Men wearing womens panties...

Why do so many men like to wear womens panties!? I've never know anyone to do it but I read so many of those confessions... I guess I just wont get it. I read where they j******* into them.... I can almost get that. But not wear them. Im a pretty kinky girl but that would creep me out.

Thanks for reading.



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  • I like wearing woman's underwear and my wife gets turned on when i do we are looking for people to send pics of me in them so if anyone is interested let me know where to send and hopefully you will send some back

  • I love wearing panties and it feels so good and like to talk with others who luvs wearing panties

  • How can I contact you to talk I also love wearing panties

  • All I can say is that this man loves wearing panties all the time an I would not go back to wearing men underwear again because they fit better on my body an the styles and color you can find in stories which I like the most of all.

  • I have been shopping for panties today. In each shop I was honest to tell the assistant they were for me. The look on their faces as they looked at the huge bulge in my trousers is always priceless. And I love it when they ask what size I am - I always say "9 inches !" Then the fun normally starts with the sales assistant helping me to squeeze into panties. If I am honest they normally close the shop and enjoy the fitting session as much as I do. Today was no different I had a thorough hands on experience with Josie and I was so excited I left a deposit on her tiny legging encased bottom.

    What is not to like about stuffing your manhood into ladies panties ? I simply can jot get enough of it !

    Off to bed now in my baby doll nightie.

    Hope to read your comments soon pantie lovers.

  • You are obviously a very h**** man with a delightful c****. If I was so lucky to be as well endowed as you I too would be panty shopping everyday. I can just imagine the look of amazement on the assistant's face as they stare at your manhood bulge. Did you really c** on Josie's leggings ? If you did it is a fantasy of mine that I would love to come true. I am off to buy sissy pouch panties they make your package look so lovely - any other sissy pouch panty lovers out there ?

  • I just love the feeling of feeling knickers next to my skin it is lovely. I have about 240 pairs to chose from so many exiting colours,textures and paterns to chose from men's undies just don't compare.If like me you enjoy wearing knickers then carry on wearing them no one has been hung for it.

  • There are much stranger things.. dressing up or whatever isn't bad.

  • I myself love wearing women's underwear it feels so much better than men's, its just ashame we are classed as strange!!

  • I under stand what you are saying I have been wearing panties as far back in my twenties I also love them I feel normal wearing my panties all the time. So you are not the only one that wears panties.

  • I agree got some from m&s firm&flateen wore them yesterday for golf great they held me firm did not sweat at all must say I am 16 they only had 18 which keeped all my bits really firm & comfortable &dry just have a little bit of lace not as sexy as my going out pairs.

  • I can't see anything wrong with a man wearing knickers it does not state on the the label for women only. Why can't us guys wear pretty couloured knickers we are not harming anyone.I personely love wearing knickers and think other men should try it too.come on get in touch with your feminine side try wearing knickers

  • I agree too. Love wearing panties

  • I agree feels so much better!!

  • I've starting wearing panties since I was about 9 or 10 wearing my sisters. Then stopped and started dating a girl and she started putting me in them to my pleasure. But now in my early 50's my wife says it's ok if I wear panties, so now I wear the sexiest and most fem panties I can find. I love the feeling of them on, pink, purple, lilac, silk, lace, I love them all.

  • Same here. Mid 50's. Wear panties a lot. Not all the time. Usually after it's been a few days since c******. Wife loves to watch me j****** wearing panties. In fact, she is the one who buys them for me.

  • Your lucky my wife don't like it. I love it 😀 I wear panties when i can and love wanking and cummimg in my wife's dirty panties. Wish she would watch me wanking in panties bet it's a real turn on someone watching you.

  • I decided I wanted to try wearing women's knickers I was so surprised to discover the fact it was so enjoyable.I now wear them 24/7 such is my addiction to them if you have not tried it come on if you are a real man go for it I was pleasantly surprised how lovely it is to wear knickers ( panties).

  • Hi i to wear panties an i like wearing them i do full time now an my wife is ok with it

  • I love women's knickers got 20 my wife's ok with this and she often put them on after she says it makes her wet

  • I like whereing. Them becaues i like the way the metieral filles it filles real good next to my skin what about you

  • Yes about 3 times a week it gives me a great h******

  • More&moore men have made switch to nylon vanity fair 15712 100%nylon panties best ever , im 100% straight i been wearen them 25yrs best ever! why men not wear make them happy only live once behappy!! woman change from cotten tight whity, to nylon panties too yrs ago they happy! why men cat be happy tooo! , best ever for men& woman too!

  • Having experienced sizes in women's knickers I have a new hobby.l look at women's buts and try to work out the knicker size uk sizes I see a women with a medium size I think size 10 a really small but size 8 occasionally a really small but size 6 wow!. I personally wear size 8 being male I have smaller hips.I am thinking of trying size 6 though.

  • I love wearing painties they feel better than men's

  • There is nothing greater then womens pantys an lingerie

  • I also love wearing panties my self at the moment I am wearing panties a black pair with flowers in bed on them

  • I love to wear lingerie.. it makes me feel feminine, nice panties and bra feels so good.

  • Same here keep going!!

  • I've been wearing bras and panties so long I can't remember when I started, I LOVE THEM and
    My wife knows and she s cool with it. We even make love while I'm wearing them

  • Hi
    I also have been wearing nylon bikini panties along time and sometimes a bra and do it confidentially and love the sensual feel of them against my skin
    as they are so sexy. I also like to have s** with young guys who wear panties.

  • I love women's pants been doing this for 3 months my wife's ok now but won't shop for me .
    I see her looking when 👗 to go out

  • Love reading all your story's it gets me hard in my panties. As my wife don't approve I rush home to put some of her panties on and sometime stockings and m*********.

  • Used to wear a collection I had quite a lot, even to work but since getting married I had to get rid of my collection. Feeling I'm missing it though so might have to restart my collection. Really like silk and satin panties as well as basques and stockings/suspenders.
    Edinburgh. UK

  • I was dared by an ex-girlfriend to wear her pantys out on a guys night out. She said it would keep me thinking of her til i got home. Yep she was right. I got home hardly in the door and she was all over me. Since then I've been mostly a panty wearer and my wife, the ex-girlfriend, loves it and picks out daily undies for me to wear.

  • I love womens nylon panties

  • You're very lucky! Wish my wife was like that!

  • Wish my partner was like your wife I love wearing panties she thinks it's wrong

  • I am in the same boat I love wearing knickers my wife does not approve. I still wear them 24/7 Inam verry defiant.

  • So does mine. I really like wearing panties too and talking about wearing them but my wife can't stand it so am glad there are many men out there that do 😀

  • I love wearing them as well more fem the better, my wife is ok w/it, i love talking to others about it as well, what's even better is ordering panties on the phone and saying, "yes they are for me"

  • There's a lot more then we think, I'm lucky, my wife knows and she cool with it! We even make love while I'm wearing them!

  • I would love to wear panties and stockings why me and my wife made love must be so nice.

  • My wife and I go shopping together at Victoria's Secret for our regular day to day under ware. We also visit a high end lingerie store for our special events underware. Lace thongs , french lace garter belts, lace top stockings and lace and satin corsets. We have some matching sets. I am only allowed to ware what she picks out for me to ensure I don't end up looking better than her in my lingerie. Lol

  • I've been wear panties 24/7 for about 2 years now, wife love it, will never go back to men's underwear

  • Hi i am 54 ys old and i love panties wearing them sniffing them jacking with them bras any thing i can get my hands on just love the filling of them

  • Meee tooo I love it when my wife jacks ne off in them!

  • I would love to be wanked off in some panties

  • I have been wearing panties and stockings for years. Wife met my cutest pink lace panties the other night and seemed to enjoy servicing me. I sure did. Not sure what she will think of my stockings. We'll see

  • Wish my wife would.

  • My wife just recently gave me her blessing to wear panties 24/7 if that's what makes me happy.

  • You are a very lucky man I do wish my wife was the same, good luck.

  • That's great. I love wearing panties

  • My wife also knows and is ok with it just the best wifes ever

  • You are a very lucky man may I wish you the best of luck.My wife does not approve.

  • I really love wearing my knickers, a lot of men will put us down for doing so but secretly like to try it,come out try it. You might be surprised and enjoy the experience I certainly did.

  • I also wear panties all the time it is my choice to do so do what you think is best for you if you enjoy wear panties so do it do not listen to other people.

  • I just love wearing panties best thing I ever did

  • Manchester uk here I love wearing knickers best thing I ever did. So comfortable

  • I started wearing knickers bout 2 months ago best thing I ever did I love them

  • Hi all. Wearing my wifes jockey briefs right now. Am super hard. Wish could wear full time

  • All this talk about you all wearing panties is getting me hard in my panties

  • I am hard and wearing panties and a bra

  • I myself wear men silk panties I have over a hundred pair I have black red and blue I love the way they fit keeps me together underneath I only pay a dollar for each !!

  • I am hard right now

  • It gets me very hard to not want to come in then

  • That's right now. Love the feel!

  • Love wearing! Black corset with black panties

  • Wearing

  • I love eating girls panty

  • Any guy's willing to email or exchange numbers so we can chat about panties

  • I dress in pantys for 10 years it makes feel good i stay in SoufAfrika i 50 years ould

  • Love to chat with you south Africa

  • Still interested? I love panties and slips...martin

  • Northern Ireland here

  • Me too Newry here

  • Hey I do

  • Where abouts you from ?? Love to talk panties with you .x

  • London here

  • I will

  • I started wearing my mums panties at the age of 10 am 46 now and still wear panties daily just love satin and nylon full brief panties

  • I sometimes like to wear underwear and bras.. not such a big deal.

  • I love wearing panties, stockings, bras, girdles, and thigh hi's its a wonderful feeling I try on womens clothes too, I got on pink panties now and a garder belt omg feels amazing

  • Iam wearing a green neon body stocking crotchless with pink panties

  • The elasticated bands cut into my groin ladies knickers are not so thick on the bands making them more comfy

  • I wear plain black womens knicker as they are better than men's more comfortable too. Cut the size label off and no one will know

  • Nothing better than VS satin panties.

  • I get real turned on by wearing panties they feel so good

  • I have been wearing sexy panties and bras along with nighties for years when slack I have a nice compact d*** and nuts so wear off the rack very easily I have progressed to suspenders, stockings and heels plus my wife makes me up and puts on my wig I feel so very sexy all the time

  • Hi all. I hope this is right area for this post. I love wearing panties. There is nothing better. Its fun looking online, shopping for, and buying them. But, best is wearing them. It feels great, it feels right. During work day, the silk or lace feels nice. When you are home, nothing is better than a new pair. When shopping, it is fun to go to checkout. Then, rushing home to try on. Building a collection is great. Nothing is better than a drawer full of different colors, and styles. Just writing this, makes me want to slowly pull on lasted lace thong....

  • It all started when i got my first brazilian wax. My waxing lady suggested a full body wax for my next appointment. When i went for the full body wax she asked me how i liked the braziling wax. I told her i liked it but i was sweating alot around my testicles. She said that happens but she has a remedy . Some baby powder and cotton underwear. I asked her were the best place would be to buy some cotton underwear and she suggested Victoria's Secret or la vie et rose. I am a straigth married man so i was very supprized at her suggestion but also curious. I asked. "Ladies underwear " and she said " yes you should try it , it feels amazing, I strongly suggest it" Then she said she thought she had a pair she had bought the week before she had not worn that may fit me. She runs a homebased salon. After my wax she asked me to wait getting dressed and left the room. When she returned she had two pairs of Victoria's Secret cotton panties in her hands. One white and one light pink. She asked me wich one I would like. I was in so deep now I thought wtf take the pink. She sprinkled some baby powder all over my butt , testicles and bikini area. I put the panties on and omg she was right. I have been secretly wearing panties ever since.

  • Does the panties feel better if you are waxed?

  • Love Victoria's Secret panties

  • Me to victoria secret has the best satin panties they feel amazing i cant wear mens underwear anymorw

  • I've just started wearing panties new ones of course I love the feel I love everything about them men's underwear doesn't come close

  • I love wearing panties they feel so good looking to chat with others

  • I wear panties every day

  • My wife and I share them now. I agree they feel amazing. I hate men's undies now.

  • I started wearing panties as a kind of joke from my wife. She loved me in them and we had amazing s** that night. Since then I have worn them more and more and no she even buys me my own that I wear whenever I want. She says it looks very sexual and it's like our little naughty secret when I go out in them. Would definitely recommend

  • I'm 22 I've been wearing Panties since I was 14. I was forced in to it by my first girlfriend. But haven't bought anything but Victoria's Secret in the last 8 years. They make me feel so good, and I love the way I look in them. My current girlfriend loves them and even surprises me with new ones every once in a while :)

  • I love the way they feel and how they make me feel but I am still only wearing them in secret. I did trim my pubes, would like to shave completely but my wife would get suspicious. hmu rzyl80@yahoo

  • Dont shave. Get waxed. Much smoother and last longer

  • I would like to see you in them and suck your d***

  • I would love to give you a b******* while you have panties on

  • Hi can I email u?

  • Yes u can we can talk about panties ok TP💞

  • Yes

  • Love wearing panties and at the end of the day I fill them full of c**.

  • I love wearing satin and silky I love how they feel

  • I have shaved all my pubes as per recommendation on this site. It does feel,lovely feeling my undies next to my bear skin a really must try.

  • I love wearing knickers it is such a lovely experience for a male more men should try wearing is so exilerating.

  • Lovely

  • I cannot agree with you more

  • I definitely love wearing lingerie and panties

  • I wear panties. It started as a joke in my very early teens. Once I tried em, I was hooked for life. I wear all types, brand and styles. I find it to be an innocent fetish that hurts no one. My wife knows I wear and she is ok with it. Sometimes she gets mad cause I have more panties then her, anf mine are so much prettier then hers. I wear then offten, to work, to the gym, to the Dr visits. I even wear them at home. My daughter's don't mind st all, as they enjoy going panty shopping with Dad. I am 50+ years old and probably will never stop wearing panties. I used to be embarrassed to wear out in punlic, or work. Now I don't care. My wife and family are ok with it, i like it so that's all that matters.

  • I been wearing pants for over 45 year now . I don't own any men's underwear at all. If I had to go back to wear men's underwear I would not wear any underwear at all I would go commando. I have a great collection of panties last count was 300+ pair. Yes I am a panty-A-holic severeraly addicted to them. Most are from Victoria's secret and I am a bikini , cheekini , thong wearer not interested in briefs or granny panties. And I like nylon, satin, silk . Lots of string style and into some lace panties .

  • I love wearing thongs too they turn me on so much

  • I'm wearing a lace topped thong at work right now.
    Just love how they feel and the biggest turn on is wondering if a female colleague has noticed what I'm wearing under my trousers.

  • Guyz you all are great to wear panty

  • We all thank you for the support and encouragement.

  • I love victorias secret satin panties. They have the best silk out of all of them and ive tired ALOT of panties. I love the way the silk feels on my c*** its amazing. And theres room for growth ;-)

  • I always wear panties I love the feel of them

  • Can you send me a pic

  • Hi luv wearing panties. got loads pics

  • Let me see all of them can i suck your d*** dry

  • Love to see your pics

  • Yes I love to wear womens panties they are so sexy and many diffrent styles to choose from

  • I really enjoy wearing my knickers as do a lot of your subscribers their must be a lot of guys out their who have not tried wearing women's underwear,go for it what have you got to lose. I find it absolueiy divine.

  • UK Boston?

  • I love wearing them
    Try you don't know what you are missing

  • Are they that good

  • Boston

  • I've not got any satin ones might have to get a pair. Where you from?

  • Love the satin and cotton strings bikini panties.

  • I love the string bikinis also wish i could see you in some

  • Yeah I like the feel of them against me feels some nice . How does your?

  • I don't own any lace...How does it feel?

  • I've got purple lace on today

  • Wearing my purple string bikini with white trim.

  • Xxx.passs

  • Might have a shaving myself then

  • Go for it initially you might find itching a problem but if you persist the problem will cease.

  • I have also been shaving….started with just a trim and just kept getting shorter and shorter. Don't like the pubic hair above the string bikinis. Legs too…A must.

  • I really love wearing my knickers it is even moor enjoyable now i have shaved my pubic hair, silk undies next to bare skin is just divine.

  • Am in panties right now with a big h******

  • Guys I am also like to wear panties i have a lot of my panty pictures my email

  • Send your panty pictures... Here

  • Hi mike ialso wear nylon panties vanity fair love yhe soft feeling

  • I wear vanity fair black granny panties!

  • Yes I think so

  • I have also my pics if u want I will sent

  • You also sent

  • I will send for u

  • All this talk about panties....might be toy time.

  • Yeah i could start to play in my panties

  • I like to wear panties please I want join with u I'm not gay really

  • Me too, Very HOT!

  • Love it when you all talk about your panties it makes me so excited

  • Very nice. Pink thong with lace around the top

  • I'm wearing vs flowered cotton string bikini rt now

  • What panties are we all wearing today

  • Brazilian panties are so comfortsble

  • Victoria Secret cotton string

  • String bikini

  • Victoria secret cotton string bikini purple

  • I tried my wife's on when she was out and they was comfortable so I just went with that

  • How do you guys decide on the size you wear. Do you go according to the size chart of the brand you want to buy or do you go one size up from the size that the chart say you are?

  • It is a trial and error situation for years I wore (uk) size 10. By mistake I purchased a pack of size 8 they were a bit tight coming over thee hips but eventually sat their perfectly. Now I always buy size 8.

  • I bascically wear large in Victoria secret or extra large in other brands been wearing them since o was 7

  • Me also wearing panties i want to make friendship with u I am not gay sure

  • Would love to chat

  • Hi u like to chat

  • Ok get back to me my name is jay

  • I don't understand why women don't like a c*** in panties. How many of you
    Are from the UK?

  • Don't bother me either I love panties.

  • I often see a pretty woman and all I can think about is what kind of panties is she wearing. I bet they would look good on me!

  • I first tried Panties 2 years ago, Men's underwear was so uncomfortable and boring so I tried a woman's Hi-Cut style and fell in love with them. Since then I have worn nothing but woman's Panties. I now own over 30 pairs in all different styles and colors, some with lace and I have not had any more aches in my private area. sorry that this creeps you out but I don't think it is wrong for a man to feel his feminine side a little bit.

  • I want friendship with u i am not gay really I am also wearing panties

  • Would love friendship to

  • Not creeped out at all....Panties are great! Wear them all the time.

  • I first tried panties about 5/6 years ago my wife was out so I tried one of her thongs on to see what it felt like and was surprised how comfortable it was. After some years I told my wife and put a pair on to show her but she didn't like it. She knows I wear them at work and when she not in but not in front of her. take it your wife don't mind you wearing panties

  • Hi I'm a 54 yr old man married an I've been wearing panties since I was about 7urs old I wore them as a kid bc growing up with 3 sisters an very little money we all had to share when I first started to wear them bc I had I loved it rt away an have been wearing pretty panties ever since I don't know anything other than wearing girls lingerie and I have lots of them thanks for reading this if u want to respond get back to me sincere Jim

  • Hi sweety I had 4 sisters love their panty draw and love wearing their panties very much I felt so good in them

  • I love panties draws of women I love getting into their panties wearing them very much

  • I also buy me my own panties love buying

  • Hi Jim would love to chat

  • Hi it's Jim get back to me

  • Hi I am 60 and also love Panties, I have been wearing them for 2 years now, I love all of the colors and styles they come in. I find them to be so much more comfortable and how they give me much more support than any men's underwear ever did. I can't ever imagine going back to Men's ever. Let me know what you think

  • Cool and you keep going.

  • I am 60 too love buying panties and love wearing panties I been wearing panties for 10 yes or so started wearing my sister and had 4 of them

  • Hi it's Jim I agree with you 100pct

  • I have also my panty pics I want to join with u

  • Not been on sites like this before glad there are men out there that like wearing panties too. Can't stop thinking there is a man in a office wearing panties

  • I have been wearing Panties for 2 years now, I am 60 Yrs old and just find them very comfortable and I love all of the colors they come in.

  • Wearing my satin white bikini with a little bow on the front right now at the office. If they only knew!

  • I would wear panties all the time if I could. Love the feel of them against me and they turn me on too

  • Why would you want to wear mens underwear when the panties are so nice and such a turn on. They look great on me too.

  • I love wearing panties too. My wife don't like me wearing pantiesso would like to chat and hear your story's

  • I like to wear panties also I want join with u

  • Mine didn't either, so I now I only wear them to work and when she is not home. I have always liked the way they feel and how much more support they have over men's underwear. I like the Hi-Cut style and really don't care if they have lace or not but do love all the different colors they come in.

  • I love to wear women's panties, especially string bikinis. I have found some nice mens string bikinis that the wife likes me to wear. I would love to go shopping for women's underwear with her.

  • I wear mostly thongs everyday I love it


  • I just love wearing my sexy panties and bras, my wife and I shop together for my lingerie but the girls know they are for me fortunately on the slack I have a nice compact kit so can easily wear off the rack sets, I wear them everyday around the house but try not to c** in them but some precum cannot be helped
    It certainly appears that males wearing lingerie is a lot more common than one would think

  • I wear so called 'granny pants'. Really comfortable, and so much better than the 'underpants' on offer to men.

  • Hi I'm a straight married man 54 years old an I wear panties not granny style I wear bikini An string bikini Victoria secrets the best men's underwear suck I've been wearing panties since I was a teenager I used to get aroused when I wore but now I don't it's a normal part of my life reach out An get back to me

  • Show me

  • Hi it's Jim send me ur number so we can chat

  • I'm a straight guy, and love wearing panties!!! String bikini panties are my favorite style!!!!

