My mother`s panties and my first time

When I was a 12 year old boy I tried on one of mother`s panties and really enjoyed it so I put on one of her bras . I could not believe how hot and sexy I looked in a pair of pink satin panties with lace and a matching bra. I also found a pair of high heal shoes and but them on also. I walked around the house looking in all the mirrors at myself for about a hour or so. Until with my p**** so hard I could not help jerking off myself for the very first time in my life while wearing them. My legs got so weak as I was shooting out my c**. After that I started wearing women`s clothing as often as possible, satin and lace panties are still the best. I`m 53 now and I`m wearing a pair of my girlfriend`s panties as I write this. Enjoy

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  • When I was around 14, I didn't need to go into school until later in the morning. This left me with the whole house to myself, and I did what teenage guys do - I jacked off.

    One day, I saw my mom's panties in the laundry. I had heard that women had a nice smell, so I put them to my nose as I jerked off. She wore nylon, and I really liked the silky, slippery fabric. Soon, I was using them to rub my c*** with to m*********. Then I would slip my c*** into a leg hole, tease my c*** as I slid it through to the other side, give them a twist and repeat until I had them all balled around my c*** (or I went that one little push too far and came).

    One thing led to another and I was soon wearing them, inventing all sorts of games as I discovered my sexuality. For me it was mostly about the tactile sensations. Also loved wearing her bra (stuffed with panties), her babydoll nightie, swimsuit, pantyhose, anything and everything I could get into.

  • I Love Being A Crossdresser.

  • I like wearing my mothers panties bras pantyhose slips I like sniffing and licking her panties the first time I shot cuum was wiith the crotch of her panties to my nose the taste and smell of her slit ...momspantysniffer

  • Been wearing my hot older sister's thong panties for years. We trade off a lot, and, it's fun when we'll be somewhere together, like a gathering, and she'll either offer or tell me to put them on.

    We went to a friend's kid's recital, and she wore low-slung jeans and a black lace thong, easily seeable when she leaned over (as the guys behind us looked several times). About halfway through, she ran her long nails down my leg and said "You're wearing my undies after intermission. Or won't ever again", pretty much ordering me to do it.

    Met her in the dual bathroom entryway, and she handed them to me, fresh and warm off her body. It was so hot knowing only she and I knew I was wearing them the rest of the day..

  • I'm 26 and I started wearing my ex girlfriend thongs for fun but when I put them on my d*** would get rock hard and she also got off with me f***** her while I wore her panties. So she started buying me my own pair and still to this day I love wearing my thongs

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