i need my ex boyfriend to take me back, i want to commit suicide with out him
i need him, i really need him, i miss him so much

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  • I wouldn't listen to all the negative comments
    Don't commit suicide. He's not worth ending ur life over

  • do it

  • hayley?

  • my sweet niece just commited suicide, and has left our family empty, we are fragmented, please dont ever thing suicide is the answer to any problem, your a very precious part of your family. go talk to an aunt or friend, just let someone know,

  • Monica Lewinsky?

  • And the Jipper rests his case. I'm tired of hearin this s***. Everyone on here knows you won't do it so move on. Next secret.

    Rack the Jipper

  • You are a weak b****

  • He's not worth ending your life over.


  • Kill him instead of yourself...or just have a life and move on.

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