  • Same here 😊. Love vanity fair string nylon panties

  • Ummm that indicates that you are very small in the private area or you would not be comfortable and adequately covered, nothing wrong with that baby but do you fully fill your partner ?

  • I wear womens panties everyday.. Satin only though really i love the feeling of it on my bits. Ive been wearing them 24/7 for the last 2 yrs and my girlfriend os completly cool with it. She likes the way thongs look on my ass and i do to lmao.... I love victoria secrets satin panties they always have the best silk but im limited in what i can wear because i need some room for b**** to lay comfortably in them all day... Thongs and bikinis are pretty much all i wear... Is there any fellow panty wearing guys with the same issue that can give me some suggestions on some good satin panty styles out there with some stretch or room for growth in them lol.... Thanks 👙😄

  • Sorry not panties look at oviously mens wear ,if u like having a buldge like i do go for it, i wear a c*** ball weight 24/7 , tried panties ,no support

  •! They are so amazing and any guy will fall in love with them. They have an entire page for men who wear panties that is very helpful, and the customer service is unmatched.

  • Thank you ill give them a try ive looked at the website before they do look nice...

  • I wear all kinds of panties. My female friend got me into wearing them as part of our mutual masturbation. And I have gotten very into them. All different types, especially lace thongs, lace bikini, and satin. It is now my big fetish. I really enjoy lubeing up my C***, then Stroking myself in them, for others to watch. Both men and women. Really enjoy taking photos and videos of me Stroking and Exploding in them. Lady friend Loves watching me. I even now enjoy watching males wearing and Stroking in them. It really turns me on, love knowing that I get men Hard watching me and women wet. Love the comments that are left on my pornhub page. Deepseated

  • Girls love when I wear my panties. First guy caught him wearing panties watches him every day and now I want him so bad

  • He watched me all day through the window wearing my panties. I got so hard getting caught wearing panties and now i want to wear my pantyhose and heels and watch him watch me. Love my lingerie and want my first d***

  • Do you stroke your c*** for him as well?

  • I found out last year that my BF of four years but best friend of 20 years wears woman's panties. it is not a sexual thing, they are just more comfy to him. ive encouraged him not to hid it as someone said clothes have no gender . Who cares! i rather enjoy going pantie shopping with him. to bad so society makes him feel ashamed or bad about himself like there is something mentally wrong.
    As a female i understand why men would want to wear sexy panties.

  • I wear mine to work

  • I know! Women have so many choices for cuts, colors, and fabric!! Why don't guys have these soft, sensual options?
    Even plain cotton, seems so much softer, as a panty, than a guy's brief! WTF??

  • I'm a man ur so rt there comfortable An pretty makes me feel great I wear them all the time

  • A person's choice in clothing does not make them gay. Gay is someone that is attracted to the same gender as themselves. I am a heterosexual male and enjoy wearing womens panties. I like the fabrics and the way they fit. I still have and still wear mens underwear but they are so boring compared to womens. Nobody has the right to judge other people. Ignorance and intolerance run rampant in todays society. We have the right to be who we are and do whatever makes us happy. If wearing womens panties makes other men happy, knock yourselves out! Buy many! Wear them with enjoyment!

  • SO PERFECTLY SAID!! Women have been wearing 'men's' clothes, shirts, pants, whatever, for so long!! What's the big deal if a guy likes the soft, sensual fabric of a nightie, or the soft cotton, better than 'men's' underwear?
    he's not gay, just maybe more interested in sensual comfort, and women seem to have that mastered, with their clothing!

  • I'm bi sexual and love wearing women's lingerie

  • I am straight and really get off wearing panties and Stroking in them for others to watch.

  • Clothes have no gender! Everybody can wear what they want. Girls wear trousers and shirts! Why can't men wear silky camis and sexy knickers? I am 100% male, I don't fancy other guys but I do love girls and their clothes! I wear feminine clothes sometimes and I love them. I underdress all the time. I am very happily married and have lovely kids. I have no hangups about my sexuality! If you are a girl reading this just roll with it. Guys who dress up are very good lovers and non judgemental, h*** you can even use it to your advantage!! (its called bribery. i.e. I'll let you wear knickers if you do the dishes!) Any way Remember the time you put your guy's shirt or jumper on when you were lonely?? It is no different.

  • I love wearing women's panties and have for over 30 years. Never hid it from GF or wife either, just the way I am. It's so much better than wearing our boring undies. Always had my own panty drawer and its fun to do and shop for them with the wife. Keep wearing those panties guys and don't be ashamed be a proud panty wearer.

  • I love shopping and wearing women's panties. I enjoy the feel, look, and shape. Gf has no issues with this.

  • I love wearing my own knickers is that a crime is their a women out there who will exepept that fact.

  • I love wearing women's lingerie

  • Pete lbe wearing girls knickers for 30 years l love going out in them at night and see peaple look at me when l have a pee .they said can we go somewere for a f***.

  • I'm 57 and i've been wearing panties for over a year now, My wife is ok with it as long as I don't do any more than that...I started wearing hipsters, But now I really like the feel of nylon brief panties. Nice to find a place I can talk about it and share with like-minded guys.

  • Panties are hot and sexy but pantyhose and sexy heels look and feel so good. You must try it. I love my pantyhose and heels. Can't wait to put on a show so John will accidentally catch me .he saw me in panties and watches every day.

  • But wearing pantyhose with your girlfriend, in bed, and the static electricity that builds, and then discharging that on sensitive places!! WOW!!
    Just cuddling, in bed, with her, and both of us in pantyhose, is really fun!!

  • I love warring sexy panties I have since I was 9 and was caught by my mom I have hot pink string bikini panties on now I am a older male but still ware panties all the time

  • I was caught by my aunt wearing her see-through g-string bikini panties at a young age. I have been buying and wearing my own all the time now thanks to her saying how nice I look in them.

  • I'm wearing a push up bra as we speak....Love the feel!

  • My wife hates me wearing my knickers (not hers) I still wear them though I love wearing them.hopefully one day she might get used to my little quirk in life,

  • I really love wearing my knickers,I even shave my genitals it feels so good wearing my knickers next to my shaved bits Especialy silk undies oh what a delight!.

  • Yes it does

  • I like the feel of a very tight lace thong. It is a turn on for me. I also wear crotch less panties every once in a while.

  • I love it.

  • I've been wearing knickers since I was 15,not to turn me on,but because I love wearing them

  • I love wearing my wife & 27yr old stepdaughters sexy knickers & stockings. There knickers are so skimpy they make me want to climb the wall all day. Absolutely love the feel of the slippery material sliding down my bum when I bend over. I also wear stepdaughters tight leather leggings too without knickers same as her. Can't beat that sexy free feeling that it gives.

  • Do you go in the hamper to get those skivvies

  • I have my own panty drawer just like the women do and love it.

  • Same here, I have a wonderful collection of bras and panties and they have their own drawer. I dress up for my girlfriend and we go shopping for panties with me dressed as a woman.

  • Do feel good don't they

  • I love wearing sexy nylon panties black ones and i have pink ones as well i also wear them to work but no one knows i have them on .

  • Love wearing panties an lingerie. we are becoming more aware that clothing worn between s**,s is ok

  • I love wearing panties

  • I also love wearing panties to at the moment I have on a black micro panties with white hearts I wear them because they feel great on my body.

  • Right now I am wearing a pair of purple lace thong, watching pornhub and getting very hard. Have lubed up my C*** and about to start Stroking

  • I just love wearing women's knickers I wear my own not my wife's .it is such a lovely feeling wearing them, more men should try it.

  • Even better is when they are totally OK with it, and you go shopping together!!



  • Nothing makes me feel better than coming home and putting a cute bra and panties on. I love how the material feels, doesn't matter if it's a nice soft pair of cotton panties or smoth silky ones. I also have some really cute nighties I love to wear.

  • It is a really good way to unwind, and relax, after a day at work!! i love changing into my 'Comfy' clothes, and sleeping in a little nightie!
    We all have a 'Male' and 'Female' side, so what, if I like to focus on my 'Female' side, to relax??!!!

  • Hey send pics. I got some

  • I have a total addiction to wearin women knickers. I can't help myself I just love wearing them 24/7 ,with a collection of 120 pairs I am spoiled for choice.mens undies are so boring.

  • All my dull men's underwear lay redundent in a drawer.Female undies are so superior and exiting,buying your own knickers is such a nice much coulour,patern and texture, Which you do not get with men's must be so lovely to be female.

  • Nothing wrong about being gay i love dressing up and can have s** with either a male or female i enjoy giving a man a b*** j**

  • That's what I like and I enjoy having pantys on and I enjoy having s** with gay men I'm merried to a wonderful woman

  • I have never done it but i would love to give a man b job while wearing panties

  • I have and it's wonderful to be treated like a woman.

  • I would love to do mutual masturbation with another male in Panties

  • When I was young I would dress up in some very pretty lingerie, wonderful panties, lace bras, garter belt, nylons, full slip, a silky dress, high heels, pearls and red lipstick. If I met a nice Man eventually I would end up in bed with him!!!...Just loved being treated like a woman and reminded of just how much a woman I am!!

  • It is a major turn on and feels so good to do like the ladies.

  • I am the same.

  • I myself love wearing panties,bras,stockings,suspenders tights and dresses i also have a couple of pairs of shoes. Whenever i go shopping with my wife she
    always drags me through the ladies department and shows me the suitable clothes she likes and quite often buys some needless to say in my size. She was not shocked the first time i put on her bra and that was 42 years ago.

  • What fantastic interest has been shown in this post, I have been wearing panties, bras and nighties for over 5 years mainly around the house, about two years ago my wife got me some suspenders, stocking and heels then two months after started making me up and putting a wig on every weekend it is so sexy I always get a horn which she releases by mouth, last weekend we got some blouses and skirts, I look pretty good and am preparing to go dressed in public

  • We have purchased a blouse and skirt for me and this weekend I tried my first outing dressed and made up, no one really noticed and I liked it so much, I am pretty good with the heels now and have a nice little bum wiggle

  • Wow so brave sounds good

  • That's great your wife is so cool.

  • Thank you she is just fantastic, we have terrific s** but the best is after she has made me up and I have a horn she goes down on me she is the best.
    Almost every weekend we now go somewhere with me dressed it is fabulous

  • I'm a guy over 50 who enjoys wearing women's lingerie. My wife tolerates it as long as I'm not too obvious. Black lace camisole and panties right now under jeans and a T-shirt.

  • Sounds like we have some things in common

  • Ever since I was little I preferred to wear panties. I love how it makes me feel to pull on a cute pair of pink panties.


  • Hi I luv wearin kickers

  • I getso h**** wearin my wife's knickers zee

  • I would like to dress up with make up and a wig but do t have the nerve to ask. I already wear camisoles and pantries to lbed with my wife


  • Its2017 get used of it

  • Right !!!

  • I, too, wear panties everyday and have for years. I love the feel and how they look on me. I even wear black bikini panties on the beach.



  • I am a perfectly ordinary person I love wearing knickers. So what is it harming anyone? No am I molesting children? No am I raping women? No I just love wearing knickers is that sutch a crime I don't think so what do you think?.

  • You are so right what is so bad about us men wearing knickers we are not comiiting a crime but would we be persocated in public? Yes would we be ridiculed? Yes. We are normal people.

  • I also wear panties to and for the record it Is no one business what I do in life after say that I do like wearing my panties all the time that is my opinion my favorite colors are pink and purple an black panties.

  • I agree with you I am also a pantie wearer lol I love all colors an I wear VS and ADORE ME bralletts an panties

  • I love panteas bar I would like to meat you

  • I too love to wear women's panties especially after they have been won by women and they have that feminine smell in them, i get so h**** just having them on, i feel so sexy.

  • Call me pink panties

  • I have just purchased some lovely knickers from m&s.purple whith a wide lace border at the back from the side seam to the gusset how lovely to feel that lace next to your skin.

  • The only time I wear mens underwear is when I go to the doctor. Have around 150 pairs of panties and my wife has bought and given some of hers to me. We have some of the same pairs that we will wear at the same time, its a lot of fun!

  • I don't bother with that. I mean, I don't wear pink, but something blue, or black, and he doesn't care!! The last time, the nurse had to stay in the room for some insurance reasons.
    she knew, and smiled, and I knew, she knew.
    She got to see everything, though she was just supposed to be entering whatever the doc said, into the computer. She 'peeked' a few times, and let me know she was 'peeking'.
    He left and she had to schedule my next appointment. she did that, and gave me a 'reminder card', but on the back side was her number, and a suggestive comment.
    I called, we met, and the rest is private!!! :)

  • Love to see u and your wife in matching panties

  • I also wear panties when I when to the dentist I enjoy wearing them all the time if possible I started wearing them in my twenties I can not stop my self from doing so I would not go back wearing men underwear.

  • Lucky you what a great wife

  • I love my boyfriend wearing knickers x

  • He is a lucky guy

  • I sure do

  • I secretly wear panties sometime and love them. This is new for me and I do wonder if others can see that I have them on sometimes.
    But I do love the way they make me feel and I love looking at them.

  • I also wear panties everyday I have my own draw full of them I wear bikini An string bikini panties

  • Me too. send me message back to chat more

  • Yes I am one of the other who wears panties all the time when I wear them it makes me h**** all the time also I am gay too.

  • Why has this site turned into a perverts page.Most of the men who subscribe to this site are ordinary men who love wearing knickers as I indeed do.I love. Hearing most of your comments. Why are so many people coming in whith sad commenrs

  • I started with thongs and then g-strings... but once I slipped into my first panty... I was immediately hooked. Now I'm buying Victoria's Secret panties regularly.

  • I like the Victoria secrets as well as the Calvin Klein thong panties!

  • I wear panties all the time because they feel great on my body and they make me feel sexy my favorite colors are pink and black lacy panties.

  • Would you love to wear them for me😍

  • I am new to wearing panties and just love the chance to wear them. I love the colors and feel.

  • Welcome to the club lots of guys like wearing myself just go ahead and enjoy

  • I also wear panties myself I have been wearing panties for the past two years and I would not go back wearing men underwear I enjoy putting on a pair of panties every day under my clothes when I go out in public life oh yes I am also gay.

  • Red LACE is hot also

  • Any guys or boys want o see m in cute panties you to all boys and guys can see my panties ilove to show them eneyone whowant to see

  • U show me an I'll show you I love all colors an floral panties an bra get back to me

  • I want to see them

  • ' white

  • I want to see

  • I want to see

  • Yes please

  • Email me you can see them whenever you want

  • Emailme at

  • Yes I want to see

  • Email me on

  • You can mail me on

  • I still do wanna see

  • Send them to me at

  • You can emai me and you can see my panties whenever you want

  • I love wear panties, I feel free in them, they feel so confortable , I wear them everyday.

  • I love wearing panties,,

  • I do too. I even have a pair of my neighbors cotton bikini panties that I stroke myself in, while thinking of f****** her triple "D" t***.

  • I have a whole draw full of VS PANTIES an Thongs, ALL THONGS an V- Strins

  • Likewise... I feel alive and happiest when wearing panties

  • Any guys or boys want to see my cute panties you can email me ilove to show my panties ilove girls panties ill show anybody my panties

  • Yes I would I also wear panties an bras I wear vs an adore me lingerie my name is jay

  • Anyone out there wear bralletts with matching panties text me back my name is jay

  • Thx jay

  • Plz get back to me

  • I would love to see your panties

  • Ok I'll show u text me ur number my name is jay I also wear panties an bras everyday

  • Let me see

  • Hi luv to see

  • Whats your email?

  • You can see my pantie whenever you want my

  • What kind of panties do you like to wear



  • I wear girls pinkones white cotton panties Disney panties hanna montanna panties high schoolmusical panties tinkerbellpanties princess panties

  • I like to wear bikini panties or sometimes thongs and also w lace.

  • I love wearing pantied

  • Hi I love wankin in them x

  • So do I lol xx

  • Any guys oys want to see my panties you can any giys or boys you can see mine

  • I would

  • You can emailme on

  • You can emailme on seemy panties

  • If any gys want to see my panties you can any guys boys who want to see mine you can ill even take them down if you ask me anybody wants to se a boy in cute panties i love to show mine

  • I would love to see them

  • Plzzzzzzz!

  • You can email me and ill show my panties

  • Ii love wearing girls panties i love pin hanna motanna panties hig schoolmusical panties

  • I love wearing girls panties I have worn my gfs all my exes and even my roommates I also like to wear bras during s**!!

  • I swear my daughter's panties.

  • Love wearing bikini briefs that hold my b**** and cup my c*** while they wrap around my ass and love when another man wearing panties and we play around jerking each other then blow our loads together

  • Jerking off now just thinking about it

  • Id love to do it for you

  • Love it

  • Well I see it like this if they enjoy it let them I own my own swimwear and honestly it's amazing I mean they are at least the most comfortable thing ever

  • Yeah it's really nice to wear the underwear as I've done on many occasions

  • I am a hetero only male who is very happily married. I keep all my body hair removed and only wear women's panties. I own all my own, I do not borrow from my wife. it let's me feel sexy and my beautiful wife says that I look sexy to her. she seems to prefer me in bikinis that are silky. I know that this not normal in our society but there are men that want to feel sexy to like me. I so desire to be sexy to my wife and be pleasing to her. men's clothing is just plain boring in comparison to womens. I also only wear women's jeans, a few of my shirts are women's (they fit better ). and to be honest I wish I could wear leggings, skirts, and real shorts, not the men have to wear today that go all the way down to our knees. I would like to be a man with more clothing options like women have.

  • I also wear woman's jeans, crop pants, slacks and shorts. Woman's bottoms are cut differnetly than mens, shaping the rear end nicer, seperating the cheeks. Thats why I prefer panties with a rear seam that molds right into the crack .It is also how you can tell if a woman is wearing a thong. I also get a bit brazzen, wearing only panties that have a lot of feminine decoration, especially on the leg openings that enhance the visibilty of panty lines that are visible when I bend over. I am more concerned about about my bra straps showing, but musdy sdmit that I have left a button undone when bra shopping and have been noticed by the cashier. No problem@

  • Yes the VPL is a side effect of wearing women's panties. Some of my favorites have a very visible panty line but that won't stop me. I feel we shouldn't be to concerned about it just be panty proud and wear what make you feel good.

  • I am hetero and over 60. I wear ladies bikini briefs from jockey. I like the fit as I have a small package.I buy my own.


  • I am a married man who loves to wear panties and lingerie in private. I have always had a compulsion to dress up as a woman. I can only get an erection if I am wearing a tight pair of panties. I only cheat with men ,I don't have any desire for females. WHY?

  • I am a married man who loves to wear panties. To be honest I wish I could wear leggings, skirts, blouses, bras, garters, real stockings, makeup, nail polish and shoes.

  • I like to see pictures of men in panties on the internet.

  • Ive just started to wear panty i find them really comfortable i like the material they are made out of had too many problems with male underwear mainly feeling itchy when ive worn them all day leaving red marks around my hips and waist so i went out and bought some panty to try them out im size 12 i went to our local marks and spencers and bought some high leg also i bought some bikini too i havent told my wife yet dont know how she will react but i also wear tights too she knows about that as i said i usd to wear tights years ago as the work i did was outside and at times it was very cold but the tights kept me warm

  • I have just started to wear them and have bought some of my own. What a rush! My wife would be mad if she knew but God I do love wearing them when I can.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 what the f@ck 👙👙👙👙

  • My wife buys mine, she loves me wearing them every day.

  • Why don t you buy then for your self i do go to wal mart i go thar and one line

  • I like to buy panties from Ross Dress for Less or other similar stores with reduced prices. Invite panties for silver dollar or sometimes $2 or $3 for multiple pairs.

  • I love wearing them, silky things are best. my wife also shaves my whole body and paints my toenails. She loves the look and feel and we have s** every night.

  • I love wearing panties at the moment I am wearing pink panties women do not have a desire for me and I think about men all the time.

  • Love it I've had a couple of guys with me as we wear nice and sexy panites and fondle each other, then as my c*** gets hard he goes down and gives me the best head ever!! and I give head the taste of precum is so sweet and then he thrust his c*** down my throat and unloads my GAWD I swallowed his whole load and it's freaking good then he puts me on my back and lifts my legs up to my chest then lubes up and then slides it in real gently then we make passionate love and I feel his c*** start to throb and then felt a BIG BLAST of heat deep inside me and then I explode all over his c*** and b****

  • I have had guys inside of me while showing off my panties in a public restroom then come all over the floor. Thete were other guys standing around watching at the at the same time w one ad a lookout. Physical jobs all the time won't shut off my panties in public restrooms.

  • The party that was supposed to be blow jobs not physical jobs.

  • You can see my panties whenever you want

  • Love to 💋

  • Email me and ill show you

  • What's ur email love to see u in them

  • You can see my panties when ever you like

  • You can see my panties whenever you want on

  • I would love to take those panties off of you and suck on your hard c*** till you shoot a hot load of c** in my mouth 💋

  • Im boy you can se my panties whenever you like ilove to wear pink ones

  • I would love to see you in them

  • Ou can emaiilmeand ill show you

  • Do you want to seemy panties you can emailme

  • You can see my panties wheneverr you want im a boy ilovewearing girls panties and knickers you can see mine

  • I used to be in the area can you text contact

  • I wish you lived in Orlando

  • I threw out the last of my extremely dull mens' underwear about five years ago and have worn nothing but ladies' knickers since. Most of them are black and not obviously panties, but some are very much the opposite. I love my Bonds shocking pink knickers and my purple and pink lacy Calvin Klein numbers.

  • My lady has an issue with body hair, so.... she decided I needed to shave. Then one night after removing her lace panties, she started rubbing all around my freshly shaved region. It felt incredible. Then one night while she was out I tried them on and sent her a selfie in full arousal. Now it has become a part of our intimate times. We both truly enjoy our new found play times. I do often wonder if that wasn't her intentions from the start, but don't really care at this point.

