DON'T have a c*** in your ass and another in your mouth and one in each hand. There is no gentleness here, just size and power. And when I tell you that they are HUGE c****, I mean it: they are ALL just incredibly GIGANTIC c****, and they are destroying you. Over and over. And they don't just each f*** you once. No, they each f*** you repeatedly. Constantly. They take turns taking breaks to eat and drink. I have catered the affair, and I have gone to great lengths to get the best and most vicious rapists available. They are enjoying themselves and they are displaying their nature, and they are using you in order to fulfill their destinies.

  • And they are teaching you a lesson, the lesson being that you are not in control. You frequently believe that you are in control because it is so easy for you to attract and manipulate men -- that has been your life, since you were in middle school, when you first began to draw men to your sweet and overheated body and to f*** them -- but you have been learning, bit by bit, as our relationship has developed and deepened, that I am the one who is in control of you. Your body and your life and your sexuality. I own you. Yes, I love you, of course I do, and I show it and you know it. But I also own you. And for a girl of your intelligence and s**-power, that is hard to accept, that you don't have free will: that you are submitted and bound to me. This rape session is partial proof of that, but also a partial satisfaction of your appetites. With each emptying of another load into your body, you believe that the assault is nearly over. But it is not nearly over. This will go on all weekend. You will be one c**-drenched, p***-soaked dripping-w****-mess by the time it's over. And you will be nearly comatose. But once the last rapist has c** and gone, and before you pass out, you ask me, through your tears, "Why?" And I smile and say, "Did you forget the date, darling? It's our one-year anniversary, and this is my gift to you."

  • On Friday -- the day of the opening of the new Star Wars movie -- we go to the theater, but not to see "The Force Awakens". We buy two tickets for another film showing at the cineplex that starts at the same time as Star Wars. Then we wait in the lobby as all the Star Wars moviegoers begin to filter through. You are dressed . . . all I can say is "nasty". And men, almost all married, cannot take their eyes off of you. They pass you by with their wives and kids, but then many drift back out into the lobby to chat you up. You quickly make a pick-up on each of the ones you want, and you tell them to meet you in Cinema Five, down the end of the hall, far away from "The Force Awakens", and thus far away from their wives. You give each one a particular time, each about fifteen minutes apart, and you tell them to excuse themselves from their families, claiming to need to use the men's room. They willingly oblige, and then in turn, they enter "our" cinema and each one gets a spectacular handjob, and a wonderful b******, and the most vigorous r****** and a*** tongue-f****** that any of them ever got in their lives. We wait in the virtually empty theater (EVERY one is in Star Wars, but our tickets are for another film), and you do your work on them, quickly so their wives don't get suspicious, and send them away in love with you. I might otherwise be jealous, but I get to see your work, and then I get to taste all the c** and all the ass in between each of your sessions. These are, of course, all future clients of yours, and you will see each one again and again and again. Of course you will: they are in love with you . . . just as I am.

  • As our movie ends, you leave the cinema we're in, saying you need to use the restroom. After about fifteen minutes, I realize you lied about why you were going to the men's room, and after another twenty minutes, you stagger back into our cinema. wobbling like you're drunk. But they serve no alcohol in this theater, so you couldn't have gotten drunk on anything except . . . and then it hits me. You are drunk on p***. When you return to your seat next to me, I can smell it all over you. Your hair, your clothes, even your mouth and breath. You have met several of your new clients in the restroom and they have filled you with their urine and then covered you in it. As I begin to lecture you about your responsibilities to me, and to tell you that I am the only one to decide when, where and how you get p***** on, and from whom you take it down your throat, you laugh at me, stand up again, turn your back to me, hike up your skirt, bend over at the waist, and spray an ass-full of their p*** and your fecal matter into my face and my mouth, and all over me, laughing, laughing, laughing the entire time. Because it comes from your ass, you know I cannot possibly resist it so I drink it all down, but your laughter soon ends, because you realize there will be multiple brutal rapes when we get home. Yes, you are going to be ruined. You f****** b****. I am going to destroy your ass. And you know I f****** mean it.

  • We go to a Christmas dinner at my parents' house, with all my family there. You go as a woman, which is the only way they've ever seen you and is the manner in which they interact with you, and you play the role of the girlfriend perfectly, because that's what you are to me. At least in part that is what you are to me. Another part is that, after dinner, while we are sitting around visiting, whenever I need a beer, you bring it to me. But, unbeknownst to the family, when you go into the kitchen, you are not taking fresh, cold beer bottles from the fridge: you are taking empties from the trash. Then, when no one is watching, you take the bottle into the restroom off the kitchen, where you rinse the bottle and dry it. Then, you hold it over the toilet and fill it with your urine. Next, you insert the open end of the bottle into your sweet a***, and wipe it around inside your ass, and also along the rim, making sure to smear some solids along its entire circumference before you bring it back to me. So, each time I drink a beer in front of my family, I am actually drinking and eating from your body. Nothing served at dinner -- or for dessert -- is as sweet and delicious as any beer you bring. I love you. You know I do, and this is but one way I show it.

