s** addicts

S** should not be number one thing humans should live for-I hate it -its everywhere and so overrated.I mean damn is it worth dying for-hiv aids other stds pregnancy,abortion broken hearts,suicide for real love not returned.Come on evrybody its all fun and games an feels sooo good until you get hurt or seriously hurt someone else.I want f--- like an animal is right.To me that sums up how most human beings act.I am so angry at people that are obsessed with s** what a bore.

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  • s** is fab.

    and im a virgin.

  • Wow, you must be getting either some bad s** or none at all!

  • Biology disagrees with you.

  • DAMN! You really need to get laid!

  • S** is not always like that. Maybe in the movies and p***** it is but in it's truest form s** should be a beautiful thing. Its an expression of love in its truest form that's why love and s** go together.

    Or you can f*** like an animal as you say.

    Rack the Jipper

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