Nude acting

I have this secret desire to be nude in a movie someday. I rehearse nude scenes in movies all the time, like the one in Titanic, and Cashback. I find it embarrassing but also very exciting to be seen nude by millions of people. I secretly want to do it, but i dont want to be know as that girl who was nude in that movie. So I dont think i may ever do this but this desire is sooo thrilling im afraid i may do it if the chance comes up.

Nov 29, 2015

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  • My wife got a part in a local stage play, it had one scene where there was nudity and she didn't want to do it, but it was done a bit dark and the s** scene was on a bed under covers.
    All anyone really saw was a glimpse of her b******, no big deal, and the bed scene was simulated under covers. I was watching the play and it really did look real, although it was startling to see my own wife up there in just panties.
    Afterwards, she told me that the guy was an a******, because he had pulled her underwear aside and actually managed to get his d*** halfway in her before she reached down and grabbed his b**** which made him stop.
    I had noticed there was a moment when the blankets moved a bit oddly, thought nothing of it because the guy had on black underwear.
    We had a little "discussion" with him later about that, and he had an understudy that did the scene from then on.
    All I got out of it was a scratch on my cheek and a broken finger.

  • I make amateur film promotion for companies, id do a demo for you

  • I'm 60 and when I was 20 I mad a p*** film, with another girl and 4 men. I loved it. Met my husband soon after. When I was 40 he found a copy of the film and he loved it and he has made a number more of me and his friends

  • My husband has said he would love to make a lesbian film of me and you if your interested?

  • I only want to be in a real movie. I don't want to have s** on film or do p**********. Just a movie where the actress in nude, and a legit one, not homemade.

  • The only movie you would het in is a p*** one you thick b****

  • For you info im not thick at all, Im slim and have been complimented on my body a few times. And i will never do p***.

  • Then you will never be in a film, thick b****

  • Pity, id loved to have joined you

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