Cant deny it any longer. I meet the definition of a "c*********"

I'm a masculine, straight-acting male with a serious girlfriend and a healthy relationship with her. I'm extremely attracted to women in every way imaginable and for the most part I am not attracted to men except for the fact that I get very turned on at the site of an attractive, well-endowed p****. When I see a p**** that I find attractive, whether in a gym locker room or a photo on the internet, I become overwhelmed with an almost uncontrollable desire to take that p**** into my mouth and perform oral s** on it.

This all began when I was a young teenager and I had a close friend who I would watch p**** movies with. Eventually we began masturbating together while watching the p*** and as time went on we also performed oral s** on each other. I do not believe that this type of behavior is all that uncommon for kids of this age. When we first began performing oral s** on each other it was strictly for the pleasure that the receiver got from it and there was no pleasure derived whatsoever from the individual who was performing the oral s**. We would take turns performing oral s** on each other for one minute at a time. He would give me head for one minute and then I would give him head for one minute so on and so forth. The friend who I did this with was, and to this day still is a very straight and masculine individual. When it was his turn to perform oral s** on me he would hate every second of it and would even feel sick to his stomach from it. It was clear that he did not enjoy performing oral s** on me in any way. It was simply something that he had to do because I did it to him.

As time went on and we continued to perform oral s** on each other he continued to hate performing the act on me whereas I, unconsciously at the time, began to enjoy giving him head. This came to light one night when it was my turn to give him head and I continued to suck him well beyond the one minute period that I was supposed to suck him for and enthusiastically continued to suck him all the way until he reached an o*****. It was also pretty clear from the way that I sucked him that night that I was not just going through the motions of performing oral on him like he did for me. It became clear to him that I was enjoying having his c*** in my mouth. I sucked his c*** with a look of l*** in my eye, licked his c*** from top to bottom and drenched his c*** with my saliva. I will never forget the look that he gave me that night when I sucked him to completion. He knew right then and there that I truly enjoyed sucking on his c***.

Eventually as we both got older and got girlfriends we no longer had these oral s** sessions. I guess since I was young at the time I was able to suppress these urges to suck c*** and was able to carry on with life like a normal growing teenager. This did not last though. I began to notice that whenever I watched p*** it was always "b****** p***" involving an attractive female sucking on a very big c***. I eventually began searching Craigslist ads and masturbating to posts of men looking to have their c*** sucked. As time went on I actually began posting ads on Craigslist and even communicating with people who have responded to my posts. However, I would never end up meeting with any of them until recently. I have now met up with two different people and performed oral s** on them. One was a man and another was a transsexual. While sucking on their c**** I was in a complete trance. The feeling of their thick c**** sliding in and out of my mouth was incredible. Both individuals commented that I was a natural c********* and appeared to be extremely happy and full of l*** while sucking on their c****.

I used to deny that I was a c********* and made up excuses for the strong feelings that I felt when thinking about taking a big, meaty, masculine c*** into my mouth. Although I do not claim to be gay, I am finally willing to accept the fact that I fully meet the definition of someone who can be given the label of C*********.

Dec 20, 2015

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  • Congrats on having the b**** to do what most of wish we could do.

  • I'd like to do it too

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