My farting girlfriend

I fell on love with this drop dead gorgeous girl. There is just one embarassing thing about her. She farts. Anywhere, anytime. In line at the grocery store, at church, when shopping for clothes, it doesn't matter when. The most embarassing one was when she was climbing into the seats at the movies and farted right in this guy's face. she says she just doesn't care, and sometimes does it on purpose just to see what other people will do. To me, its very embarassing, but she won't stop. And, oh, when we're in restaurants, she burps too. She does that on purpose to get reactions.

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  • It's funny once in a while, but, rude when it's all the time.. One of my female friends, very hot, petite, sxy blonde...All of maybe 108 pounds, sweet smile, very desirable..Does this. I've been out with her tons of times, including in line at the movies, when she lets it rip, a few times, and laughs about it.. Being cute and sxy only goes so far when you're being embarrassed...

  • She's disgusting. I wouldn't want to date a girl who does this every time and anywhere.

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