Addicted to lesbian p***

Ok, here we go. I'm a 20 y.o female.. I've started watching p*** since 3 years and at the beginnings of me discovering p*** i use to watch straight p*** and I would NOT find it sexy. It doesn't turn me on.. Then, i discovered lesbian p*** which is like the best thing ever...i can't stop watching it! EVERY NIGHT!! especially girls masturbating videos! But I'm hella straight and i can't explain why but i really want a girl to have s** with me!! I'm really worried because of that.. I know I'm demi-sexual which means I'm sexually attracted to people I'm close to, no matter what gender.. I admit being attracted to my best girlfriend, i really love girls but i never thought I'd be actually homosexual! I know it's not a bad thing but It stresses me out asdgjkllh

Dec 20, 2015

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  • You're not gay tots normal you're just curious or maybe confused

  • I'm a busty mature woman and bi, if you want to try the real thing let me know

  • It's fine, you're not hurting anyone, you're having fun, don't stress, just enjoy it. We attach labels and meanings to sexuality, but it is what it is, it doesn't necessarily conform to a standard, or get pigeon holed into one thing or another. People have different tastes in things - colours, food, drinks. We don't overly question that. So just go with it.

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