  • I wear panties, though not 24/7. I am divorced, my wife wasn't into me wearing panties so I did it secretly. I would wear hers and I had my own. That wasn't the reason for the divorce, by the way. I've had a fascination with panties since I was a kid. I started wearing my mothers' panties when I was around 10. I love how they feel. I love how nylon feels against my most intimate areas. For some reason, women feel as if they have a monopoly on "intimate", but its not true. I love wearing different, red, green, pink...I like classic bikini style panties, I don't wear thongs. I love seeing women in panties. I'd rather see them in panties than naked. When I don't wear panties, I wear skimpy men's bikini briefs. I've never been with a woman who was "into" my fetish.

  • I have just discovered my boyfriend likes wearing knickers,instead of being repelled by this I find myself strangely attracted to the fact.To be truethfull I feel quite h**** at the thought of him in knickers.

  • You are a good girl!

  • Thank you.x

  • Is it so wrong to wear knickers? I personely don't think so I have been wearing them for years.If you are a male and you like wearin lingerie good luck to you, follow your instincts and keep on wearing lingerie I will always continue wearing knickers and enjoy every second of it.

  • No it not wrong to wear panties if it feels right do so because I wear panties my self an it feels normal to meto wear them all the time.

  • I have just purchased some red knickers very lacy and silky whith a pretty bow and diamanté just above my manhood they are delight full to wear,M&S 3'for two great value.But they only just hold my package in.

  • I love to totally dress and give head

  • I've been wearing panties and bras for 20 years I used to do it cause I liked the way it looked on me totally straight until 2 years ago. Now I'm more interested in going down on a guy I guess because I get super hard when I think of sucking a d***. .

  • Let's dress up and 69!!!

  • You are so sexy when you talk about giving head👅

  • 😂

  • I want u to do that to me

  • Does any like to do that too

  • You can see my panties whenevery ou want

  • I would like to try it one day

  • Me too.

  • Show me how

  • I too love wearing sexy panties

  • Me to my wife bys them for me and bras makes me c** in them

  • I love wearing panties. I have all kinds of cute ones. And my wife is totally ok with it. We go panty shopping together yay

  • My wife and I have been panty shopping for over 30 yrs. I have over 200 pair

  • I have been with my wife for 25 years and she is fully aware I wear panties. She has even bought panties for me and we go panty shopping together also. She has known since we got together I have a major fetish for panties and other female clothing. Infact she knows about my panty drawer

  • I like wearing panty my wife to b is ok with it I'd for us to wear matching pants lady's how can l have her try this

  • My gf and I just went panty shopping and she even picked out matching panties for us.. I was totally shocked!! She has been very supportive since I told her my fetish..

  • I love wearing knickers I allways buy my own my wife's underwear is her own personal property I would never think of wearing her undies.

  • I love to wear my wife's panties and chat on gay webcam. There's a lot of married men that like men in panties there.

  • I adore panties

  • I do too want to trade pics?

  • You can see my panties whenever you want ilovewearing Disney panties girls white cotton panties

  • I am a male I simply adore wearing knickers I wear them 24/7 and enjoy every second.

  • Im a boy who loves wearing panties you can see minewhenever yo want

  • I wear them everyday And have done since i was 15

  • I have 3 older sisters and have worn panties since I outgrew diapers

  • Me to my wife makes me were them

  • Men's underwear is disigned to cover our genitals. Women's is designed for comfort,style and pretty colours.Is it any wonder so many men love wearin knickers I certainly do.

  • I'm married, but I only wear wife's panties when I meet guys in the woods
    They love my undies

  • I would love to meet you and make passionate love while you are wearing your sexy panties

  • How can we meet

  • I would like to see you in girls knickers and l would put my pink knickers on to .they are so sexy on me.

  • Im a boy you can se my girls pink panties ilove wearing them

  • I would love to meet up dressed in My stockings And panties

  • When

  • Hi i only wear women's underwear at night for s** with my wife stockings/panties/bra's suspenders/basques and baby dolls it really turns me on and i find s** better with them on , i,v been doing this for more than 30 years , sometimes i do wear out stocking's and suspenders under my jeans and very often panties as well , as long as it doesn't hurt anyone whats the problem
    jay from bournemouth

  • I also wear panties,bra and stocking at s** time my wife and I love it she helps me dress I have been doing it for about 1.5 years love it. The s** is a lot better for both of us she loves to see me dressed just thinking about it gets me hard.

  • I wear knickers, bra and tights daily to work and the gym

  • Try a gk gym leotard fold c## between your legs best feeling ever

  • Victorias secret everyday collection is the best for men i think. Its all i wear and the silk is amazing. Thongs and bikini cuts have enough room for everything and growth lol

  • I love Victoria's Secret!! They do definitely fit the best and when I do wear woman's panties that's all I'll wear!! Id say it's a 50-50 split between men's and woman's underwear..

  • I would love a pair of victoria secret but in South Africa Im straggling to find some. I did find Jockey Wonderbra and Platex

  • I also wear panties all the time I love wearing my black silk panties I new at a young age I felted different from than most males I started wearing panties in my twenties it feels normal for me.

  • Most sites have a size chart that can help you size it up. I wear panties and some of them my b**** will hang out on occasion or pens too but I love wearing thongs and boyshorts.

  • What would you recommend? Im new to this and need some help pleas. Can you recommend any brands, type of material and different cuts that will fit a male body the most comfortable and would be cool in summer time? How did you decide on the size?

  • Lots of considerations. Your waste size your hip size (men have smaller hips than women) my wife could not believe I fit into a uk size 8 but I find that size just right you wil have to try sizes and see wich will suit you.

  • Wear Delta Burke panties

  • I find the most comforable are warners, vanity fair, calvin Klien, m&s, chantelle, maiden form.

  • I love wearing panties it feels guld

  • I agree, they feel so good

  • MIDI knickers fit men best but high leg knickers as well

  • I have been wearing female knickers for 5yrs now tight lace thongs to fullcut grannie knickers I wear the all the time and lace hold ups and tights my wife even chooses some for me it feels so right

  • I ware women's panties guss it
    Feels like a women is on me
    Getting off

  • How many times has a girl worn your boxers? Same thing as guys wearing panties! I don't get why women care. My drive is huge when I'm wearing them

  • When you slip on a pair of pretty panties and put on a cute t shirt bra doesn't it feel good???

    So the question is

    Is it fair that only you get to feel like that ?

  • Omg yes I totally agree with you

  • No I just enjoy it

  • I love hot panties

  • So do I and wear hot panties 24/7

  • Today I have my hot pink panties on wright now an I love them on my body I would not change a thing when it comes to wearing my panties

  • Im a boy ilove wearing girls pink panties you can see mine

  • I so love the feel of satin and lace on my body,

  • I would love to be with you and play sexy games darling

  • I love wearing my panties because I feel normal in doing so it makes me feel sexy my favorite colors are purple, pink, and black panties.

  • I love black stockings and garter belts

  • I'd like to chat with you about wearing panties....

  • You can see my panties if you want anytime

  • You can you can se my pantie whenever you wan

  • Hi there I am looking forward to seeing you

  • Do you want to see my panties

  • You can see my panties whenever you want you can email me

  • You can email me and ill show you my panties

  • What's ur email cuz I want to see them on u

  • You can see my panties my email is

  • How??? Cuz me to

  • Do ou want to see my panties youcan emailme

  • I love wearing panties. They make me feel pretty and feminine. The more lace the better.

  • Same with me. I love pink especially. It makes my butt look good.

  • Lingerie nos no gender Lingerie was designed 2 make the person wearing it feel good about themselves I understand they were made 4 ladies so they wont fit me right everytime but im not trying 2 be a woman im not trying 2 degrade or belittle or look better in lingerie than the ladies in my life (Look it makes me h**** as F#ck)

    Im not wanting 2 transition 2 a girl & im not looking 2 have s** with men but finding a girl who loves lingerie 4 a start is hard enough 2 find let alone a female who loves (Or doesn't care either way) about a male who wears lingerie

    Understanding & openness with your partner are key here From the outset I said 2 my current partner I dont do pi$s sh#t blood pain or vomit but im open 2 anything else u want 2 bring up or into our relationship

    Ladies Men are shown in books print media p*** tv & the internet from a very young age that lingerie is 4 females & when they wear in its usually 2 attract a s** partner(Weather that be male or female)

    Ill give u one of the best examples i can think of off the top of my head

    Ferris Buellers Day Off star Mia Sara at the end of the movie in the pool wearing a sexy silky teddy(I myself have never met a 16 year old girl who wears a silky teddy under whatever school clothes she wears let alone does this purely 4 the benefit of the man in her life)

    Dont remember the movie or the part im talking about

    Refresh your memory The media is plugging us as soon as our hormones kick in & we associate s** & attraction to the opposite s** this way

    Lingerie 4 men is no more than a sexual release 4 most men & the quicker the females of this world accept & embrace this we can all move on to better & more fulfilling s** lives

    If everyone could lose the hangups the world would be a more understanding place

    Im open 2 questions & criticism from males & females More talk on the subject promotes better understanding & less violence in the community

  • I really am saddened by the fact that I male I would really love to wear knickers without the bulges. Oh how I wish I was a female and have periods along with all other experiences women endure.

  • Wow I feel exactly the same I wished I was a women and went through everything like periods and been taken by a man

  • As my therapist says, "eventually we all get to wear the underwear we want."

    I'm an LGBT bi-male, 60, in shape. I wear my knickers every day, and like you, I try to match them with what I'm wearing. Let's be stylish, yes?

    The only two times anyone noticed where a) when I made out with a guy behind a bar, unbuttoned my shorts, and invited his hand to wander south. The other was bringing home first guy after the divorce and I honestly never thought about it. We ripped our clothes off and f*****. Then we slept.

    In the morning we got up, and I got dressed as I always do. He saw my white print cheekinis and said quietly, "that's hot." I stuck my ass out and laughed. We made breakfast.

  • I really love wearing my knickers my wife does not,l am adamant though I will stick to my guns. It is not as if I wear her knickers they are my own.things have got to change.Am I being to predantic?.

  • I am a man who loves wearing knickers so what I have a strange quirk in my life I love wearing my knickers is that so wrong.I wear knickers because they really are comfy to wear more men should try it the feeling of lingerie next to.your skin is so sensationally,you really have to try it to believe it

  • Good on you. Enjoy.
    I don't wear or own any other forms of underwear apart from knickers,Gstrings and thongs.
    I love wear them and my wife loves me wearing them too and to me,that is the main thing.
    My knickers,Gstring and thongs are designed for me personally by two lovely understanding women, yes women.
    I will never go back to wearing men's underwear.
    So to all you males out there, who like me, love wearing feminine underwear such as knickers,Gstrings and thongs, life is too short so enjoy why you can.

  • I have a small p**** and b**** panties feel tight great

  • I started wearing panties in college. I was trying some on when my roommate unexpectedly came in. He smiled, came over. We made out, til he pushed me to my knees. I really enjoyed giving my first blow. Then i got spun around for an 8 inch visitor. Have enjoyed shopping and dressing since

  • I've searched for years for nylon panties that fit my size 10 (3XL) & that are comfortable fits in the crotch area. I think I've discovered these in the Pleasing Panties style PP004-100% Nylon Sheer Brief Panty. These are so sheer that they are nearly transparent. They come up above your belly button but the way the elastic leg holes are cut they don't ride up into your crotch & instead fit comfortably around your upper thighs leaving plenty of room for your package. The fact that they are very sheer appears to allow the ventilation you need. Highly recommended even at $10 per pair. Come in several different colors.

    For newbies I strongly suggest consulting a panty size table on the net after taking your measurements with a tape measure. These folks don't accept returns, so make sure you're buying your correct size.

  • Another nylon panty in my collection that fits great is the Bali 2633 Skimp Skamp Brief. A lot of guys on Amazon give it great reviews. As I type this I'm wearing one & it feels wonderful next to my skin & private parts.

  • I have 90 percent knickers, some circumstances I have to wear men's undies (which I hate) most of the time I wear pretty couloured knickers which I dearly love.why can't more men try it,and try to understand the joy of wearing lingerie.

  • Am I a girl at heart? I do not know I just love wearing knickers.I am male but I really love wearing women's knickers, is that so bad?

  • I think it great

  • I too am a girl at heart. I love squeezing into tiny panties that fit so tightly. I also love buying panties and telling the assistant that the panties are for myself. The reactions are normally positive and I have been helped into some petite panties on many occasion - much to our mutual benefit. If there is anything that feels better than my hard c*** in lace panties while being caressed by a naive assistant I do not know. I often visit one particular lingerie boutique and Jo the owner simply get wait to get her hands on my c***.

  • Where is this shop

  • I too would love to visit that shop!

  • I can't tell you exactly where the shop is - but it is in north London. I went panty shopping there today and Jo was her usual hands on satisfying self. Jo squeezed me into the tinest panties possible. Caressed my lace encased c*** bent over and urged me to unload myself over her petit tiny legging wearing bottom. When done Jo got her assistant to clean her leggings as I got hard again. Jo then advised I would look great in even smaller panties and between Jo and the assistant Danielle managed to get my 9 inch c*** into a pair of U. K. size 8 panties. Days don't come much better than this ! Yes I am going back tomorrow - Jo is a star ! You have to find her ! An experience you will revisit time after time ! With her blond pony tail and pert bottom and thoroughly hands on approach what's not to like ? Good luck hunting.

  • You are having a laugh my dream come true this is my absolute desire turning me on I want to go there and get me some sexy knickers and have a play

  • Lucky you, where's the shop

  • I have 8 different nighties and over 100 pairs of panties been married for over 33 years my wife dose not really like it but she does tolerated I cant sleep at night with out wearing my lingerie the comfort is incredible I believe every male should try on a pair of panties then you would understand.

  • What is the big deal they are knickers they are just fabric arranged differently than men's underwear.knickers are far more supierier to wear in comfort, style and choice of colour.why can't us guys wear them,they are just lovely to wear. Come on guys if you have not tried wearing knickers you are missing out.

  • You are so right what is so wrong which us guys wearing knickers I personally wear them 24/7 and as you say they are more comfy and have prettier coulours plus style.l will never go back to wearin boring men's underwear.

  • You are so right I wear knickers everyday I just love all of the different types

  • I've been wearing sexy panties for years and my wife and I think I may be a f**! I just started watching p*** lately and really notice the men a lot more then ever I do think I would do naughty things on my knees for a strong man.

  • I love this .ive tried my gf's panties a few time's lately and really want some of my own to wear regularly. I just love the feeling of it.

  • You really must go out to your local retailer and buy your own underwear I have. and have pleasantly surprised myself.wearing female undies really does feel really nice.

  • Go fit for it you won't regret it

  • OMG you are turning me on doll

  • I'm a grown man married love wearing panties and sometimes bra only at the house only at s** time my wife also love me wearing them. She like to dress me and make me walk around the room in them love it . It was hard for me tell her a liked panties till one day I asked her if I could wear some of hers and she asks if I was gay or what. I explained to her that I wasn't put I like the way they feel on her and I would like to try them ask I while she let me and still going. Love it

  • How lovely.
    My wife loves me wearing my knickers/panties, Thongs & Gstrings.
    To me, that is the main thing.
    I love the feel of them and my lovely wife loves the feel of them on me and rubbing up against her.

  • Yes it is lovely and same to you, isn't it great that our wife agree mine love to rub all over me to thanks for the comment

  • Good

  • Your more than welcome.
    carry on enjoying.

  • In answer to the Initial questian above ok you are a pretty girl who does not like men wearing knickers (panties) . Not all of us m********* into them,I personally would not dream of staining my lovely undies.l love wearing underwear which has more Style colour,patterns and texture than men's undies l really hope this response will help you understand why lots of men like wearing say you are a kinky girl go a stage further and date a guy who wears knickers you might be surprised how sensitive he really is.

  • I wear panties, hold-up stockings, camisole and slip under my dull day clothes, wife happy with it and some female colleagues have noticed and are totally cool. Have been doing this for 15 year, feels fantastic.

  • Love 2o see your panty pic

  • You can see my panties wheneveryoulike

  • Wow

  • Do you want to see my cute panties you can

  • Do you want them

  • Do you want to see my cute panties you can see mine when ever you want

  • My wife told me her Mom said I was too pretty to be a boy. I was like really but deep down I wanted to see myself as a girl. I went to a store in Orlando on Mills ave. and had the lady give me a make over. When she applied the makeup, wig, bra and panties was ready to explode. OMG what a feeling. To this day I don the silky undies and fantasize of taking care of my sexy guy💋

  • Sounds like so much fun

  • I wear ladies knickers (panties) 24/7 I really love that experience . Is,that so wrong I am married to a wonderful and pretty woman what could a guy ask .i just whish she would exept the fact that I like wearing knickers.

  • Give her time and who knows she might start to except the fact that you love wearing feminine designer underwear.

  • Thank you for your coments,my most ferverent wish is that my lovely wife would go out and buy me a multi pack of knickers.

  • Hi I'm a girl who started dating a very hetero day I found a bra strap in his bed and assumed he was cheating. He proceeded to explain that he loved wearing women's undergarments. That was a year ago and somehow our relationship has progressed in comfort and trust to the point wear I often surprise him with new lingerie. It took time and a little getting used to but he's my best friend and I am aware of the courage it takes all of us to disclose the most personal parts of ourselves. I have found in return I have also been more able to share my own thoughts or desires. It's like we broke down a wall of stigma which is often exhausting for men and women to live under. We're now better friends and much much better lovers. Life is short be yourself and trust the one who loves you to want you to be the most authentic version of you

  • Brilliant ...I am 50 this month and have suppressed the female in me up to this point ..2 long term relationship s behind me and never had the b**** to be honest and disclose my true self ..I feel like I have wasted all these years trying to be someone other than myself ..I am now sitting in my flat on my own in some very pretty attire ..I feel like I felt when I first wore lingerie at age 10 or so ...I feel like me .and I feel free .. hopefully in time I will meet someone as open minded as you are a breath of fresh air and ur guy is so lucky ..all the best P

  • Love this post good for you

  • That is a really lovely statement your guy is a really lucky person if your relationship fails (hopefully not) I would really like to know you however good luck.

  • I dont own any other form of underwear apart from knickers,panties ,thongs and gstrings.
    im a married man and i love wearing my knickers. plus. and my wife also loves me wearing my knickers and my other design of feminine underwear and to me thats tge main thing.
    it is lovely when you have a wife or girlfriend who excepts that you like wearing knickers and other fiminine underwear.
    so to all you men out the or, like me , love to wear knickers, enjoy, i most definity do.

  • I think you mean "accepts", not excepts. Yes it is great when you can be yourself

  • I am lucky my girlfriend loves me wearing panties. She will often present me with tiny sexy, feminine panties that are oh so tight. I realise that they are not intended to cater for the male genitalia and it is a real squeeze to fit. But the feeling is intense and I soon get very hard stretching the panties to the limit. The girlfriend gets so turned on and I will leave the rest to your imagination. Needless to state I am now wearing a size 8 (U.K.) pair of lace panties and I am positively bulging, not easy being 6 foot 3 !

  • To me, that is tge main thing.
    my wife is the same.
    its lovely when you know that you have their support and backing.

  • I am not gay in any way, but I love wearing women's panties; they fit and feel so much better than the bland things that are available to men, although sometimes there is a problem with fitting my package into the panties. Even when that happens, it still feels sensual and sexy if somethings are hanging out of the sides of the panties. I just think that so much more effort has gone into creating sensual undergarments for women than there has been for men, although there are some new places lately that are catering to men in this regard, and I like their underwear, too.

    I don't wear women's panties because I am some sort of sexual freak; I wear them because I like the way they feel and make me feel, and I don't have a problem being a man and saying that.

  • Good on you.
    i agree knickers are a lot more comfortable than plain old mens pants.
    carry on enjoying, i do.

  • I also am a 25 yr old straight male who weres womens panties. Only silk though becuase it feels amazing. Me and my girlfriend go into victoria secret and get them for both of us. Lol. It feels amazing. Im wearing a thong from victorias secret right now.

  • I am a male who really ioves wearing knickers what is wrong whith that their are plenty of other males who also love my passion for wearing women's underwear why then should we pursocateted for the fact.

  • I want to dress real sexy and give a cute guy some oral love💋

  • Oh I would just LOVE that, and I would dress just for you, mmmmm, can't wait!!!

  • It such a lovely experience on this website to express your feelings about wearing women's underwear I find it lovely wearing my pretty knickers,it is so comforting to know other men feel the same way, I wear my knickers 24/7 and would never go back to wearing men's underwear. Feeling girlish is so fantastic.

  • I want guys to feel how wonderful I feel when wearing sexy panties. So get shopping and enjoy

  • I shall never regret my decision to wear sexy panties

  • I love it when men talk about there first time wearing panties and stealing them when there dirty

  • Me2

  • Yes it is lovely to be in contact men who like me love wearing knickers/panties including thongs and gstrings.
    we all have our own individual opinions which i think is great.
    so all of you carry on wearing you lovely knickers/panties and enjoy, i most definitely do.

  • Mmmmmm, and me too, black knickers 24/7, love it.

  • Love pink knickers I wear any ones I'm kinky want my wife to f*** me she calls me jenny I got loads off panties

  • I love wearing women's panties. They feel great and much better than ours.

  • I use to steal my sister in laws panties now I have a lot and been stealing from clothes line. I have so many panties that makes me wear them in my sleep and play with my h******

  • I also wear panties all the time I love silk panties at the present time I am wearing black thong panties I have always wanted to wear panties now I can and they feel great on my body I well never go back wearing men underwear.

