F***** By A Demon

This has been a fantasy of mine for a while for nearly six years actually. The idea of willingly having rough s** or willingly allowing a Demon or Djinn or other similar creature to take me hard, on all fours, pulling my hair and making me beg while telling me he owns me makes me so wet!

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  • A girl I once met who had this experience (they had come together from a club and . . . she woke up in the morning and found that the person she thought was "human" had left and her room was still securely locked. She alone knew the "unlock code") eventually had same devil raping her every day (came when she was alone in her room) for 10 years. When she began to date and intended to get married, the devil killed every man she attempted to marry; he told her he will kill "him", next he dies mysteriously. I met her when she found Christ in a gospel revival meeting and was delivered. She got married the following year. WHAT SEEMED LIKE FUN AT THE BEGINNING ALWAYS HAD PAINS AT THE END.

  • I dated a gal a long time ago that loved rough s**. I would tie her down to the bed as I f***** her. It was a big turn on for me I have to admit.

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