I J*** Off to Vids and Pics if Ex'es and my 15 daughter

I cant help it. Im hooked. I j*** off literally at lease twice a day. I have videos of my exwives with me and/or with other men. My one exwife used to make cuckold often and i loved it. Its just about the only thing that makes me c**. Replaying the time she pushed me onto my back, said "lay down", straddled my face, stuck her fingers up into herself. gobs of white stringy stickiness stretching from her fingers as she shoves them into my mouth. Paralyzed by shocked, completely caught off guard, and dumbfounded....i slurped it down. I also have a ton a simple candid non nude pics and vids of my 15 yo daughter. I have made conscious effort not to be attracted to her, but i simply can not help it. She is litrally the most attractive girl ive ever seen in real life (ive seen some pretty sexy women on p*** and tv, etc. who i would die for). but when I have (who i consider (and many would agree) the hottest girl in this town....how do i not j*** off to toughts, pics, and videos of her ass. It just how it is.

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  • Your thoughts are normal I'm the same

  • Damn come f*** me in my ass

  • The daughter part i totally understand mine would lay in bed on hot morning with just panties on and i would peek in by doorway standing on side and jerking off. i bet yours is fine too. The comment above is mine too.

  • I swallowed some c** from wife when i let her f*** a guy in bar. When he left i had her place her p**** over my face licked her which she loves and did not suspect what i was doing. My wife is very hot and men all want her. it fascinated me so i edged her on to dress more sexy and tease men in a dance clubs we went to . We got to know the owner and i think he caught on playing with her bra less t*** when i went to pee. She told me i got hard. that night and many other weekends he would say ok for her to help me cash up in back (i never looked but wanted to) i would drink at closed bar for over an hour and she told me he would f*** her and was hung i heard the topless dancers say. then sometimes he would have another patron back there to and she loved having a c*** i her mouth and p**** at same time. One time we talked her into stripping on stage when bar was closed. Three of us sat there and when she was naked she came down and sucked us off one at a time it was great. bar owner would open up here blouse in back room to friend and say look at these t*** and it would start the fondling She can c** when she feels a c*** c** in her mouth and swallows it all. When her 34 t*** get touched you can f*** her easy. many time when she came in late i knew the p**** was swollen and wet inside i knew she f***** someone and did not say a word but worked her over.

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