  • My first panties wasfull cut briefs and they were my sisterin laws and today I steal them to wear and play in them

  • Hi

    I am a middle aged professional Guy wear all kind of women panties such as Thongs, Bikinis, boy shorts, G Strings for Love, Fun & excitement.....& wearing daily to my office since last few years.

    I had beautiful sexy women panties in my wardrobe & currently counting @ 69pcs...

    In my personal view, women panty's are very thin, lovely colours, fine fabrics and plenty of variety's are available in market.
    I also started to wear beautiful sexy bras off late recently and enjoying very much at home during night time!
    My wife also encourages me quite well....

    Conclusion: By wearing sexy women panty's ... it will increase s** appetite, s** drives and overall s** quotient...!


  • I agree with you about wearing panties at the present time iam wearing panties with hearts all over them I wear panties ever were I go the only place I do not wear them is the doctors office my flavor colors are pink and black panties thongs.

  • I bet you look Devine in them

  • I think it is so relaxing wearing knickers, panties, thongs and gstrings.
    i i dont wear any other forms of underwear aprt from knickers,panties, Thongs and gstrings.i love wear these types of lovely underwear and i will never go back to wearing mens pants.
    at this present time,i am wearing my fravourite pair of knickers, my lovely nylon,lace skirted thong.
    They really are lovely and feel lovely and comfortable too.
    so all would like to say to all the men out there, that like me love wear knickers, lifes too short so enjoy.

  • Today i went to wall mart and bought 8 new pairs of women panties... i m a 31 yr old male... very attractive and clean cut. you would never in a million years think that under my nice clothes are sexy lacey panties... i find it kinky as h*** and sometimes try to show them when I'm in public to random women... i really like the girliest types too. like pink princess stuff with lace and whatnot.
    the other day i had on a suit and had some bright pink barbie lace panties on and bent over in front of a couple girls in the isle in hopes they would catch a glimpse. they did and emmiedily started giggling and talking to each other about me... made me feel good ;)

    im not gay at all nor do i think about men sexually... ever... i just get off h****** secretly wearing naughty panties

  • I have to agree with you. Even though I have been wearing panties 24/7 for the last 20 or so years, I never wore pink panties or panties with lace on them. Because I very seldom find panties in an orange color, I was so happy to find some in a "sunrise pink" which looks a lot like the color orange. They have lace going around the entire waistband. I not only purchased six of those panties alone but now own every color of pink I can find that I like as well as lot of panties with lace on them. After all, who is going to see them but me? One day at work, while bending over to pick up a box, two gals were behind me and as they walked by I over heard them saying.."he is wearing panties"! I was a little embarrassed because I have always made sure that they don't show above my waistline. When I got home, I bent over in front of a mirror and sure enough...."you could definitely see my panty lines.". Because I was wearing a thin pair of slacks, you could not only see the panty-leg lines but ALSO the distinctive panty line that goes across the rear of the crotch area. Just a few days ago, my neighbor was working on her yard and she bent over while wearing a very thin skirt and sure could see the SAME panty crotch lines that my co workers had seen on me as well. Now I plan on wearing these slacks more often! BTW, if your panties are a little tight, you can be sure that the panty lines are a little more visible! I do love looking at women's panty lines!

  • They are so much more conformable than men's under wear. plus they are really sexy.

  • I am a hetrosexual man I love my wife dearly, I also love wearing my knickers not hers I wear my own. Is that so wrong? am I so abnormal? What do you think.

  • I love wearing ladies knickers I have a drawer full of them all colours and styles mainly high leg my favourite ones been the all over lace ones.
    My latest idea is wearing a pair of knickers and a pair of thick opaque tights and a dark sweatshirt and nothing else I get really turned on enough to m********* myself oh yeah.

  • I think some women get freaked about a guy wearing a bra aswell, i don't see the problem with it, men do wear underwear, it's probably more common than some think.

  • Oh how I love wearing women's knickers they feel so comfy to wear.they have so much more styl,colour and patern than men's underwear which does not compete I am not gay I do not have a transgender issueI just love wearing women's knickers.

  • How can wearing panties be bad,if they make men feel good! Every one deserves happiness!

  • Here, Here!!!! I agree 100%, been wearing knickers 10 years myself! The wife,s all for it!! Love it!!

  • Wearing underwear is fun, it's not harming anyone if that is what you like.

  • Women like are under wear.and wear them. Why not switch?

  • Oh what a lovely experience it is to wear women's knickers they hug your contours and feel sexy.I am a male and I really love wearing lingerie.other men should try geting in touch with their femenin side.try it is really lovely.

  • I look forward to putting on my panties for work. I see the babes at work and think I bet mine are more beautiful than yours. I simply love wearing them

  • I am a male who wears women panties and nightgowns to bed at night I stated first wearing panties when I was in my twenties an it felted normal to me panties feel better on my body I can not see myself going back wearing men underwear any more plus it makes me feel sexy.

  • I bet you are adorable in your sexy lingerie

  • I started to wear ladies knickers very young my mum kept my secret as I have very very little in the men's department I can wear my knickers same as any woman not showing anything between the legs I now wear very tight ladies jeans over my lovely Lacey knickers I get quiet a few looks form ladies as I don't look any different from them in the crutch area not only do I wear ladies knickers but also ladies jeans tops shoes handbags and bracelet I just love anything feminine

  • I have worn knickers for several years now, following a recommendation by a nurse after a minor medical procedure.

    I find more comfortable, cool and supportive than typical male underpants. As they lack a double front a vertical pantyliner may be helpfulfor addition hygiene

    Plain high leg nvp microfiber knickers fit me well and can look similar to male

  • I wear ladies knickers because they are so much prettier than men's one's especially nice pink Lacey knickers

  • Oh I totally agree

  • I was shopping in tesco last Saturday when emptying my trolley the lady at the cash out said you are showing your ladies knickers over your ladies jeans she actually compliment me on my choice of knickers she was very interested in my wearing knickers as I explained I have been wearing them all my life

  • I just love wearing knickers my wife does not approve but I have noticed she has a crafty look at my genitals women's undies do compliment your contours.I will despite her disapproval carry on wearing my knickers.

  • I have been wearing ladies knickers for 57 years I started when I left school I just love the prettiest of ladies knickers my wife tolerates it I also wear ladies jeans camisole tops and carrying hand bags

  • Have been wearing panties since I was in second grade. Boy put his sister's in my gym bag and I tried them on in secret at home. Rest of time I was growing up I would wear my sister's when I could. Occasionally wore my wife's after we were married. Bought my own while on a business trip 20 years ago and have been wearing them off and on ever since. I prefer size 8 ones, usually cotton or microfiber; ones I can wear under my men's clothing. My wife and kids found them a few times and originally joked about it, but I confessed that I like to wear them when I exercise (they move better than men's underwear). Low rise briefs, briefs, or hi-cuts are usually more comfortable than men's boxer briefs. Not as much a fan of bikinis or thongs but I will occasionally wear them. I simply like the feel of being snug while wearing little.

  • Just love wearing lingerie my wife also likes me in panties, bras and nighties around the house, she somtimes grabs my nuts and c*** from behind and will not let go, squeezes real hard and pulls me around the house backwards she loves doing that usually ends up with me in her butt humping on the lounge room mat

  • This is love to hear.
    my wife likes mecwearing my pantues/knickers too.
    its lovely to have a understanding wife.

  • I have no issue with gender alignment I happy to be a male but I do love wearing knickers.They have more style,colour and patterns than boring
    Men's undies, and if you get the fit right they are more comfortable.I wear a UK size 8 they fit perfectly.

  • I cannot agree more I am also happy to be a man but I to love wearing knickers they really are more comfortable to wear your gender does not come into it knickers really are lovely,to wear.

  • Very well said.
    i will not wear any other form of underwear apart from soft and sexy pantirs/knickers.
    i dont care what others think,
    so to all the males out tgere who like wear feminine underwear. carry on enjoying wearing them,i most definitely do.

  • Wearing womens knickers is like swimming in the NUDE!! Heaven!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wear womens panties about 50% of the time. I absolutely love them. I'm happily married, 2 beautiful kids and my wife is (almost) accepting of it. I don't think I am doing anything wrong and wont stop.

  • Im happily married and have a lovely Wife and Daughter.
    i eear knickers,panties, thongs and gstrings all the time.
    they all specially designed for me but some lovely ladies,yes ladies.
    im glad to hear you love wearing your knickers,like i do.
    so if you enjoy wearing these types of underwear, then therevis no need to stop.
    life is too short so carry on doing what you enjoy doing.

  • I am in a similar position I wear my knickers 24/7 my wife is (almost) accepting the fact.stick to your guns,you are not doing anything wrong.since when has wearing knickers (panties) been a criminal offence.

  • Same experience for me. Wife is still adjusting, but supportive.

  • Additional, I wear bras too....

  • I wear panties ,bra, suspender belt and stockings covered by a pretty dress so comfy and feeling of freedom

  • I wear Playtex bras 24/7 !!!!

  • I wear a cross your heart occasionally with silicone implants. Really comfy

  • Yes i sometimes do as well .Agree entirely

  • I really love wearing women's knickers so what I am a male I have not murdered somebody why then I feel so pursecuted.

  • I love wearing panties love to meet a guy who feels the same

  • You can see my panties anytime illshow you mine

  • Love to met you

  • Do have pic of u wearing panties .

  • Do you want to see all my pictures

  • Do you want to see mypanties ill show id love someone to tellme im naughty take mine of get them converskated you can take them

  • Do you want to see all my pantie pictures

  • You can see me in my panties if you want

  • Do you want to see my panties you can

  • Yes do you want to see my cute panties

  • Do you

  • Oh I would love to meet a guy and we could both put them on and see where it leads💋

  • Lipstick c..k rings in panties ?

  • You sound fun :o) where are you based ?

  • I have worn panties for years. I could never wear make underwear again. Panties are so pretty and comfortable

  • Oh me either. Panties are so sexy and makes me feel like I want to perform for a cute guy

  • I really love wearing them to and I would love to talk about it with someone else who loves them to

  • Im a boy ilove to wear girls panties ilovethem

  • Would love to chat about wearing sexy panties but how do we get together?

  • Do you want to see my panties we can show you my panties if you want you can have my emailif you want

  • That is what us the good thing about being on here.
    we all have the same fetish which we all love doing and no matter what anyone else thinks.

  • I wear panties all the time. I don't have any male undies. I have been wearing them for years. They are so comfortable and lovely colours too

  • I would like Ljubljana to talk to you I like wearing panties

  • Hi, I just LOVE wearing black knickers,(full brief). They feel so soft, smooth and stretchy,mmmm,a lovely feeling. I have several pairs and wear them 24/7,they feel soooo comfortable, simply divine.

  • I really hate wearing both black and full briefs high leg even bikini briefes are far better especially whith pretty colours like pink,lemon or orange.

  • I agree. I too love them 3 colors as well.

  • I would love to chat to other guys how do we get in touch I have been wearing ladies knickers ever since I left school

  • I suppose we could swap email


  • Would love to talk to you

  • How about swapping panties

  • Would love to swap panties, as I have done that in the past!

  • Send me your pic of y wearing some

  • Yha that's sounds good

  • Good for you, and why ever not ? I am exactly the same as you and get so much enjoyment and pleasure from wearing lovely soft, smooth, stretchy black knickers. Long may we continue doing what we do, I just LOVE it!!!.

  • I like wearing womans panties as well

  • U let me know how

  • I wish I new there are so many men enjoying wearing knickers and other stuff I wish I could talk directly to them

  • Mmmm, you can talk to me anytime, I am a black knickers lover/ wearer 24/7.

  • I feel the same I just love the way they feel on me turns me on alot

  • I do love them as well I love for my wife to dress me and have great s** after

  • I love wearing them to

  • Love wearing panties and lingerie. my deceased wife approved. found a occasional person to share it with, my fifty year old stepdaughter. no s** but she will make me up and wear undies during it. just someone to share it with.

  • Kind of taboo... and that fees good, they are so soft and silky that they tend to get the body wound up in short order. My wife goes with me to purchase them, from a variety of sources. I prefer the full cut brief, Bali Skimp Scamp, and Jockey no panty line both fit well . A bit of a turn on and comfortable to boot.

  • Fantastic web site being able to express your feelings about your love of wearing lingerie is so good I really love it I really love wearing women's knickers and would not go back to wearing boring men's undies

  • I fully agree with you because I also wear panties an I can not go back wearing men undies at the present time I am wearing black silk panties I well not go back wearing men undies

  • I am wearing white silk and lace such a turn on

  • I love them to at work wish I could be wearing them to the silk and the lace just feels so good turn me on to

  • I am a 44 old male. I've been wearing panties and bras for about 10 years now. My current wife and I go shopping all the time for both of us. I have even started wear lingerie under my clothes when I'm working. I have been wearing lingerie under my clothes for fun. I also let my wife pick what she wants me to wear. It's fun for us both.

  • Any men who have not tried wearing knickers are missing out try it it is a lovely experience.I tried it and was really hooked I now wear them 24/7.

  • I am a straight male and love wearing female lingerie, my wife adores seeing me in panties, bras and nighties I am starting on suspenders, stocking and heels, occassionally she will make me up and put a wig on, I feel so sexy I always get a horn at these times, she loves it and handles me, we are so much in love

  • That's great how did you get her to let you put on a wig and makeup. My wife buy's me panties and just recently she took her bra off while we were having s** and put it on me loved it so did she. We went out next day and she bought me one.

  • That is so hot. You have a sweet understanding wife

  • Yha I do love her

  • I am beginning to think that as I wear laides knickers the same as every body here I seem to be the only one. That carry's a handbag and purses

  • I have always worn laides knickers I have now started to carry laides handbags and purses I just love anything that is feminine looking I just think that woman's things are so much nicer than men's

  • I Love going shopping in my ladies jeans / knickers Cami top handbags and glittery bracelet

  • I have always steered clear of women's short briefs thinking they are to Mutch like boxers.I was really surprised by the way they hug your body they really are lovely to wear.

  • I love wearing panties especially when they ride up my ass a little

  • Mail me

  • Society is so prejudiced against us guys who love wearing women's underwear I don't give a damn I prefer to wear my knickers I am straight .I love wearing knickers,is that a problem? I don't think so because I love wearing my lingerie.

  • I had a friend who recently passed away who started wearing ladies panties at age 13 or so and never stopped until he died. He claimed the silky briefs were much more comfortable than those usually worn by guys. One day when I was over to his house for a visit, he talked me into trying on a pair of his panties, to my surprise, they were everything he claimed them to be. I became excited right now because of how they felt, & wondered what it woud be like to be spanked wearing a pair of them. Wow...what a fantasy !

  • I love wearing women's knickers they hug every curve and are more flattering, men's underwear are so boring and drab.

  • I wear panties my self an I agree to the fact that panties they are more curve on my body then men underwear. I love wearing pink panties all the time at this moment I am wearing pink panties I can not see wearing men underwear again.

  • My wife likes seeing me in panties, bras, suspender, stockings and heels I am always dressed that way at home, I wear nighties to bed, our single younger female neighbour sees me through the kitchen window and comes over for a coffee that I serve, she thinks it is cute, I am straight just love the feeling of female wear, occassionaly my wife will make me up and I always get a giant erection she loves that and gives me a nice b******

  • I have just got,used to my husband wearing knickers I am getting quite turned on seeing him in mini briefs in fact I feel myself getting quite wet at seeing him in his knickers.

  • I am not gay, but I love to wear lingerie and m*********. it just feels good.

  • So good

  • It is really nice to hear all you lovely people admitting to wearing women's underwear as indeed I do I love wearing pretty coloured knickers especially pink.

  • My love pink to I got pink knickers and camisole tops band even my purses are pink

  • Good for you I am the same I have now started to carry laides handbags and purses as I Love the look of them just got my last lot of knickers from Freeman's lovely purple tanga knickers

  • I glad that I am no the only person that loves to wear pink panties I all so love the color black panties I enjoy going shopping for my panties at stories I can not see me wearing men knickers. I feel normal with my panties on me I am wearing black silk panties at the present time.

  • Am I really so abnormal wearing my knickers I love wearing them so what is wrong with a man wearing lingerie.more men should try it,if you have not tried it you must not knock it.

  • No there is nothing wrong with wearing women's lingerie or clothing,if you like it stick to it

  • I'm with you. Wearing knickers is something that I've only begun recently but I'm delighted that I did. I love their feel, especially lacey ones.

  • Now you have started to wear laides knickers I'm sure you won't go back to men's ones I have worn laides knickers for as long as I can remember

  • I am so happy my wife is excepting the fact that I love wearing female panties.whitha bit of luck she might go out and buy me some.high leg,or bikini briefs please.

  • My first love of my life is my iovely wife, my second is wearing my knickers I really love wearing my own knickers my wife does not like me wearing them. Quite a dellema, which way do I their somebody out their who can help me please.

  • I don't give a damn about what other people think I just love wearing women's underwear.It is not a crime why is it so wrong for men to wear lingerie.If you have not tryed it pity you.I think every man should try wearing women's underwear I realy Iove wearing my own knickers not my wife's my own my wife's knickers are her own property.

  • Fantastic, you are just right on pal, I purchase my own ,my wife supports my wearing sexy female panties, bras and nighties, I am just starting to train in heels, occassionaly she makes me up for the afternoon, I am straight but just love it, some of her friends know and have even been over to have a perv they just think it is sooo cute, men in panties everyone should be made to try

  • My wife would think I was gsy

  • In other countries this veey common. just in the u.s. its taboo. look at rio, how much fun do men have wearing small colorful cheeky bikinis at the beach... you can call it a speedo, but whatever its a bikini

  • I agree their underwear are also more in line with panties.

  • Oh yes guy you are wright when it is not anyone business when it comes to what me you wear when it comes to us wearing panties I enjoy wearing my panties an I well not go back wearing guys underwear my favorite colors are pink and black silk panties of all type.

  • I have about 90 pairs of thongs high leg bikini and mini briefs,Ilove wearing them all.try it yourself get in touch whith your feminine Side it is lovely.Irealy enjoy wearing my knickers.

  • I like knickers too I like wearing nice satin knickers

  • I love the way a thong feels, rubbing my portal whole so softly with every step.

  • Why do I love wearing women's knicker. You just can't get the sty coulours paterns. They are just delightful to wear.I wear them24/7 and enjoy every Minuit of wearing them.

  • I have been wearing panties since I was 12.I also like wearing anything else that is for women,skirts,dresses,bras,panty hose,slips,nighties,you name it I love wearing it. I feel soon feminine and h**** all at the same time.

  • You sound so sexy and delightful

  • Ifl the world wasn't so screwed up I'd openly dress feminine 24/7 now only bra panties women's jeans and feminine top

  • You sound just like me now I have started to carry laides handbags and purses with laides jeans and laides tops

  • So do i

  • Do you carry laides handbags and purses like I do

  • I also love women panties and other sexy underthings they feel so good with them against my shaved organs . I'm a real athletic male that even wore panties under my football uniform.

  • Just let go... explore, get probed by a man and feel the joy. everyone should submit themselves to another powerful stud once.

  • I cannot agree I would sooner penetrate a woman than be penertrated even though I love wearing knickers.

  • I can tell you that being penetrated by a man is the most wonderful and sensual pleasure tthere is. I came twice as I was being filled with a lot of hot cumm

  • I would love to

  • I really love my husband wearing knicker it really is a turn on for me I really get juicy seeing him wearing a thong.

  • I am so turned on by fiantising about your husband and his wife being able to see the other sidte of the Man. If I can be totalwordly honest with the both of you l love to be in a tight pair of panties and orally please a couple by the best tounge ever and then you can be a dominant goddess who I will be a submissive and loyal love to the 2 of you. On the way to c****** no hands. I hope that the two of you contact me @ Stephanie 797@ yahoo. Com

  • I totally agree.seeing a man wearing lingerie is so sensual the very thought of it and I start wetting my knickers.

  • Send me a pair if they are still wet.

  • You are a bully and you will not succeed in bullying people I bet you secretly wear knickers yourself.send me a pair if they are still wet with your s****.you sound a w*****.

  • How nasty !

  • Perv

  • You sound like a very understanding laides what do think of men that carrying laides handbags and purses

  • I love seeing my hubby in lingerie but walking about in public with a handbag no way.

  • Seeing my husband wearing knickers is one thing seeing him walking about in public white a handbag is a definite no no.

  • That's a shame as I love going shopping in my ladies jeans camisole top hand bag pink purse and glittery bracelet I just love feminine things don't care what people think

  • I really wish my wife Was so understanding

  • It is only a piece of nylon, if it makes you feel good, what's the problem, I've been doing it since I was 8 and still love it! !

  • I Love to wear Thongs around the house and to work. i also like to sit outside in my yard after dark in my thongs. i have over 20 pair.

  • I love my panties and I will never buy man underwear again. My wife is OK with it. I really like the Lacey and silk panties. I will model them for women.

  • I agree it haven't worn male underwear in years feminine garments are so much more comfortable

  • My husband wears panties, bras, nighties and has just started with heels he looks so cute around the house doing the cleaning and ironing, he is very attentive and I love him so much occassionally I will make him up for the day and he always gets a horn when I do so nice

  • Love this. Wish my wife would be so accommodating

  • I have a lovely selection of thongs high leg,bikini and mini briefs I love them all pretty coulours and styles. No way could I go back to wearing men's underwear.

  • I started the same way, after 15 years and 2 children later, i now have a boy friend that completes me. nothing gets me hotter than him ripping my panties off and stuffing his large manhood in me

  • OMG that gets me sooo hot!!

  • I also wear panties all the time only when I go to the doctor I do not wear them because he would on under stand me and my panties I also wear bikini and mini briefs and boy shorts too.

  • I cannot see anything wrong with men wearin lingerie my husband wears knickers all the timeI I love it more men should try it your partner might like the fact. The operative word is might not all women are as broad minded as I am.

