Lesbian p***

I'm a straight woman but I only watch lesbian p***. In straight p*** the man always treats the woman like a piece of meat. It's always about the mans pleasure, never the woman's. I'm not trying to make a point on feminism or anything, it just turns me off. How am I suppose to get turned on buy a crusty dude humping a screaming like she's a blowup doll. Personally I find with a lot of lesbian p*** it's more tender, loving, passionate. It about touching her most sensitive spots and knowing how to make her come undone. It's about more than sticking your d*** in a hole. Men, if you want real s** advice, take care of your girl. kiss her thighs, Palm her through her panties, make her squirm. Take ya damn time. I know it's not always about the girl ether but the best relationships I've had were all about balance and knowing what the other person needs.

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  • I'm a busty bi mature woman, also enjoy lesbian s**/p*** but occasionally I love men to f*** me roughly. My preference is another busty woman with a hair p**** to f*** me with a strap on. If you ever fancy try lesbianism, let me know

  • I agree you should try the real thing with this dirty lesbian b****, you two fat slags. Its the only way either of you will get a f***

  • Since when were they asking you? i dont remember them wanting your opinion...

  • I agree. As a heterosexual female, who can't even imagine enjoyably eating another girl out, I love lesbian p***. Including the reasons you already listed, I also like that that the entire video I can imagine being the receiver.

    For those times where I want to fantasize about giving head, I will watch heterosexual p***. Also, the hotter the guy, the better the heterosexual p***. But there is this weird competitive feeling I feel with the women in heterosexual p***, or perhaps it's jealousy? Envy? Regardless, it just ends up making me feel worse about myself (which Def won't help my o*****).

  • As a man who knows how to take care of women, and completely understand where you girls are coming from, there are hetero film groups like danejones, and x-art, where it's about pleasing a woman, and it's usually very loving and tender, and it turns me the f*** on.

  • You need f****** up the a*** as well you f****** girly w*****. Bet you missus gives you pocket money you c***

  • When tf did they ask you???? you cant just go barging into peoples conversations and insulting them when it's none of your business!

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