I have wanted my cousin since I met her, long brown hair golden tanned skin, great legs and ass and a face to die for. I used to live with her upstate for 9 months. While with her I would steal her panties but they never smelt :( so instead I have a foot fetish i would j*** off into her shoes. I used to get so hard watching her long sexy toes sitting naked in her flats that the night before I have filled.

Last night she came down to Yonkers and stayed. I knew about a week ago so I started to get my plan ready. For the past 6 days I have been jerking off at least 3 times per day onto a frozen red baron pizza (her favourite). That night we spend it on the sofa watching tv drinking... eventually she asks for pizza. I served the c** laden brick pizza fresh from the oven. She eats 75% of it and eventually drunkenly passes out. Now I have a h****** like a MF i pull my meat out and beat it so hard infront of her. I stare at her the entire time. I wanted to money shot her face.

I have so many stories I could tell from Yonkers days from the thing she doesnt know! comment and I can give you plenty!

Dec 6, 2015

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  • Doese anyone want to lick my 10yr olds daughter p****

  • I would love to but she may tell on me. so i would like to see a guy or a girl lick her.

  • Thats so hot i used to j*** in my blonde house mates shoes one day she came home drunk and stuck her long toes into some j*** filled heels and didnt bat an eye lid. I did the same to indian (dot not feather) supervisor at work. She has freakishly long toes size 9s very sexy tho. Good work bro any more stories

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