  • You mean to tell me your husband wear your panties /knickers what a lovely wife he as got jammy sod

  • Wrong he wears his own knickers my knickers are mine only.

  • I have just purchased a multipack,one pair is lovely, it is white with a a lovely feminine pink border and pretty pink and grey flowers I could not wait to get them home and try them on when I did I got an instant h****** how lovely it is to wear lovely should try it.

  • I went to Target and picked out 3 pairs of sexy panties. When I put them on the counter the cashier smiled and said these are not your colors. I lied and said oh these are for my wife.when I got home I thought I looked lovely in them

  • Was you miss about when you had the h****** or did you have a hand job

  • Just picked up a pink teddy do wear tonight with my new pink panties from vs I wonder if my wife will freak out. Will update tomorrow it's August 8 2016 I am so turned on just thinking about it. Have my white vanity fair panties on under my pants in at the office in Denver

  • OMG you have me so hot

  • Why don't you just wear your panties to the office why put them on under your underpants that tell me your playing away does your miss know you wear her panties

  • She freaked out last night but bought me sexy nightgown today. Lacy pink. Love it I am lucky

  • My wife started me in panties progressed to bras and totally female clothing when at home now it seems totally natural

  • I really Love this web site I just love to express the fact that I love wearing my knickers and the fact that I could not go back to wearing men's underwear I love my lingerie I really do.

  • During the warmer weather recently I have been wearing my thongs.I have a pair of shorts with no pockets on the back it really shows of your vpl, bending over while I am gardening is so much fun.

  • You won't to watch your next door nabour don't jump your fence and shove a bit in your

  • You don't need a bit in your crackbox pig pen you are one you p****.

  • Role play, do the same in doors, but have wear a strap-on. when you bend over have her over power you and penetrate you from behind

  • Weird I would prefer her to bend over and penetrate her v*****

  • During the summer I walk around in my house in my panties at the present time I have a pair pink cotton panties on me panties make me feel sexy and h**** too I well not go back wearing men underwear ever again.

  • Get dome satin cheeky ones ..... si hot

  • Just picked up a 4 pack of fruit of the loom bikini breathable fabric.put pink pair on right away. Love em

  • Going to VS today to shoo for more

  • Size 9 fit great ????

  • Site does not like emojis

  • Men's undies do not have the style patterns and colours so what is wrong which us guys wearing your underwear.

  • I have been wearing panties for over 70 years, and own no male under ware. I have on a pair of women within Pink Nylon boxer shorts, just love them!!

  • There is not anything wearing panties because I also wear panties myself I like the different styles In panties and colors at the moment I am wearing a pair of white panties at the present time I can not go back wearing men underwear for any reason.

  • It Is not a crime to wear knickers I wear them 24/7 and I really love wearing them it is so mutch better than wearing boring men's undies I could not go back to wearing men's boxers.Heaven help me if I had this very moment I am wearin white bikini briefs white a blue border and a lovely bow just above my manhood

  • I am a maried man whith a wife who I dearly love. I have another love though that is wearing women's knickers my wife does not like it though.i still wear my knickers 24/7 because that is me I just wish she would one day accept my little quirk in life.

  • Put her panties on and just walk in front of her and then see what she says try it if you like wearing panties good luck PS put the ones on that she as took off should be fun for you see you in court lol

  • I love buying knickers and secretly wearing them without her knowing she won't wear sexy 1s but I do

  • Cool. me too. wot panties u like? I like tiny thongs and gstrings

  • Walk in front of her with a pair of her panties she as just took off you should let her know you wear better panties then she wears should be fun for when your in bed with her and she is making love to you slip her knicker on then give her one after you had it of with her keep her panties on and let her see you in them then keep her panties on all night and all day job done then keep putting her panties/knicker on every time you give her one .

  • Big den really thinks he is being cleaver I could bet he has his hand on his d*** writing thes comments he sounds a w*****

  • You secretly wear knickers/panties with out your miss knowing I think your the w*****
    And the one with your hand on your d*** let her see you in them job done let her see you in your sexy panties

  • It souds like someone thinks the same as me about pig pen.

  • I too wear nothing but panties as I really find mens boxers or briefs uncomfortable. I recently had to go to acute medical care and was then forwarded to an emergency room. I was wearing VS bikini panties. Did not feel uncomfortable at all, my wife was setting there with me as I layed on bed in gown and panties. the nurse raised my gown and performed an ultra sound of my leg going all the way up to my groin and yes she could see my panties and felt them as well. No negative comments or actions from her. So another reason to not be scared to wear them.


  • I am a happily married man I love wearing knickers but my wife does not approve.the urge I get to wear my knickers is always overwhelming though.I still wear my knickers and hope one day she will expect the situation,it would be really nice if she went out and purchased a multi pack of bikini briefs.

  • It is twelve months since I last wore men's underwear. I have enjoyed every second of wearing my lovely knickers and look forward to more years wearing them.

  • Good start, it been over 78 years for me. Yes I was married to one lady for over 25 years, passed away with cancer, I have been marries to my present wife for over 22 years. Both knew that I wore lingerie before we got married. My present MOL made me a pink satin gown, I had to model it for her to check the fit

  • Why not wear knickers they feel great and also there so many nice kinds of women knickers I have been wearing them for years and always will I think more men should try them and see what they were missing I am 64 and would never go back to mens pants when I walk down the road I know what got under my jeans but no one else do I also know a lot of older men 75+that have been wearing knickers so it not just young men give it a go you my love it

  • So what is so wrong with us guys wearing lovely knickers I love wearing them all the time. Try it yourself it is a lovely feeling.

  • Oh what a lovely experience it is to wear women's underwear. Is it so wrong for a man to wear lingerie.

  • Of course not,how or what could be wrong in wearing beautiful knickers etc?, absolutely nothing. Long may we continue wearing what WE love wearing

  • Be who you are because I also wear panties in stand of wearing men underwear I am going to be me self from now on. Wearing panties make me feel sexy with them on my body at the moment I am wearing a pair of pink panties so be your self.

  • I started to wear panties when i was 14 and today after 45yr later .I still get tune on when I steal my sister in laws full cut briefs

  • I like pink too

  • I like Pink also

  • No it is not wrong for men to wear lingerie. I have been wearing panties for a long time now. They are so comfortable. I would never go back to wearing men's.

  • I'm curious as to how other guys told their wives/spouses that they enjoyed this? Did they freak out to start with? My wife stumbled across my collection and freaked so I had to throw out the lot, claiming they were from a long lost ex.

  • My now husband and I were dating when he tried to tell me. He said I have a secret to tell you and I said you wear panties. He asked me how I guessed and I told him it was a turn on for me. I would love to get him into them on a more regular basis.

  • Such a fantastic girl, you should have no problem getting him into sexy female panties, bras and nighties, you will both love it

  • You could try buying him some to wear? Might take the hint?

  • He's very lucky to have someone so open minded.

  • Why do men wear knickers. I have a theaory on this all men feel the need to get in touch whith a feminine side, some more than others.personaly love wearing knickers and love wearing them 24/7 what is wrong which that

  • So do I and laides jeans tops and laides handbags and purses

  • Love wearing all sorts of lingerie, especially cami-suspenders though. Like wearing stuff under clothes and going out the house, about normal business.

    Unfortunately I got married recently and my wife isn't keen on it so has to be hidden from her. From reading other posts on here it would be great for us both to go shopping for me/us.

  • Why can't us guys wear knickers? is it so wrong ,I love wearing them is that a crime.I really love wearing pretty colours why should women have the delight of wearing lovely underwear alone?

  • I really love wearing knickers I really cannot help myself I just love wearing knickers am I so wrong is that so wrong please tell me.

  • No, of course it is not wrong, how can it possibly be wrong. You just continue wearing your lovely knickers like the rest of us and ENJOY. ( I just LOVE wearing black knickers).

  • Is it so unusual for men wearing women's knicker I personally do not think so. I wear them 24/7 and really love to do so it is not a crime no one has been hung for it.I love wearing pretty pastel colours,pink lemon ,orange.why can't us guys wear lovely knickers.

  • I too love them pastel colors as well! However, my favorite are lilac, lavender and of course PURPLE!!!

  • I also enjoy wearing woman's knickers .just love pastel colours

  • I love wearing bras panties g strings mini skirts etc etc I get so h**** wearing them, would love to find a chick that likes that too

  • Why is society so prejudiced against men wearing knickers I love wearng them.As do a lot of your correspondents, are we all weird I don't think so.

  • If we are weird, then this world has gone insane . I have been wearing women's panties for yrs and I love them. I enjoy masturbating in them looking at a good p*** movie. or just plane wearing them. I will never stop wearing women's panties. yes I do have a bog p**** & I love it. I think women's panties are better to wear then men's regular underwear.

  • Womens panties the full cut ones are better than thongs,i started at early age when I stole them .I like to smell dirty ones from my moms

  • No you are not weird because I also wear panties all the time under my clothes at the moment I am wearing panties with roses on them an they are see throw panties they make me feel more confident with my sexuality.

  • Buy things online, i order underwear online and get stuff delivered, i like to wear knickers and bras around the house.

  • Pretty weak pal, go to lingerie stores and purchase your own, initially my wife would accompany me and assist with the selection, then she insisted I do my own shopping and ensure the assistants know the underwear is for me, I have three stores that I frequent for my panties, bras and nighties, the staff really help with my selection and advise of any new trends, it is such fun, do get some looks but who cares

  • I just love wearing panties, a habit I picked up when I was just a teenager realizing just how great my step-mother's panties felt on me!! Still to this day I have the greatest urge to wear silky smooth panties in private and under my street clothes. Being married and my wife participating and shopping for me was the greatest, but ended when she passed. I have been ordering panties on-line and for the most part they are so very expensive being that now I'm on a retirement budget. Anyone out there with the same panty desires have an on-line outlet(s) with good quality but not so costly panties/lingerie that you could post for me and others in the same situation??

  • It must be fantastic to be female being able to walk into a department store and buy knickers whithout embaresment.I love wearing lingerie but buying them for myself is a problem.

  • I have worn laides knickers for years and other things I always find laides shop assistant very acomadating if you tell them that what you are buying is for your self

  • I really love wearing knickers I wear them 24/7 is that so wrong.I really love pretty colours and patterns my facorate is a pair of lemon colour whither a pink border.

  • I really wish I was female to dress in female clothes and feel natural oh it must be nice to be a woman.I feel robed because I am am a male

  • I am a man who is wearing panties all the time an I also sleep wearing a woman night gown in bed.

  • I'm the same as you . Wear lady's gowns any chance I get . Love the feeling on your body .

  • I also love nylon panties and sleepwear. I wear panties almost all the time

  • I really love wearing my knickers nowone can deny me of that it is lovely to hear on this website other men feel the same.Why is it deemed wrong that men wearing lingerie is odd.

  • I've been wearing panties since i was a teen. stole my first few from public laundries. I wore them in front of my gf on my 1st date. She thought i was gay, as she told me later. But after a while she realized i was not, that i just liked wearing girls underwear. Later in our realtionship she accepted it, and i walked around in nylon bikini panties in front of her all the time. I'd get really h****, pull them down and m********* in front of her, she would finger herself also at this time. She said she loves watching me j*** off. I prefer tight low cut panties/bikinis. I have the body for it and look great! I also love a good panty f***! She puts on a pair of sexy low rise bikini panties and i rub my c*** all over them, and end up c****** on her panty covered ass, or stick my hardon in her p**** and c**! Never thought girls undies would give so much pleasure!

  • I also wear panties all the because they feel better on my body an I can get different styles of panties to wear.I have been wearing panties starting in my twenties an never stopped wearing them.

  • I have been wearing female panties most of mylife i love the way they feel on me and i also wear them under my reg clothes and also to work

  • I wish we could share pics on here,

  • lots of cd's TV's etc wearing sexy panties

  • In answer your coment about men jerking of in knickers that is not neceserely true I personally would not stain my lovely knickers.they are my personal property and I love wearing lovely clean undies.

  • I can not help myself from wearing my panties it feels wright the feel on my body.I can not go back wearing men briefs.

  • I love wearing my knickers I have plenty to chose from. Am I weird? judging by this site I don't think so it seems plenty of other men like me love wearing pretty underwear so what is wrong with that?.

  • Nothing wrong with that. I do

  • No you're not. I thought the same. whatever floats your boat
    I say.

  • Why is it seen as so wrong that men wear knickers I love wearing pretty knicker as do thousends of men,are we all weirdo's. I also like cask conditions beer is that also weird?.

  • I am currently wearing a pair of high leg knickers pastel orange whith yellow borders and a pretty yellow bow on the front I also have a pair of yellow ones which a pink border,women's knickers are so lovely why can't us guys wear them.

  • I would like my knickers to fit me like a woman's no bulges I sometimes have the urge to cut off my p**** and testicles to feel femenine

  • Do it then cut your c*** and b**** off and sell it on ebay

  • Oh what an idiot so insensitive.

  • I always wear knicker and wear them 24/7 Irealy love wearing them.


  • That hot


  • Yes


  • Somebody is shouting.

  • Try wearing men's underwear for a while and you will find out just why so many men are wearing womens panties. Took me 50 years to get it, hope it doesn't take you that long.

  • It certainly did not the first time I tried on knickers I was hooked I love wearing knickers 24/7 and would never dream of going back to wearing boring men's underwear.

  • Youre right. why not feel a bit sevy underneath, women do

  • I have recently had to visit the l had to wear my boring men's undies.I t would not look good if I had to strip off to my pink bikini briefs. But that should not be wrong what is so bad about us guys wearing lingerie.

  • I went to the doctors once & I was wearing my white nylon knickers as I stripped down to my knickers the doctor said I love your knickers then he started to have a feel of the material it felt soooo good.

  • There is nothing wrong with a guy wearing panties to the doctors. I do it and have never had a problem. I am sure they see a lot worse things than that.

  • It's June 17 and I am going to Victoria's seceret to buy my first pair of sexy panties. I am wearing vanity fair cotton hi rise now but want something fancier

  • I love shopping at vs thay have the sexiest panties and they hold up good .i love to pay with my vs card . By the time I leave the panties I'm wearing are wet from my p****

  • I have my fancy panties on but my wife does no know ???? Hope she likes them as much as I do

  • I really love wearing my knickers 24/7 I can not see any wrong on that,sexy underwear is not just for women. We guys can wear pretty knickers as well I really love wearing my knickers men's undies are so awful I would never go back to wearing them.

  • I really love wearing my knickers I can't see what is wrong whith that,
    I wear my knickers 24/7. What is so wrong I am not gay I love my wife,wearing knickers comes naturally to me.As does so many of your readers.

  • I love wearing panties. Of course the girl next door and I played house when we were little. She was three years older. She would powder me and so on. As we got older I started wanting to see her naked. She'd refuse. One day we were swimming and I went to use the restroom and saw her panties. She won't let me see her naked, I'll steal her panties. I did this a few times until she caught me. Instead of telling she made me wear them and every time we played house. I've been wearing panties ever since. I love all kinds.

  • I really love this web site being able to announce your love of wearing lingerie,albeit anonymously is fantastic.I love wearng knickers especially pretty couloured ones.

  • I have over 20 pairs of knickers now. It just seems so normal wearing them now

  • I have been wearing panties all the time for the past two years and it feels normal for me wear panties.I can not see me going back wearing men underwear because they do not feel good on my body.Because I like the different colors and styles you can get in a store.

  • My wife has gone out for a drink whith her friends. I have siesed the opportunity to wash my undies. I have thrown about 40 pairs of knickers in the washer drier I can't wait to wear them again. You can not beat wearing freshly cleaned knickers

  • I totally agree noting better than getting out of a shower drying yourself and putting a clean pair of knickers.then have a shave and clean your teeth heaven.

  • Im a 57 year old man my name is alan and i wear ladies knickers 7 days a week i go to work in them i have bin wearing them since 1980s even when i was marrid we wood buy underwear togever i was marrid fore over 10 years people say what if u have to go to the hospital or doctors i dont worry thay ask me many times to strip down to your underwear i not a shamed i weare thiights as well night time i wear bras all puffed up when i go in to gay bars i hav girs come and tailk to me and thay like it some girls say can i see your knickers and bra when i show them thay say u have better underwear and what i have and i haveso many knickers and bras and thights i just love ladies underwear and i dont no difent so if men want to weare it go a head if u fill good it is nofthink to with any one else as i said i go to work in knickers and thights i just carry on every day life with them on allthe best alan

  • I would love to share my passion of wearing knickers with other guys. Please get in touch

  • You can emailme ill show you my panties on

  • You can see my panties whenever you want I love wearing girls panties

  • Id love to get together in sexy panties with you, getting hard together

  • I hate men's underwear. I much prefer ladies panties, they are so comfortable. Not because they turn me on. Because they are so comfortable. I have a drawer full of panties now, not any men's in sight

  • I started wearing women's panties about 6 months ago when masturbating after finding a little red thong left by an ex girlfriend. I now have about a dozen in various styles and colours.
    My favourites are my bright purple lace briefs which I just love the feeling of the lace on my testicles and p****.
    I have only recently started wearing them in public sometimes in a pair of jeans without a belt in the supermarket and bend over to look at something on the bottom shelf when there is a pretty lady about to give them a little glimpse.

  • I love wearing my bra and panties in public, Love it when a pretty girl notices my bra, Especially when I have it stuffed with water balloons to appear I have large b******

  • I love wearing bra and panties along with suspenderbelt and stockings.

  • To wear panties is a fantastic experience for a male oh what a lovely experience it is to feel female lingerie next to your skin.come l. Guys if you have never tried it go for it I love wearing knickers you proberberbly will go.

  • One time, while at the bookstore with my g/f, I noticed a very large bra in the waste basket. After I took her home, I later went back to that book store to that store and closely examined the bra. It had two very large water balloons in it. From them on, I tried using water filled balloons in my ex mother-in-laws 44DD cup bras. Love the way they bounce!!

  • I agree with you! Some years ago I started wearing panties, and I saw post of guys afraid at first to wear them in public and I was the same way. Never been spotted that I know of. Have even worn them to work and they really spice up my love life. Men`s underwear does not come close to panties

  • I fell into wearing women's clothing about 10yrs ago. And prefer to wear silk lace panties and bra..on note we went out so I put on an nice pair off black silky lace panties,matching bra and a teddy.we were at kings girl went to talk to a chic an then came back an said she gunna give me b*******,I said I can't cause she will will know I'm wearing lingerie. We followed this chic to a room she got half naked I lay on bed an pulled my pants down.she came over to bed pulled my pants off an seen I was wearing panties,,my girl took her t*** outwhile this chic pushed my top up to reveal iI was wearing a bra and a lace teddy,she smiled an said nothing wrong wearing it,that's the only time I've been caught. My girl buys me clothes all the time,nities,skirts,dressers and tops.

  • Up till 8 yes ago I thought guys who wore lingerie or dressed in women's clothing were sick people until wife told me try before I knock it so I did,its the best thing I've ever done.I wear lingerie every day under work clothes and at home I get around dressed in women's clothing

  • Hi . I'm the same as you and been wear panties for ten years . It feels so nice wearing them . Some times I feel I want to be a women .

  • Well done nice to hear you have joined us enjoy.

  • As I read these entries I am wearing my new panties from Marks and Spencer. They are from the 5 pack no vpl Microfibre Lace Trim Bikini Knickers which are neon in colour £12 per pack. If you like your panties, try these! Tonight my panties are red/pink in colour. They are very bright but I have to say that they are the most comfortable pair of panties I have ever worn. I am a person who likes to dress completely in women's clothing and therefore tonight I am wearing the following clothes with them. I am wearing a pair of Body Sensor tights, a size 44b bra (padded ) and a little black number shift dress from M and S which I can feel all over my body, recommended. I do feel that M and S sell the most sensuous women's underwear on the market. Perhaps you have your favorites!
    I wear women's clothing so naturally because I wanted to be a female from a young age. Needless to say wearing women's clothes is the nearest I can be to being a woman.

  • I have just ordered the panties you reccomend, can't wait to try them on. I have thrown away all my male underwear. I love to wear a camisole in bed too. Men are allowed to wear sexy underwear, not just women.

  • I agree with this completely. I got panties of all kinds, garter belts, tights, stockings, and it all looks great on me. In addition it just feels sexy. Everyone should just wear what the f*** they want and not bother someone who isn't conforming to their standards.

  • If you love your panties as much as I love my panties,can I suggest you consider the 5 pack no vpl Microfibre Lace Trim Bikini Knickers from Marks and Spencer. They are neon in colour and are very bright. They are the most confortable panties I have ever worn. As I type this entry I am wearing these panties along with a pair of Body sensor tights, a size 44b bra ( padded ) and a little black number shift dress , which is a nice tight fit which I can feel all over by body it covers.To me wearing women's wear comes naturally. What are you wearing as you read this entry. Go on,why don't you dress fully in women's clothing and feel the effect of what it must be like to be a woman wearing these garments.

  • I really Iove the experience of wearing knickers it is so fantastic if you have not tried it why not go for it, you might be pleasantly surprised wearing knickers is a really nice experience that Moore men should try.alas inhibitions prevent them from doing so. Come on go for it yuo might love it I certainly did

  • I have just taken stock of my lovely knickers I truly can't believe I have ninety pairs of them. I really do have an addiction,I love wearing pretty couloirs especially whith a pretty bow on the front right above my manhood.I could not go back to wearing men's undies they are so dull and bland so boring.

  • Like you, I too have quite a few in my collection (about 350) total and I would say that about 70% of them have that little bow on the front below the waist band. I
    love the orange, green, yellow but my two favorites are lavender and purple!