  • As everyone is talking or napping or playing cards, I realize I haven't seen in you in 10-15 minutes. So without calling attention to what I'm doing, I begin looking around. Finally, I make my way to the back of the house, and at my parents' bedroom, I can hear the unmistakable sounds of love-making. I quietly open the door, and even in the darkness I can tell that you are in my parents' bed with my sister's husband, and you are sweetly encouraging him to continue f****** your ass. "Don't stop darling" you continue to tell him and he continues to f***. He tells you he gets no ass at home, and in fact has never gotten anything so good as your ass, he is so grateful and so happy that he is crying into the back of your shoulder and begging for you to continue giving this to him and not ever stop. Of course, he means forever, not just this night. And of course, he thinks he's f****** a female ass, not having yet been informed of your s**. I know you, so I know it's possible you may not ever tell him, and he may not ever figure it out, you being so feminine and so coy about your love-making that a man could f*** your ass and believe it to be a p****. Likewise you are clever in how you avoid having a man "go down" on you. As I am closing the door, I hear you respond to him: "Oh baby, of course.......you can f*** me forever, and we will ALWAYS keep it from your wife. Stay married, but just come to me when you need a real woman.....or a w****." He has not seen me, nor know that I was present, and you don't care what I know about your s** life separate from me. You hide nothing, and to the extent you share the information with you, you flaunt it. You do that because you're a w****. And you know that I love that about you. Still, as we leave and are walking to the car, you laugh at me, taunting, flaunting, humiliating: "your brother-in-law has a c*** like a m************ man and I'm not ever going to stop f****** him. Also, you should know: he's in love."

  • What you did what was wonderful. I love how aggressive you are.

  • You'll like my aggressive b****** then ;)

  • Admit it. You were acting like a w**** and you got treated like one.

  • Yup, i acted like a w**** and I got treated like one. But should whores be treated like that? I just crave c*** and want to please guys!

  • It's certainly okay to crave c*** and to please guys, but . . . you should be honest about who and what you are. Allow them to make their own decisions about whether or not to get with you before they get with you. They need to know. They deserve to know. And you're the only one who can tell them. Just be upfront about it before you start f******.

  • Most guys do know the deal, this guy grabbed me and wanted to use me like any old girl, I was happy to suck him off, I wasn't expecting him to want to f*** me after. All of my clients pay for me for what I am and they knew that from the start.

  • This should not have happened to you. You should be with a man who will care for you and look after you. A man who will let you go out all dressed up and have all the hot nasty s** you want and who will be there waiting when you come home after. Every time you come home.

  • Oh that would be the dream! I love going out looking like the hottest skinniest girl to then suck d*** and get f***** by guys who just need to blow their load than care if it's a p**** or my ass. I took 4 c**** in one session today. I made a shot load of money too but I want a guy waiting for me, then to f*** me savagely to remind me who is boss.

  • That's exactly what I would do for you. It's exactly who I would be for you. I would keep myself only for you, no one else, not ever, while you would always be free to play. You could, of course, go out looking like the million bucks you truly are, f*** as many men as you wanted, or be f***** by them, or both, taking on load after load after load after load after load after load, up your ass, in your mouth, on your face, in your hair, soaking and drenching your clothes in their c**. And then when you'd had all the fun you wanted for the evening, or the weekend, or the week, you would come home to me and I would care for you. Bathe you. Put cream on your skin. Powder you. Feed you. Put you to bed. Let you rest. And then, when you awoke refreshed, I would totally f*** you, "savagely", yes, "to remind you who is boss". I'd be boss. And you would always know that. Always. But you would always be happy, because that would be my job, my goal, my purpose. You are an incredible woman, and you should be treated as such.

  • I feel so sorry for you, really. Actually, I hurt for you. You should never NEVER have had to endure that kind of abuse. I wish you would let me take care of you. I would provide for you. Take care of you. Let you play, if you wanted to play; no questions asked. I would even leave my family if you wanted to be with me as a couple. You would have a charmed life. And you would be loved.

  • That is so kind to hear, but I wouldn't want to break up a family. I would feel forever guilty.

  • You should call him and say, "I know that by now you're aching for me again, your wife can't satisfy you like you know I can, and I am all you can think about every day, so meet me tomorrow night, in the same place, at the same time, and I'll blow you again, then you can take me to a first-class hotel and f*** my ass all night before you go home to your pitiful little wife. We both know you want me."

  • If only I had his number. I never see him out anymore.

  • My guess is that this wasn't the first time a man ever told you that you'd just given him "the best b****** ever". You strike me as being the kind who just KNOWS how to do oral right, and that men always tell you how good you are at it. I'm hard and h**** just thinking about your skills.......

  • I have "regulars" who enjoy my sexy lips around their c**** several times a week. Ever since a real girl once gave me the worst blowing ever, I wanted to do it right, even on tiny d**** like mine.

  • Jesus Christ! You are the sexiest little lover ever, aren't you? Your story made me c**. And then c** again. And then c** a third time. You are so hot and so sexy and so delicious. And you obviously know how to take care of a man, regardless of his professed orientation. Damn! You really arouse me. And please me. (I just came , just now, a fourth time!) God you are so incredible, and I would love to meet you. And to be with you. And to have an affair with you. Although, to be perfectly honest about the whole thing, our affair probably wouldn't last very long, because I have a feeling I'd be divorcing my wife for you within a matter of but a few weeks, now that gay marriage is permitted. That's how powerful the effect is that you have on a man. My thoughts of you immediately run to marriage. Why? Because you are obviously serious marriage material. I can promise you this: if it had been me walking out the back door of that building and stepping into your arms . . . and your mouth . . . you wouldn't have had to offer to go ATM (God, I just came a fifth time for you, thinking of you doing ATM for me). And you wouldn't have had to worry about your secret being kept. Once you pulled your finger out of my ass, and then displayed your d*** (proudly), I would have proposed marriage right there. I know you'll think I'm lying, but within just the past 30 minutes I have fallen in love with you. What you did for this stranger (an incredibly unappreciative stranger) was filled with beauty and love. And my darling, I am so so so so so so so so so so so sorry that he rejected you. You deserve far better.

  • Omg wow! Thank you! But I am not ready for marriage yet. I have only just gained my stride in being comfortable being a "girl". I'd love to hear you propose whilst my legs are spread in the air, my little dickie waving around as you f*** me hard. You'd enjoy it too much to ever manage more than one word. You c****** made me c** ;)

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