  • I do love wearing nylon hi-cut panties

  • I'd love to wear panties if she liked, however, cannot so I guess I go without and deny myself that experience.

  • Why deny yourself the fact if you like wearing panties be more assertive go for it you might be pleasantly surprised .

  • I am a man and have been wearing ladies panties since I was 13 and still do.My wife loves it and we are 70&71 years old.

  • Wow! I am 59 and been wearing panties for some years now after my wife let me start wearing them. Love the feel of the fabric. Am straight and it really helps out in the bedroom.

  • Nice coment it just shows that age should be no barrier to wearing knickers I am a good few years younger I admire your confession. I to love wearin knickers especially pretty ones.

  • I have just purchased a multipack from Tesco uk normally you will get a pair you don't like, a pair mediocre a pair you like and a pair you really love.not the case this time I have a pack of 4 and I love them all.

  • Why is it deemed weird that guys wear knickers.I wear them 24/7 and would not go back to wearin men's underwear they are so boring I really love wearing pretty coloured knickers.

  • Yes i to wear lingerie.i beleive men should not be harassed or put down for wearing womens lingerie or clothing.i only own lingerie and i wear it at all home i only wear womens clothing as i find it very comfatable,relaxing and much cooler than mens clothing

  • Only started wearing women's panties two years ago. Girlfriend caught me wearing hers, thought I looked hot and took me shopping! I now only have a panties drawer, with tights, stockings and suspenders belts.

  • Go for the skirts dresses as well.

  • I am so envious of guys who's wife's encourage them to weat knickers. I dearly love my wife but she does not entirely approve of me wearing knickers.

  • Are their women who do not mind us guys who wear women's underwear?

  • My wife is fine with me wearing panties, even wash & folds them for me,. I don't wear anything Lacey or frilly, just black, white or grey briefs, bikinis or boxer style

  • You are a very lucky person I do wish my wife was so understanding..

  • I agree which this comment I love wearing knickers and would really appreciate some female feedback . Maninix

  • So what I love wearing knickers I wear them 24/7 what is wrong whith that fact a lot of men would love to addmit that fact in public. Alas like me are to shy to admit the fact. Maninix

  • I love wearing women's knickers so what it is not a crime. Maninix.

  • I wear lingerie always and dress in female clothing at home,my girl buys my stuff.I don't care what people think I find wearing lingerie is really comfatable andwearing a nice skirt and blouse is just as good.if you don't like it then go to s*** house.some of us guys and our partners enjoy it. It won't be long before it is accepted in society

  • I really love wearing knickers I wear them 24/7 I love seeing them round my ankles when I go for a pee y sIt down to urinate if you are going to dress in women's clothes do the whole thing

  • I always sit down when I go to the toilet. I have tried lots ok panties, my favourite are Brazilian briefs, they are so comfortable. I would never go back to wearing men's underwear again. With a skirt and stockings amazing!

  • I agree wear skirts and dresses, you'll love it.

  • I have a total addiction to wearing knickers.I just can't help myself I love buying and wearing them, any woman would be proud of my collection of about 100 pair of knickers.

  • I have about 70 thongs

  • I think alot of women find it weird for a man to like to dress up in women's underwear but not all do, i think some people may be surprised. I tend to keep it a secret that i dress up but have mentioned it to a few women before and i've been surprised by the responses. I don't do it that often so maybe it isn't such a big deal aslong it's not all the time.

  • I have always thought of myself as being abnormal because I love wearing knickers, but reading your comments is quite reassuring like me lots of guys feel the same about wearing knickers

  • My wife caught me she was angry and said take them off are you weird she said, but I still do il

  • Cary on wearing your knickers it is not a crime tease her into you wearing them.

  • I want to wear knikers every day love frills and bows and slilky knickers wish my wife would accept me wearing them love also to wear bras and peticoats and camisoles

  • My wife who I dearly love hates me wearing knickers,but I still wear them 24/7 be more assertive ,are you a man or a cross dresser.

  • I want to wear knikers every day love frills and bows and slilky knickers wish my wife would accept me wearing them love also to wear bras and peticoats and camisoles

  • I feel so fem and love crossdressing and masturbating love to dress with others it feels so nice woman are so lucky to have such sexy undies

  • I wish l could be a Girl and dress up and feel free

  • You and me both!

  • I would love to be free and dress as a woman. I wear knickers, tights and hold up stockings all the time. Just ordere a couple of skirts. When I am wearing knickers and tights I feel so free

  • So do I love to dress with others

  • Yes and give head

  • That's what I'm talking about

  • Do you know where we can chat about crossdressing

  • Me too, but am attracted to you; would love to compare notes - you?

  • I think most of us share your feelings

  • I really can not understand why other men have an issue whith us guys who like wearing lingerie.they are probobly scared of the fact that they secretly want to wear women's undies themselves

  • I started wearing lingerie and womens clothing about 10yrs ago.i use to think guys were sicko's till one day wife talked me into trying it before i knock move least we tell people we wear and dress in female clothing,these guys who knock us proberly do it with out their partner knowing

  • I wear panties everyday 24/7

  • I to wear panties 24/7 so what I love wearing them.

  • So do i ...I would not say I'm gay tho ..far from it .. Reading this thread has released me from a lifetime of feeling weirdo

  • I wear woman's thongs everyday and I love wearing them

  • I wear girl's see-through g-string bikini panties with lace ( I have all different colors but I love my pink ones the best. ) I enjoy wrestling and wear just the g-strings while wrestling. I wrestle against women and they wear just their see-through g-string panties too while we wrestle. I always get completely dominated during the wrestling match and pinned down and lose the match. I end up with my male pride and ego somewhat hurt and being pinned down with a huge h****** sticking up in the air is very frustrating as at that point it would be more beneficial for me to be on top. Although a few times the girl has kept me pinned down and had s** with me from on top of me in a total role reversal of the sexes.

  • There is nothing wrong with wearing woman's knickers or thongs it doesn't mean that u are not normal u can wear what u want I wear woman's knickers all the time and I comfy with them men enjoy

  • I just bought 5 pairs from kohls. Vanity fair high cut. My wife was a little taken back but I told her that it was 93 degrees in Denver today and wore a pair of her panties today and I was not sweaty and wanted my own panties now

  • Kohls has a great selection.

  • I love wearing my knickers but I would dearly love them to cover me like a female. No bulges. Alas I have a p**** and testicles I still love wearing knickers though.especialy pretty ones which apretty bow just above my manhood.

  • It is a really fantastic feeling wearing my knickers I love to wear them 24/7 I would no way go back to wearing men's boring undies.

  • I am a man that wears knickers and bras I came out of a very bad marriage I now have a long-term girlfriend she is coll about it has long Ian happy that's the important thing

  • I really love this website being able to express your view on wearing female underwear is fantastic I realy love wearing ladies knickers (panties)long live men's lib, we crossdresers need all the help we can get.

  • I wear panties all the time because they feel nice on my bodyplus you can get different styles and colors.I also wear women summer short shorts Iam wearing pink panties at the present time.

  • I like to wear girls panties because they feel so good. Especially the fancy ones are so pretty. I am not gay at all. I love the thong string up the rear.

  • I wear panties all the time I like bikini and hipsters and microfiber in both would not wear anything but panties.

  • Agree

  • I wear panties everyday

  • Me 2

  • Let me tell I wear panties all the time,becauses they feel better nan mens underwear.I can not imagine going back to men underwear I am wearing a pair of panties now.

  • Im a boy I wear panties everyday I love them

  • Me too. u like to chat?

  • Do you want to see my panties you can if you want

  • Enjoy them too

  • Woodware nothing else but panties I wear panties everyday

  • What type of panties do you have on now?

  • Im wearing girls pink ones hanna montanna ones

  • Im wearing girls cute pink hanna montanna panties there soo cute

  • I have on one of my gfs flatmates little thongs. U like to chat? send me your email address or mobile number

  • Two pairs of Vanity Fair Soft Blue. 1st pair size 10, 2nd pair size 11. Two pairs slips and slides much more...feels very sensuous. I always wear 2 pairs. I never wear men's boxers anymore. My wife thought it was weird at first but is fine now.

  • Pink thong

  • White vanity fair hi rise cotton

  • Black lacy ones, you?

  • I wear bikini and hipsters cotton and microfiber love both


  • Full briefs any day mum bought me mine when I was about 7 yrs old still wearing panties now aged 53 yrs

  • I think this topic is funny. Men have been wearing panties for as long as they have been invented. Most men have tried them on at some point. Panties are sensual and sexual and men like looking at them, feeling them, taking them off women and wearing them for both regular daily usage and sexual arousal; no different then women do. Every women in the world has met a man that was wearing panties at some point I guaranty it. I prefer panties as they soft, sensual and sexual and make me feel sexy and confident. I actually have come to a point and laugh at people ignorance now as life is too much fun and enjoyable to be trapped by people views.

    Just a tidbit about people views of the past. People thought slavery was ok in the past, people voted hitler into power, Galileo was put in a tower for his views, Martin Luther King was a Republican and Democrats opposed reconstruction and created the KKK, but most think it is the other way around so the human knowledge level barely gets to a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Pick up a book, read a newspaper, study a language. There is a whole world out there to discover!!!!!!! You can do it wearing panties or briefs which ever you prefer.

  • I agree totally. I started wearing panties about 6 months ago and will not go back to men's underwear. I have now about 60 pair from high leg briefs to thongs and enjoy lace as well. I also like wearing women's bikini bottoms to the pool. So much better than trunks and feels so much better! I am a married straight man BTW so judge away, I don't really care anymore. Also love to wear leggings/tights as well. Just wish it was more accepted for men to wear as casual attire

  • Exactly

  • I'm wearing my lovely light blue soft padded panties/ knickers right now.
    I will not wear anything else apart from panties or knickers designed for men.

  • Why have them designed for men there knickers not boxers

  • One thing I would like to say, is, I have such a understanding and lovely wife and the ladies who design my lovely and comfortable and soft panties and knickers for me are so understanding too.
    I love wearing mens designer knickers and panties.

  • You know who you are, ladies.

  • Yes Beckie, you.
    Thank you so much for my personal design of knickers and panties and naming them after me.

  • I love wearing mens designer knickers and panties.
    My wife loves me wearing them too.
    She says it proves that I have a soft and feminine side to me.
    I'm known has the bodyguard in and out of work and wearing mens designer knickers helps me chill.

  • You are so lucky having a wife who understands you. My wife who I love dearly,tolerates the fact that I wear knickers 24/7 but does not approve the fact. My most ferverent wish is that one day she will go out and buy me a multi pack of bikini briefs.Maninix

  • I get such a thrill just wearing women's black knickers. The feel of that soft, stretchy, smooth material is soooooo mmmmmm nice. Men's stuff, forget it, it is for the cave man, b***** awful. It is BLACK kNICKERS for me 24/7, I just LOVE them, always have, always will

  • I have just taken home two packs of 4 knickers In error size 8,US size 4.I was presently surprised they were a little tight coming over my hips but once in place they felt wonderful.any offers on 60 pears of size 10 knickers.

  • Sorry I meant pleasently surprised.

  • I've been wearing panties and other feminine things since grade school. It started with my mother's, not long after I discovered my sister's bodysuit. Really enjoyed those. While I was married, I really didn't get the chance to wear any and new that it was something that I missed, to be honest, it's not a sexual thing at all, I just find them so much more comfortable than men's underwear. Men's things are so bulky and not very soft. Don't get me wrong, I wear panties all day 24/7 since I got divorce. But all of them do not let my package bulge out. That's not comfortable or appealing to me. I'm happy that more and more men are open about it.

  • Have you ever stuck a tampax up your ass with panties on?

    If lubricate properly, great sensation!

  • Try using a condom ice then tampax then more ice then another tampax oh what a lovely feeling.

  • Only one try three.

  • I have just tried this and for a straight guy I found it wonderfull.

  • There better than a butt plug & can wear them all day put a couple of ice cubes up first then a tampon it will expand a good feeling

  • I just put five ices cubes up my ass and a toilet bush it was great feeling you want to try it

  • Is it ok to put ice cubes and tampon up your ass is it a good feeling is it not sors

  • Yes I once seen my mum inserting gets through the crack in the bathroom door when she went shopping I went to the bathroom & put one up no lube

  • Yes, I have tried that and it feels fantastic. I'm so glad I am not alone with trying this and the panties felt great too.

  • I can guaranty you that you probably know 2 to 3 males in your life that wear panties they just haven't admitted it to you and won't because of your views and societies. why would they as it would "creep you out" qouting you. Also don't think your that kinky if a guy wearing panties creeps you out.

  • I like to wear pink knickers and bri and fishnets and makeup.

  • I agree a lot more men out there either wear knickers or would love is an unknown quantity I would bet on your accuracy on being 2out of 3 come on guys addmit to wanting to get on touch whith your feminine side.

  • Im guy I been wearen vanity fair 15712size8 for25 yrs best ever!! no more cotton nylon&satin woman panties best ever! for MEN&WOMANtoo! guys don't be sham be glade proud your happy as woman dos!! more* moore guys maken switch! best ever! (LADY USE WEAR COTTEN)THEY MADE SWITCH TO NYLON MEN CAN TOO!! BEST EVER!!

  • I wear those same VF's, also size 8. "Tighty whities" make me barf, panties make me feel sexy

  • I totally agree

  • I love shopping for my own panties. recently divorced and have been able to buy enough nylon bikinis to wear a different pair to work each day and then i have a larger collection of thongs that I tend to wear at bedtime or maybe when masturbating. I am 44 and have been experiencing with women's panties since I was in grade school. ( I took a pair of my friend's Mom's pair of some awesome white lace bikinis. ) the rest is history.

  • Take it a stage further, go for skirts, tights and dresses, you'll feel complete, especially at home in private. your sensation will be taken a stage higher if you do! Try it see if I am right!

  • You are right

  • Further to above, you have a feminine side and I would suggest you nurture it!

  • Do you like to have close male friends put their hand, fingers or tongue up your dress & pull your panties down?

    Great sensation, especially if they pull them down & service you!

  • I to got my friend mother pantie

  • I love to wear knickers when l go out.pete.

  • I love wearing my wife used knickers she loves it too especially when we have s** Bill

  • Me too////

  • I enjoy wearing nylon panties. They are so comfortable on me.

  • Me to

  • I love the feel I wear when alone

  • It is lovely to read all your coments are so reasuring that other men are like me love wearing women's knickers (panties) .it depends on Whitch side of the pond you live.I love wearing my own knickers I would not dream of wearing my wife's they are so
    Personal to her plus buying your own lingerie is so exiting.

  • I agree with all of you I have been wearing panties for 30 years and wear them every day and love them would not wear anything but panties my best are bikini and hipsters cotton and microfiber are great.

  • These are my favorite panties too

  • I really am pleased whith 4 hits on my comments, thank you on edorsing on my views.

  • I agree I wear panties everyday

  • I wear womens blk,pink silksatin pantys allday long an. I wear my moms blk silk pantyhose an blk leggings an a mms pink long shirt an her pair of clear cinderella peep open toe clear Cinderella slippers to the mall as my mom would style my hair an put some make-up on me to make me look like a girl as we went to the mall. Together.

  • It is about time you got used to using a keyboard your spelling is awfull

  • I really love wearing my knickers how any man could admit to mastebating into them is absolutely vile I love my knickers,and would not dream of staining them.that is nothing short of criminal.

  • Oh, POOR YOU !!!

  • Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly.You have just admitted to being a w***** most of the correspondents to this website would prefer making love to a woman. Although their must be a few exceptions,sorry gay guys no offence intended.Whatever it must be better than making love to your hand.

  • Superb reply to a bully oh poor you must be a sad person as well as being a w*****.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • No, you are SO wrong, I am just a BLACK KNICKERS wearer/ lover !!!!!

  • A lot of men looking at this site will no doubt be luaghing at us guys who admit to wearing lingerie I personally just wear knickers.We males have not the physique to wear bra's or other female attire.But I must emphasise wearing knickers is so sensual that you should try it before laughing.Ignorence is not neceserely bliss.

  • I totally agree! I love wearing knickers! I don't really get the bra thing as there's nothing in male physique to support a bra! My favourite is pink maxi briefs

  • I don't like wearing knickers I love wearing them come on guys get in touch whith your feminine side, and find your true self. Try wearing knickers they are lovely to wear so sensual I can really recommend it.

  • I love wearing ladies knickers and love to show you them

  • I love to see

  • I love see them on you

  • I am a straight man andI love wearing knickers so what it doesn' harm anyone.I have about 60 pairs of varying styles,couloirs and patterns.I really am spoiled for choice,but I love it and wear them 24/7.

  • I'm the same too.
    I'm straight and I love wearing mens designer knickers and my wife loves me wearing them too.

  • You are a very lucky guy my wife tolerates me wearing knickers but does not entirely approve I would dearly love it if she would go out and buy me some knickers.

  • My wife sometimes wants me to wear her panties & even pretend I'm her woman lover, but other times is not interested.

    Makes me even more confused!

  • I wear panties (knickers) in fact panties are the only underwear that I wear

  • I agree

  • I am one that wears panties all the time at the moment I am wearing a white thongyou know at least one person who do wear them. I can not see going back wearing men briefs.I have made my mind up to stay with panties.They feel great on my body compared to men briefs.

  • I 100% agree with you.
    I love the comfort and tge softness of panties and knickers that are designed for men.
    I have a good and understanding wife and all the young lady who designs my panties and knickers is so understanding too.

  • I'm currently wearing black and white vanity fair illumination thong and string bikini panties, for any guys who'd never consider wearing female underwear give it a try you'll never no you might end up liking it

  • I also very much enjoy wearing vanity fair panties but hipsters, great fit all around

  • I also wear panties i'm currently wearing black and white vanity fair illumination thong and string bikini panties

  • So what you like to wear panties, I am a male 80 y/o and have worn panties since I was 5-6 (and I have NEVER had a gay a gay experience. Been married two times, first wife passed away (cancer). Both of my wife say I am excellent in bed. Past wife would purchase me many items of lingerie and I could w ear her dresses when I wonted. She used to buy me sheerio panties. I do not and have not worn makeup. My favorite panties are French Knickers.

  • I been wearing nylon panties for about four months now they are the most comfortable underwear I ever wore they are extremely comfortable under pantyhose I even sleep in nylon panties and pantyhose with a short sleeve night gown

  • I love panthose at bed time in a bar sometime s as well.

  • You are not too kinky

  • My wife and I were getting ready for a night out ( party ) when it was discovered I had no clean shorts, all in the wash, so I was about to put on a pair of winter long johns, when my wife handed me a pair of her white full cut nylon panties, wear theses, nobody will know, you`ll be too warm in winter underwear. they were the most comfortable underpants I ever wore and I told my wife that. her reaction to my comment was if you like them that much, I would have no problem with you wearing white (only) full cut panties with no special trim or lace. been wearing nothing but for over 40 years now. most men don`t know what their missing.

  • You could water nylon pants liners...much more comfy than long johns.

  • *wear...not water. Damn auto-corrct

  • You have a lovely wife (long Johns no way! what were you thinking of? )Knickers are much nicer.

  • Hi
    this is lovely to hear.
    my wife is the same,she loves me wearing my panties/ knickers and i love wearing them.
    iblovecthe feel of them and they are alot more comfortable than mens pants.
    so my message to men like you and me,who love eearing knickers/panties including thongs and gstrings.
    enjoy, i most definitely do.

  • You have a great wife. Panties are more comfortable than men's underwear.

  • I agree panties panties are more comfortable than men's underwear

  • I love wearing knickers l do not see why women have the monopoly on wearing lovely lingerie why can't us guys wear lovely underwear. I love wearing highieg bikini and Brazilian briefs,even what it is not crime of the century

  • I agree which this comment why should women have all the fun, I really love wearing pretty knickers.

  • I am wearing my frilly black thing right now it is so erotic

  • I truly wear panties all the time ;at the moment I have on a black silk panties on.It is my choice to wear panties and they feel normal on my body.Women wear men box short so why can!t a man wear panties if that is what likes to do.

  • You can wear what ever you want.

  • I am wareing a sexy b lack pair right now I love it

  • Any pictures? Can we swap?

  • Hello wanna swap

  • What style is your favorite ? Thongs or Bikinis ?

  • I love to wear a thong and a sexy bikini with lace butt and a silky crotch . It feels good to wear two pair at the same time . I also love to walk around the house in my panties and lingerie watch tv do the dishes . Or whatever after a bit of this the wife gets serviced real good . And it's not even noon yet

  • Me too!

  • Bikine

  • String bikini

  • I like to wear Bikinis panties is mt favorite.

  • Mine too

  • I like thongs and bikinis

  • They gotta b pink sexy panties . I've never found a women who didn't think it was weird
    I love to wear panties. 20 yrs now .only gonna continue

  • Hehe

  • I just can not help myself I just love wearing women's knickers they feel so lovely. Men's undies are nothing like the same.long live men's lib.

  • I'm a 28 year old guys that likes to dress up in lingerie a couple of times a week, i order underwear online and have a drawer full of lacey undies, bras and lots of other sexy stuff, i just love the feel and i like to pose in the mirror and prance around.

  • I like to do the same thing - I have a large collection of thongs and bikini panties that i even wear to work - i sometimes go week wearing women's panties.

  • Went all week wearing my newest bikini panties. Had a blast knowing how sexy my panties were.

  • All week I have been wearing bikini briefs for six months,heavenly!

  • At the prize time iam wearing a pair of cotton panties I have been wearing panties for years under my clothes.I can not see myself going back wearing men under wear because they do not feel comfortable at all. My panties feel normal to me as men wearing their underwear all the time.

  • Thanks, i always like to put on ladies panties it makes me fell comfortable.

  • I can not help my self when it comes to wearing panties all the time under my clothes.It makes me feel sexy and h**** for s**.

  • I have been wearing panties for a long timethey feel nice on my body

  • I hve a daredevil story for you all about my chance I took with my white nylon panties. I raced motorcycles for years , so you kknow I am a daredevil. I liked to show my panties off in public and outdoors. I put on a small tank to and my white panties and took off in my car. I made sur I had my wallet with me for such reasons. it was so wonderful driving down the road in just my panties. then I got braver and pulled over on a busy country road. sat there for awhile and then I did it! I got out of the car and walked around it like there wa something with it.i opened the trunk and bent over my tight panties were really showing.! then all of a sudden horns started to blow when they drove was so great. some women yelled out, nice panties! I thought I had better leave right then. a funny thing happened on the way hone, I got onto the freeway and pulled up on the left side of a big truck not realizing I am in a convertible car with the top down, didn't realize that je could see my panties very plain! he waved and blew the horn. we had to slow way down be cause of trsffic, and he pulled up alon sie of me abd said I have seen a lotof womens panties doing this job, bit your the the first guy that I have ever seen in panties! you look great in them. I admire your advetureest mind. good buy pretty panties, he yelled. it was quite an adventure. I loved it all.

  • I wanted to share this story because it is a little like yours when it comes to some truck drivers. While coming from work on the freeway, It was raining a little when I came up on this double-trailer truck. On the last trailer, he had these very, very large panties secured to the trailer with four (4) wires securing them to the back of the trailer.
    Because the trailer was dirty(mud, dirt, etc) he had drawn a happy face below the panties with a tongue hanging out. I wanted so bad to take a picture of that. Going down the freeway, I am sure a lot of people got to see that!!

  • Yeah, I like showing panties in public too. My favorite thing is to go to this city park by my house. They have a band shell there with elevated stage. The public can get up on stage and dance to the music during concerts there. I get up there wearing tank top and little 10 inch "school girl" style skirt. I wear pink ruffled "cheeky" style panties underneath. My dance moves make the skirt lift up. Get tons of cat calls and wolf whistles. This is totally intoxicating, high energy "slutty". Nothing I love more than being s***.

  • Besides the "fabric feels good" feeling, I like to wear (and publicly show) my panties because I like to "tease" women. By "tease" I mean to make someone h**** when they can't do anything about it. I know how much I love it when women tease me, So I figure they will love it just as much when I tease them. I'm of course referring to that small minority of women who get turned on by a guy in panties. One time when walking down the street merrily flipping my skirt and wiggling my ass, I was "forced" into a passing car full of very hot women. Nothing like getting gang banged by three lovely ladies! Oh, call me a hearse, I think I just died and went to heaven.

  • I am sorry for the spelling. I can spell, just cant type very well.

  • Update from post below. We went out and bought around 15 lovely lacey pairs of panties, this freaked my wife out a little bit afterwards as she felt like she was out shopping with a friend rather than her husband, she was worried that we were going to be just friends and also worried about a few other things such as where would this leave our relationship. But the following day things kicked into place and we discussed it and she said that couldnt believe she was thinking those things as I was still the same man she loves, just in different underwear.
    Now she gives me advice on panty lines, thongs for bits hanging out of the sides lol.
    She also tells me how I look and if I suit a certain pair or not. I actually feel reborn, I can only imagine that this feeling would be like when a gay man or woman comes out of the closet.(I am a very straight man and have no gay tendencies).
    I put on a pair of the softest lacey panties that she picked for me and omg the feeling and comfort was unreal I have never felt anything like it, I think the quicker all men catch on to this, the boxer short companies will go bust. But if you are reading this and are thinking of telling your partner, be honest and if they truly love you they will accept you for who you really are. Just take it slow and expect them to be a little shocked, just take it slow and communicate ??

  • Why not? It's just undies.

  • I have just told my wife today about wanting to wear her panties, and she was so understanding and helped me pick out a nice lacey pair of hers, she is taking me shopping tomorrow for my own panties. I have had a pantie fetish from being 6 years old sniffing and wearing them. She only knew about the sniffing part and was fine with that too. I have worn a pair of her panties for a full day now and it felt absolutey amazing. Just the feel of the satin material on my skin has drove me wild and I can't wait to go to bed in them and sleep in just the panties without my jogger bottoms on. I have the most amazing and understanding wife ever and couldn't ask for a more perfect partner in life.

  • Wow dude - amen for you -

  • I do wish my wife was so understanding.

  • Iwish ihad awife like yours

  • I love wearing lingerie,I normally wear thongs but recently have purchased some high leg briefs.Not as sexy to wear but they are more comfortable,keep your manhood in but the main bonus is the fact that they do not disappear between your cheeks when you bend over.

  • I have recently purchased some mini briefes,lemon white pink boarders and a pretty pink bow on the front.ok I agree not as sexy as a thong but so pretty to wear and as you say they do not disappear up your bum when you bend over

  • It is hard to find - but i recently scored with some nice bikini panties. Lane Bryant size 14/16

  • I really love wearing my knickers I wear them 24/7,so what is wrong with that. Knickers are so diverse in style,colour, patterns and texture.come on guys if you have never tried wearing lingerie go for wife is slowly coming to accept the fact that I like wearing knickers,I just wish she would take it a stage further and buy me some. One thing I have noticed recently is the fact that knickers are more accommodating years ago if you purchased knickers sometimes part of you for example your s****** would hang out.recently that does not happen they keep everything in have the designers- manufacturers accepted that men like wearing lingerie?

  • I agree whith this comment knickers are more accommodating thesedays and do hold your masculinity better.

  • I hate wearing mens pants but love the bikini type so so comfy

  • Iam a man who enjoys wearing panties all the time because they feel comfy I also sleep in a nightgown at night.I quit wearing men under wear these days because they feel comfy on me.It feels normal to me to wear panties and I can get different colors and styles in panties.

  • Im 54 and i to love wearing nylon knickers they are smooth and quick to dry when wet because when i see a girl in wet look leggings i squirt in them and cant stop/

  • I just bought on-line, two sexy mini-skirts, three silky blouses, a pink lacy size 36 bra and a pair of Hanna, pink lacy panties. I'm gonna have some fun when all this arrives. I can't wait to put these on and feel how soft and silky they are. My c**k is going to enjoy all this.

  • My wife loves the panties but am working on the bra part, she's not as accepting, it doesn't change the Man U are, just something exciting once in awhile

  • Be careful when you say Man U I am a Manchester United fan.
    , you could quite easily cause offence.

  • Oh yeah! You do get a bit hard. Lol.

  • I no longer have anything but panties, mostly bikini or shorty style, and mostly black apart from a few more colourful or lacy numbers. I always preferred fairly skimpy underwear, so now I wear skimpy knickers. I'm very slim and I like to think they suit me. Most are indistinguishable at a casual glance from men's underpants. When I started, around 15 years ago, I felt rather self-conscious, such as at work, when I thought about it, but not any more. I can't see anything wrong with it. Men's underwear is dull. Knickers aren't, and they're very comfortable, although I have bought a few which didn't provide enough support. I do admit to having a sense of pleasure from what some might call cross-dressing, but that's the full extent of my "transgression". Panties should be marketed as unisex clothing.

  • I also wear knickers 24/7 but I prefer pretty colours pink, lemon or both,the only time I wear black ones is when other persons might see my knickers,they are less conspictuas as being female atire.I do like wearing pretty colours though

  • That's for sure

  • Most of the lingerie that I have owned over the years has been "borrowed' from clotheslines. I got a pair of white, lacy bikini panties one night that happened to belong to one of the waitresses at a local coffee shop. She was a gorgeous little thing and I would have loved to take those panties off her, spread her legs and explode a big load of c*** into her. As it was, I used to wear them to the coffee shop when she was working and strike up a conversation with her when I could. I often wondered what she would think if she knew I was wearing her panties and my c**k was hard and throbbing while I was talking to her. More than once I had to go into the washroom and blow a load. Those sexy little panties were responsible for a lot of c**.

  • I am a 55 year old male. I love nylon panties I have been wearing them from a very early age.I have them on as I write this. Pink is the best color I think and they feel so good on me.

  • I love the pink with little bows.

  • I love the bows rite above your man hood, the silkier the panties the harder I get, I love them

  • I gree it is so lovely having a pretty bow just above your manhood.

  • My favorite color too! Black also.

  • I like how it feels on my c*** love j********** with them love to see you in them.

  • I like to wrap my p**** in a paper towel slip on a pair of panties them lay on a orbital sander and get myself off, o what a feeling

  • Yeah! A great feeling. What can I say?

  • I 66 and have worn for 50 years. So much nicer than jockeys!

  • Yes, I agree feel better

  • I have a love for white panties since I was 7 years old. I am now 77 years old and the feeling is still the same. I would sit in the schoolyard and look at all the girls panties when they were on the swings, and slides. I loved it. I have been wearing panties now all the time for about a year now. I wear white full cut nylon panties. 99 percent of all the girls in the 50s, 60s, and 70s all wore the same type panties. I absolutely hate thongs. you have a patch in the front and dental floss up their a****. what can possibley be sexy about that! there is nothing to feel.womens panties are meant to feal soft and smooth. there is a wonderful material out now called nylon tricot. it has such a wonderful feel to them. they almost feel slippery. just great! I have been wearing them now, and I love them.

  • Not only do I wear white nylon panties, but love to wear them when I m*********. I too would peek up girls dresses when I was young, and to make it better, my school required girls to wear dresses as this was the early 60's. I would stare at the seam curving their butts, then go home rubbing my b**** in my mom's big panties on my pillow. Too young for a mess, but the white panties made me hot everyday. I up till now bought those sexy white nylon panties from but the maker went out of business. these are double nylon crotch panel, smooth silky panties, of course full cut only. The feel and look drives me wild. I Love white nylon panties!

  • I love how that silky material feels on my c***, nothing like it

  • I took panties from my cousin since I was a kid! I still wear it since then!!!

  • I did the same thing with my cousins panties. I slept in them every night and came in them every night.. it was wonderful.

  • I discovered laying one of my mom's satin robes on my pillow, putting on her nylon panties, then rub against the pillow till i'd moan in total pleasure. Of course this had to happen in secret, mostly after school. The slip slide of nylon on satin is incredible, makes masturbation so wonderful!

  • I water blue pantirs and i mi love it

  • I waer panties

  • What color pantie

  • I've been wearing panties and other lingerie since I was a teenager. I love to put on panties,bra,slip, etc and enjoy the feeling of the soft silky material. I have owned hundreds of pairs of silky panties as well as bras, slips, garter belts, slips and stockings over the years. I love to dress up and get myself excited. I have worn sexy panties and bras under my clothing while I was out shopping and such many times. It is a real turn on to go into a store while you are wearing them and wonder what that hot little b**** standing in front of the checkout is wearing under her clothes. Right now I am wearing a pair of silky white Hanna panties with lace around the legs and a white silky Smart bra. In a little while I will pleasure myself and explode a big load of c**.

  • Wonder how many men do wear panties ?.they are much better than what we would have to put up with.
    color , material, and, variety, all make for sensual excitement.
    viva la pleasure.

  • I agree entirely colour patterns a lot more men wear them than they would care to mention.I myself love to wear pretty knickers as you say vive la pleasure long live men's lib.

  • As a guy I enjoy wearing panties and the feel of them on my body some people my think iam crazy for doing so.I have a gay friend thinks I should wear them all the time,because he says that they look good on me .He like the pink panties I have to wear for him.He said that he wants to make love to me.

  • Oh,, that is so so nice, it makes me feel hard.---------- from black knickers lover.

  • The greatest pleasure every man should treasure is going from fantasy to
    reality, and, wearing womens panties.
    double the measure when a woman shares his pleasure
    insisting he not be scanty, but to always wear his panties.

  • I wear my panties and when the women see them they get so h**** they start buying them for me

  • Great very poetic loved it thank you

  • I wear red panties

  • I love wearing panties in different colors I love pink, red white ,black panties .I have been wear panties seen the early twenties of age.i like to wear cotton and micro panties.I well not go back wearing male briefs

  • How do you go about buying your own? I wear panties but only ones my wife has bought

  • Go on line or just go to wal mart like I do

  • Just go buy them or go on line

  • Go out and buy your own. it is really fun. tell the sales ladie they are for you and check out her face. it is great.

  • I just ordered 3 sexy pairs on Amazon. Two pink and a black

  • The web has it all!

  • I buy my own panties. I make sure that I really think they will look real!y good on me.

  • Ideal scenario coming up go to a supermarket buy a St valentines card at the same visit buy a multi pack of knickers( panties)or even two build up your stock.the sales assistant will think your romantic or a pervert who gives damn anyhow.

  • I just go in to the supermarket and go to the self service till

  • Guys please your body live once wear what make you happy. I'm man 100%straight. I been wear vanity fair15712size8 for 20yrs best ever.more&Moore guys make switch nylon panties there choice.I wear briefs. Guys do y'all remember when women use wear our old tight whitey. Now they wearn nylon panties too. Silk nylon smooth fit body. Nice sexy fill .no summer row nuts us man use get!!!best ever I build up my stock .I may have more average woman. Size 7i have 2dozen 24 size 7. Same size 8!!!! Guys don't be same don't wait if you try on sister panties then go order yours come in package .only you joy what you our wearing. Guys time live enjoy your life.

  • Iam a guy that wears panties all the time and I buy my own panties my self.i can not for see wearing any thing else.I like different colors of panties my favorite color is pink panties.

  • I'm soon be 56!!

  • Thats great , i am 68.

  • I'm 78 and I've been wearing panties with my wife's consent for the past 15 years, and secretly since my teens. Now I've added bras, girdles and pantyhose, all of which I love.

  • Is it a weird that I only have s** if I'm wearing my gf panties? She mostly wears thong or brief panties.

  • I`m 53 and I also love wearing panties and have for 40 years. I started trying on my mother`s and my sisters`s underwear and bras when I was 12. I had just finished taking a shower and saw one my mom`s panties and bras on the bathroom counter. I made sure the door was locked and then I put on a pink panty and a matching bra and looked at myself in the mirror. Is was my first time of wearing women `s clothing in any way. Wearing them made me so hard and h**** and I ended up jerking off. Other than having wet dreams it was the first time I had made myself c**! There is nothing like the feeling of having on satin panty. The look and feel of just wearing a pair of panties and a bra around the house still turns me on. I really like how satin panties feel under my jeans when I`m out. My girlfriend is ok with it and has even shopped with me.

  • I like to wear panthose in a bar that what I have on now.

  • I have on panthose and a bar on right now

  • I feel the same as you do,because I have been wearing panties starting in my twenties.I like the cotton and micro panties.The colors I like are pink,red black ,white panties,i like to wear them under my jeans also.It makes me hard and h**** too.At night I sleep in panties and a oversize t-shirt.

  • What's wrong with it. I do it too.

  • I've been wearing knickers for wife don't mind,she's fine with it.

  • More&moore men taken switch wear nylon brief panties you not alone why worry men were nylon panties he happy his body woman use wear old tightwhite now they wear nylon. Or satin panties there happy man can happy they wear there body.I'm man 100%straight I been wear 20yrs.

  • My wife buys me nylons and other nice undergarments to wear. There are many sexy pieces designed for men. I wear nylons to work and just cannot begin to express how awesome they feel.
    Ladies, if your man is into sexy dressing GO FOR it you will LOVE it...

  • Ive been wearing pantys since i was 9 im 24 now i love thongs and g strings the most the girlish and tighter the sexier i feel wearing my wifes purple thung now while jerking off i love the feeling

  • The songs are a turn on. I love the feeling on my ass.

  • I've been wearing panties for as long as I could remember. (Wearing my mother in laws as I wrote this) it started with mom and sisters, then as I got more courage- aunts, sisters or friends, etc. I even as I got older stole panties from friends houses and even the Kinsey room one time. The thought of the women who was wearing them is the best feeling while masturbating. (Not family fantasize, they just feel good) but as I got idler and knew where to look to just see women in panties gets me aroused... Up skirts, thongs whale tailing, or just a pantie peek from someone's jeans....

    Something about it so sexy. Now wearing. My mother in laws panties is my secret Goto, beautiful thick but in shape women..... Mmmmm' mmmmmm

  • Nice

  • Same here as far as my mother-in-laws panties & bras. Her panties are all nylon even though they are the granny panties. Love smelling/licking her panties but mostly enjoy kissing and licking the inside of her big bra cups (44DD)especially when I get them from the clothes hamper. I have about 6 of her bras that I have acquired over the years. When she throws them out, my wife will get them out of the trash and brings them to me!! Love licking the inside of her big bra cups AFTER her big t*** have been in them all day!!

  • I've done the very same would love to chat

  • I first got into panties by sniffing them, and then I started to wear them. They felt so great and I have been hooked ever since.

  • I love sniffing worn panties!

  • I love wearing panties. I have been getting into wonder women panties and silky frilly ones. I like them pink and as girly as possible. I have had a thing for panties for many years. They feel so comfy and right.

  • I wear women's thongs, I really love pink ones

  • I wear panties all the time ,because they feel a lot better then men underwearPlus I can get different styles and colors. I well never go back to men under wear.

  • I'm man been wearen woman nylon brief nylon panties vanity fair 15712 aiE8 over 20yrs best ever for man&woman wear ty. Best ever.20yrs current.

  • I love #15712 vanity fair! Rock on!

  • I love wearing panties. my favorite type is vanity fair full cut white nylon panties, because the are the REAL underwear! I am 77 years old and I have been totally straight all my life and only like wearing panties. I don't care for wearing any other womens clothing.

  • I love wearing satin and nylon panties. Been wearing them for over 30 years now and still loving it. They just feel great.

  • Black are my favorite color silky or nylon they fit snug and feel comfortable been wearing them for about 3 years now

  • Avoid Immoral Women
    1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”
    15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love.
    20Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
    or fondle the b****** of a promiscuous woman?
    21For the lord sees clearly what a man does,
    examining every path he takes.
    22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.
    23He will die for lack of self-control;
    he will be lost because of his great foolishness.

  • WTF?

  • I normally do not argue the bible, if your claiming my wife is immoral you do not know here, if you claim i will go to h*** because i wear panties, then i say to you there well be a lot of women our there in h*** for wearing men clothing, or styles that men wear, but that is my opinion, secondly allot of women will be condemned for working in a mans job. or men's work. with that in mind there will be allot of disappointed people in h***, and very few people in heaven, in my opinion. this topic has always been a sore spot in churches to discuss. since the few commandments that Christ passed down, one in which he said tell people how to be redeemed, along with the ten commandments of the old testament, that judgment and punishment are solely his to do. by my understanding your are also calling everyone a homosexual on here by your post, but you do not know of them or who they are. Christ also told you the only way to be saved is to accept him as your lord & savior, confess your sins, for all come short of the glory of god, and our nature is to sin, now some interpret that give you a free card to sin and all is for gotten, that is not true, we are held accountable for our sins even your sins can be forgiven if you confess and your are honest about it. I never said in my post i was not satisfied with my wife, I have confessed my sins have pray allot about my sins as you would call them I honestly think & feel by faith that god cares more about my soul then my body of flesh. and my spiritual walk with him. then my body of flesh.

  • We really don't need ANY of this religious mumbo jumbo crap, do we?.

  • Keep thumping that bible. BTW the word B****** is in the bible so no need to ***** it out

  • I love the feeling of wearing panties. They make me feel like a s***

  • It's only panties, get over it.

  • I love wearing satin panties I first got hooked at age 11 when I felt my moms satin leopard print panties. I love the way they feel against my c*** and b**** at what age did you 1st get to wear satin panties?

  • When I was 15

  • I was about 12

  • Yes!! I WEAR feminine panties!! Love,how they feel,their comfortable!! I feel,very NATURAL, and enjoy life,being my own personal vixen!! I wear panties,24/7!! ? !!

  • I started wearing panties 20 years ago, I always had whitey tighties for stand by, I use to only wear them at home when nor one was around, I fought with it for years up till about 10 years ago. used to hide them, at the time I had a girlfriend who thought it was cool, it helped a great deal. but still hid it from a lot of people I hated myself for it, i was afraid people would think I was gay, which I'm not. I even like teddies, and other female articles of clothing. then I realized i like wearing panties for me, and if a woman could not accept that then oh well. I have been married for almost 9 year now my wife actually indulges that side of me a great deal. when i accepted the fact that everyone has a little weirdness in them and who are they to judge, if it does not hurt anyone or myself then it matters not I would Rather be happy then be uncomfortable in my own skin before my wife i had a GF who freaked out about it, but later accepted it. . their is no harm, if their are other who fight with this try to buy neutral colors, maybe full coverage brief, remove the tag after purchase. but the most liberating thing you can do, is go straight into the women dept and purchase your very own, but I suggest checking your size 1st to save time in picking them go to any women clothing website, look of their size chart, for instance in men undies i wear medium , but in women I wear 7's or 8's depending on the style. the 1st time I did that i could not wait to get home to try them on,, it was a huge rush. for me and also a big step too. if you still have trouble buying from a store try a catalog or website that's how i started out, I wear panties pretty much everyday now, though i still get a rush purchasing them mainly it still consider taboo, and i still have a few have tighty whitings. hope this help someone out there.

  • I love buying my own panties. I usually want a women sales person so I can tell her they are for me! I just want to see her reaction. they usually are really cute about it. I picked out my favorites, two pair of full cut white nylon panties and then she thrilled me to death by telling me that is what was she was wearing! it turned me on so much . what a great day.

  • I also wear panties 24/7, the wife does not like it, but she tolerates it. They are so much more comfortable than men's under ware . I started wearing them when I was in the Army, I ran out of my tighty whities, and the wife gave me a pair of hers to ware, so in a way she got me started on them. I have about 300 pair, I prefer Briefs, they have a wider crotch. I was caught one time by a coworker, he told all my fellow employes, which worked out good for me, they bought me more panties, trying to be a bunch of smart a****. I told them that if they ever put on a pair that they to would start wearing them, because they are a lot more comfortable than mens.

  • I cannot fathom why any man would want to wear any women's item of clothing, least of all panties. I don't for a second buy that they are "comfortable". They are made for women, who are built completely different. They're not designed to hold our junk. The only reason I can see for a man wearing them is for sexual fetish; thus, I do not believe gay men wear them, just straight men, therefore, no, I do not believe wearing panties makes a man gay, I mean, if gay men wouldn't wear them.... I know I speak out of ignorance and have no authority on the subject but as a straight man, I find the idea of men wearing panties repulsive.

  • You said it yourself, IGNORANCE, you haven't got a clue what you are waffling about, so why not just shut it, you are such a PRAT.

  • A panty fetish is thrilling & fulfilling. Adds a level of intensity to m*********** & explosive e**********. C** try it!

  • You admit to speaking out of ignorance.why not keep your big mouth shut women's lingerie is really comfortable try it and see for yourself otherwise keep shtum.

  • You are obviously a complete and utter PRAT who doesnt have a clue what you are talking about. I have been wearing women's black knickers for over fifty years and I just LOVE the feel of them. What is wrong with that???

  • Don't knock it, until you try it.

  • Dear anonymous I as a guy love wearing womens sexy panties . The nylon panties feel soo great on our bodies and fit like a glove and most important hold eveything in place.nylon bikini womens panties feel so nice when wearing answer is I love putting on a pair of my sexy preferably pink nylon womens panties I purchased first thing in the morning and feeling them on my body the whole day long. At the end of my day the feeling of having worn womens sexy panties all day warms me up inside and and like in cloud nine. The feeling of having a pair of womens sexy panties on all day under my clothing is such a turn on there is hardly any other feeeling like melting all day in a piece of sexy lingerie such as some hot pink panties. My ex loved seeing me in panties and enjoyed playing,touching and rubbing my chosen sexy panties and getting me all wet by the end of the night. Womens panties hot and sexy nylon or silk or polyester all feel great around my lower body and sorry but they feel greatand can't help not to go without wearing womens sexy panties because they feeling is soo great and irresistable not to stop wearing womens panties... hope you can understand some of us were born this way and introduced to sexy lingerie at a young age and the urge to have first time trying on womens panties I couldn't resist and don't know why !!!. maybe because of the soft materials and sexy colors ! Love wearing womens nylon bikini panties cause they make my butt feel nice and cause my butt is nice maybe this is why I fetish panties !

  • Why worry about men wear woman panties heck we do I've been wear vanity fair 15712 size 8 for 15, yes! Nylon satin silk panties for men & ever 5star. 100% guys get your own I Did.

  • I really can't see the problem. Women's knickers are very comfortable and very practical. I have been wearing panties for at least 15 years and no longer have any mens' underwear. I like skimpy knickers. I'm very slim, have next to no body hair, and they suit me. I also have four navel piercings, which IMHO look pretty OK.

  • I'm a little younger than most people here. I'm 15 and I've been wearing them since like 13 or 14. I've been wanting to since I was 12, but I never worn them until my sister got her own room, and accidentally left some clothes in my room and forgot. Now, I am still wearing them (and I am right now), and love them. They're comfortable.

  • I enjoy women's panties very much. they are much softer than men's underwear and feel very comfortable.

  • You are so right women's underwear are so mutch nicer and feel more comfy next do your skin I just love wearing lingerie.I really love wearing knickers so f****** what.

  • I agree not only are they more comfortable they are more sensual they hug your every contour and gently caress your skin.womens knickers( panties) sorry I am British, are far superior than men's underwear.I do wish designers would take this into consideration and make men's underwear more exiting.

  • Oh, I forgot to add that I've also started wearing other stuff since then.

  • When I was a young boy I found myself attracted to girls underwear. I had a sister and I would often go into her room and take a pair of panties out of the drawer and put them on, it felt so nice. As we grow older she began to wear nylon panties and for me this was heaven. As I grew older my attraction to girls underwear graduated to to women's clothes in general.
    I am writing this entry wearing the following women's clothing all from Marks and Spencer. I am wearing a pair of high rise black panties, a pair of Body sensor tights, a bra which I have padded out to create a large pair of t*** and a little black number tight fitting dress. I prefer my skirts and dresses to be tight fitting. I find it so second nature to dress in women's wear.
    My confession is that I now know that I am a cross dresser and I love it!

  • Very nice too, and good for you I am with you all the way.

  • Is it weird that I'm getting erect reading this
    26 M CA

  • Not at all. Try it yourself and enjoy the pleasure. You won't regret it.

  • Started wearing panties at 12. Im 64 wear nylon or satin 24/7. They look better, feel better and fit better. More comfortable than mens. Wife is ok with my panties thinks they look sexy on me.

  • I wear panties when ever I can. My wife hates it.

  • I have worn knickers since i was six. I used to dress in my sisters navy blue PE knickers and vest and dance around like the girls at school. Now aged 27 i am transitioning at long last. Womens clothes from top to toe.

  • I think Ive become addicted to wearing my GFs panties and bra when she is at work. I go on webcam and show off my sexy ass for guys. Email me if anyone wants pics or wants to chat/maybe have some fun

  • I do the same when my wife is at work. I got a maid outfit, I love wearing.

  • I started wearing my mom's panties at 12. I found the book "everything you always wanted to know about s** (but we're afraid to ask )" in her panty drawer and started masturbating with them.

  • You can see my panties ill show you any body want to see mine

  • Nice would love to see you in her panties and bra

  • Im a boy you can see me im my panties if you want

  • Me too !!. I'm getting hard thinking about it.

  • Do you want to see my panties you canill take them you can tell me to ttake of my panties

  • Minä myös pukeudun naisten ihaniin alusasuihin. Olen käyttänyt niitä jo 35vuott?

  • The thoughts of wearing panties just don't happen. For some like myself I have always been attracted to female clothing. Some it's the curiosity of wanting to try them on. I am 50 old at the time of writing this and have been wearing panties for 43 years, yes since the age of 7. No I did not wear my mother's panties or my sister's. I don't have any sister's. I was 7 years old and I was being sexually molested by a neighbor girl. I was at baseball practice at the local Swimming pool and I found my first pair of panties. I picked the panties up and I took them home. In fact 43 years later I still have them. I have owned thousands of pairs of panties over 43 years. I have been married twice and both x-wives knew I wore panties. I am currently with a woman I have been with for a long time and yes she knows and doesn't care that I wear panties

  • These sexual thoughts of wearing soft nylon briefs didn't happen over night. I always been strongly attractive to white nylon briefs and I DONTCARE for any other pair, little undies!! is not sexy. and cotton panties SUCK Wearing panties with my wife during s** is wonderful Really turns her on to rub my c*** with her nylon panties. But be careful its addictive she loves to jack my c*** with a pair as she sucks away. I tell her I've been in your panty draw she loves the dirty talk. so yes I still grab me a pair and let a hot load go and always will.. IM JUST SO MAD PEOPLE ARE SCARED TO BE FORWARD WOMEN ARE TURNED ON BY NYLON TOO THEY RUB THERE T*** AND C*** AS YOU POUND AWAY LOVE TO GRAB THAT SILKY ASS WHILE ITS ITS MOTION I BUY PANTIES ALL THE TIME I SEE EXITICMENT ON THE LADYS FACE WHEN I GO IN FOR 5 PAIRS OF NYLON BREIFS AND CHECK OUT. lADYS IF YOUR NOT GETTING SOME AT HOME PUT ON A SHINY WHITE NYLON PAIR OF NYLON BREIFS I PROMISE SOMEBODY WILL BE RIGHT OVER

  • Iagree you our correct. You as men your lady know all matter please yourself. Be happy only like once.who ever don't like it tell them get there own.pair of vfnylon panties for men &woman tooooo!

  • I am a happilied married straight man and I wear panties 24/7. I enjoy the look and feel of them, and prefer the Victoria's Secret cheeky style with the lace trim. All the sales girls at our local store know I wear them, and help me pick out new ones when I go there. They tell me that they have lots of male customers who shop there for themselves. I say wear what you want, it's your business.

  • That's cool that the salesgirls know. Would love to be in that position!

  • I absolutely love wearing women's panties. I'm a straight male that has worn women's panties for decades. Love em. All colors and styles and love pink panties. Now I probably own 45 pairs but want to increase that number to millions. Much more comfortable than mens underwear. I'm an artist and musician and love the choice of fabrics, styles and colors. Mens underwear...boring. Women's panties...exciting.

  • I am a red blooded U.S. Male and had groin surgery six years ago and was advised from another patient to wear women's underwear during recovery, which was about four months. I found several brands, stlyes, and fabrics to be very comfortable. I like shopping for panties and it took awhile to find the best size, etc. I continue wearing them and much prefer them to men's underwear for fit, support, and comfort. They are great for travel as I can pack more, they are easy to launder, and dry fast, and my wife and I can do our laundry together. I prefer white briefs, no lace. They are men's underwear if they are on me, and I don't think about them once they are on. I have never had a problem from anyone in any store. All sales ladies have been very helpful and several of them remember me months later and show me different brands, etc.

  • I like wearing Disney character panties for girls. Right now I'm wearing the "frozen" character panties. So cute.

  • You ca emailme il showyou mine

  • You can see my panties whenever you want

  • Im a boy ilove wearing Disney pantie I wear hanna montanna high school musical panties mickey mouse panties tinkerbell panties princess panties Barbie panties

  • Im married and love to wear panties, pantyhose, stockings, bras all the above. I love to crossdress. She loves it when we make love when i wear her things. Now i have my own. I wear pantyhose under my jeans when we go places. Try it guys. I love the way stocking feels on my legs.

  • I am marrried to a wonderful lady and she tell me that I look sexy in her panties. I like to pick out her panties because I get to see the pretty ones and I also get to try them on. They r really comforable and now she lets me wear them all the time.

  • Wish my wife would agree to that, I love the silky ones

  • I love wearing knickers have over 50 pairs my wife is fine about it she likes to pull them up and down during s**, sometimes we buy some when we are out shopping together it's very exciting tot rush home and try them on nothing feels more natural to me I spend ages deciding which t wear sometimes two pairs is the only answer!

  • I love to wear womens panties all the time because I dont like to wear guy underwear. My wife said to me that those panties fit you better than thay do on me. I like to pick out nice and pretty ones. I wear pink panties all day long.

  • Get rash wearing cotton underwear. Doctor advised trying nylon underwear. Men's were $30/pair, way too expensive. Called doctor and she said just try nylon panties without the cotton liner and wear them for two weeks to see if the fabric worked better than cotton, since they were a lot cheaper. I agreed to try. I got an odd look from the salesgirl, but she took my waist and hip measurements and to the panties. She found a fairly plain looking brief in plain colors, was wider in the crotch area, and no cotton liner, but they did have a small elastic band around the leg openings that was designed to have a lacy look. they ended up being 5.99 for 3 pairs. They fit really well, but went up higher on my waist than I was used to. No rash from the nylon. Doctor was pleased said try another month, so I bought more from the store. My sister thought it was funny when she found out I had to wear panties and teased me about it. She put a makeup bag in my room, bras, pantyhose, knee socks and frilly socks in my drawers, hung a blouse and pleated skirt and a flowery dress in my closet, and put high heels in with my other shoes. She said it would all fit me. When I told her to take her stuff back to her room, and that I was not interested in dressing up, she said it was not all hers. She said she told her friends, and they helped her out. Since the nylon panties gave no rash, the doctor recommended them full time until the men's pricing comes down. Through the years, I felt the pain as panties that fit me were discontinued. Then I had to find another brand or style and explain my allergy to the salesperson over the phone or in person. Some were helpful and some were hateful. Did have to break down and wear the girly colors or styles when no other options were available. The men's nylon were about $20/pair when I last checked and panties way cheaper. Most girls had no problem with me in panties. A few asked gay? pervert? Panties are just underwear to me, nothing sexual.

  • I wear James microfiber panties for the same reason. Been wearing nothing but for almost three years and haven't had a rash or been galded since. Fiance is aware and has bought new ones for me in the past. They are more comfortable than men's and cooler in the summer. Drawback is that they're cooler in the winter also. Lol

  • Meant Hanes

  • I had the same experience. I felt embarrassed when my wife first saw them and when I went back to the doctor. However she approved and said they didn't always have to be white. To my surprise my wife was really turned on by them

  • I keep getting boils in my genital area and i mean real bad was in the hospital for also so the doctors told me to wear pantys and it worked if you were a guy you would understand having what we have between our legs is no picnic thtas why we were jock straps in sports almost like wearing a thong to speak of it keeps everything in one place

  • I wear panties often, many of them women's. I enjoy the feel, and the idea that it is forbidden. It does not hurt anyone yet it makes me feel special. I am male, straight, and 65 years old.

  • I wear panties and tights every day. I love the feel against my skin. I have just bought a red dress and ladies shoes. When I settle down for the evening I feel so feminine. Dressing as a man now feels uncomfortable

  • Thanks for your post, im a bi guy in my 60, s and have been wearing panties etc for many years, I work nights but in the daytime, I wear panties stockings suspenders and bra, I never go out in them but want to, I need to make friends with someone who understands my need to dress as a woman.

  • I wear panties 24/7, I also have gone out dressed as a woman, I have also sucked a few c****, I love the taste of c**, straight from the source.

  • May I ask where you live.?

  • Baldwinsville, N.Y.

  • Hi I love to wear the same as you do to have for years I am in bra panties garter and nylons now I wear them out all day under my things no one nos but me

  • I dont called them women panties i called dem panties for all. dont really know how it started but all i know u cant see without panties on me. i love it becuse it makes me more comfortable.

  • Me too

  • I love wearing frilly panties and wanking in them

  • I love wearing bra and panties. I love the feel of the silky material. They give me a real h****** and then i love wanking off in them.

  • Me to.

  • My old girlfriend from years ago was the kinkyest girl I ever new. the best thing she ever did to me was to have me put on HER white nylon panties. then fondle me until I was straight up, then jack me off. then she would put her mouth over the panties and blow me . it was wonderful when the panties got wet. she would keep goin until I came through the panties !.it was so wonderful. after wearing her panties, I got hooked on wearing them myself.

  • Hello ware are u I also wear panties 247 and looking for a friend to b with. me e mail is Lee.

  • You can see my panties whenever you want

  • Im a boy ill show you my panties whenever you want

  • Im a boy you can see my panties whenever you want ilove wearing panties you can se mine

  • I where panties all the time

  • Is kinky, my lover loves to wear them occationally, he has several of my panties, he wants to know what color and style I'm wearing everyday. Since I'm a kinky girl I love that. They don't creep me out, i would be more creep out if he was into something worst than that.

  • I'm 43 male and straight and have been with my girlfriend for 3 years, i tried a pair of her knickers on in bedroom once for a laugh in front of her, she liked it but dare not tell me that incase i said f**k off !...i liked wearing them to and was ashamed to tell her i enjoyed putting them day she confronts me with it and asks me if i would wear knickers under my jeans when we go out etc, instead of mens boxers, so i did and it felt kinky and i enjoyed it as much as her, was our little secret...and now we go shopping for loads more pairs for me, feels cheeky and naughty but we both love it

  • What gives you the right to decide what clothes should only be for which gender? You have no right to try to stop someone from doing what they want, so just accept it.


  • Men&woman wear nylon panties great I beenwearn nylon panties 20yrs I'm not gay never will be each of there own. Nylon panties for men &woman too! Enjoy build own stock 365 Days yr.get your own.

  • Arsehole

  • You should know because you probably are Gay

  • when my sister was away for job i asked they key of her room. First she said no ,later on she gave me. I went to her room.wear her panties and i took her all panties , later on she said me if i saw her panties i said i have not but she knew that i took all her panties. I said her that i liked her panties she gave all her panties and i love to wear them.

  • I think it happens a whole lot more then you realize. I'm a guy and yes I wear them but I have discussed the issue with several women who all assure me that it's very common. I mean look around the internet even. Also in my defense, I don't think I do it in a creepy way, I'm honest and open about it. I don't j******* in them or sniff them but I love the feel of them and really think its all about the fact that I'm doing something I've always been taught to not do. Someting taboo in other words although I'm not sure why we are taught that really.

  • I have c** in every pair of nylon panties I ever put on.

  • You must have some serious stains on your underwear.I can not think of anything more vile.

  • I wear them. I deffinately dont sniff them they are just a more comfortable fitt(most pairs). Its something new. Our underwear just gets boring sometimes

  • I bet all those confessions are from the same guy!

    But I agree, wtf is up with jerkin off in panties??? I mean, wouldn't the girl notice if her panties are all crusty when she goes to put them on? F****** losers. . .it is the only way they will ever be able to come close to impregnating someone!

  • You are sp right these same guygs and excuses are on all the sites.

  • Once while playing softball I wore my wifes panties- by accident. She was supposed to bring my change of clothes after work and she made the mistake by grabing the wrong pair...maybe easy to do since I generally go commando. Anyway, I am in the truck in the parking lot changing and since I am not used to undewear at all, I put them on. They were really tight and I go to her after I had dressed and said...hey, these are really tight. She said...let me see them, so I pull the back of my trousers down a little in the back to let her see. she starts laughing and says they are hers. We still joke about it. The only time in maybe 20 years I wear underware at all have been her panties.

    I don;t get guys fascination either. It creeps me out to hear guys sniffing and j********** into them too and I think I'm pretty kinky at times too.

  • I too wear silky shiny knickers and just love the feel of them and find that the tighter they are the more sensuous they feel and will continue to wear them as long as its possible.
    In general female under clothes when displayed are much more erotic for they are like that to attract the male, those of us males who wear them i suppose could be said to be wanting to seek other males similarly dressed for an interesting sexual time.
    A lot of these thoughts have at some stage gone through my own mind but have as yet not availed myself in the situation probably this is because most men do not look like girls when dressed.

  • I wear women's panties. They're sexy and comfortable. This doesn't harm anyone else but it really turns me on. Why? I've no idea. I just go along with it.

  • Keep on going along with it I love wearing panties as you say it does not harm anyone the only people who don't think the same have never tried wearing lingerie the reason it turns me on is because lingerie is so sensual they make me feel femenine and are just lovely to wear.

  • I agree with you they are note comfortable and sexy

  • Being a “Type A” personality I could spool up very tight, after 26 years in the cockpit I had may heart attack, following quadruple by-pass on the day of my hospital release my cardiac surgeon closed the door for a private talk. He suggest that I would consider wearing woman panties telling me they would have a CALMING EFFECT and would help me from spooling up tight. Well sure enough I gave it a try, following by-pass a person is really cooperative with his medical team.

    A year later, my chest plate still was very uncomfortable playing golf, this time he suggest chest support, choice 1 was going to a medical supply to the tune of $60 or $70 each or choice 2 go to Wal-Mart and buy sports bras without cups in 3 for $10 packages. Yelp that was 16 years ago, walk 18 holes everyday (weather permitting) in my panties and sports bra …………wish I knew 40 years ago.

  • I don't like the lingerie part but will do it ... love wearing panties always and when I get busted by panty lines or by seeing I don't care the women get h**** ... I get more p**** than you can think of women really do love a man in their panties and get jealous if any other woman sees me in them .... been doing this since 8 yrs. old and now 51 and will die in my panties

  • If your straight and want to share panty pics or hmmmm
    women or men straight only I will answer your questions

  • I wear full cut vanity fair white nylon panties, an I like to show them off in public. I am very good at making it look accidental. I pull the up high on my waist and pull my jeans down a little. when I bend over, a large amount of the panties show. I I wait until some women are standing around and I will drop something in front of them snd bend over in front of them and give them a good. it works great. the best part about it is I have had women follow me out the mall and ask me if iam wearing panties. it is great! they asked me if I did it on purpose. and I said absolutely not. I would appoligize to them. one older women was great. she wanted to see them again. so I went to my car and opened the door while she was standing in front of me, I took my jeans down in front of her. she said she couldn't believe it. but she liked it. she said wow, they are just like my panties. then we parted. what a wonderful day.

  • I have been flashing my panties off and on for years. I wear a short t-shirt and when I bend over my panties show. I'm careful to make sure it's adult women when it's accidentally on purpose. I have had several women smile and follow me a bit to see if what they saw was really panties. I had one tell me in the parking lot that she liked my panties. It's all good.

  • I love wearing pantys fake silicone b****** in size E in my bra to with my p**** tucked between legs not a better feelling

  • I have been wearing panties for over four years now and I love it. I also wear a pantyliner to keep them clean. I would never go back to boxers.

  • I wear thongs as well and also use the pantyliners to keep it clean. Wife got mad but she slowly accepting me. Wear panties 24/7 and camisoles at night.

  • I been wearing panties more than 40yrs.i started when I seen my sister in laws silk dirty panties on the floor .I pick them up and smell them right away and got tune on so much that I blew my c** /now im hooked and loving it

  • Iv been hooked on panties for long time, but the ones are my niece dirty ones, are my favorite, I wish she would catch me smelling them or wearing them,because dirty ones are the best. im going shopping today for panties

  • I am a straight married man and i dont wear any otger form ofvunderwearxapartcfrom panties/knickers including Thongs and Gstrings.
    they are a lot more comfortable and a lot more softer than boring mens underwear.
    the main thing is, my wife loves me wearing my knickers/panties, Thongs and Gstrings.

  • I am single and st8 but have been wearing panties 24/7 for many years now, and also sleep in satin nighties. lingerie feels and looks so much better then any mens. all i need now is a gfriend.

  • Sadly I was given divorce papers when I wore panties.

  • How sad that she did not understand but then again a lot of woman just don't understand why a man might just want to get in touch with his feminine side.

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