What the F***?

My brother passed away five years ago and his wife dates on and off but there doesn't seem to be anyone serious in her life. So every so often we get together and when it comes time to say goodbye we always hug and exchange a kiss on the cheek. About a month ago she asked me if I could come over and get some boxes down from the attic she had wanted to go through.
So I went over and got the boxes down and we sat and talked for a little while after. So when it was time to leave we hugged at the door and instead of receiving the usual kiss on my cheek, she gave me a kiss on the lips.
Ok, so I returned the kiss in a friendly way. However, she kept kissing me a few more times on my lips until I felt her tongue slip between my lips. The next thing I know we are standing at the door making out like Teenagers in heat.
I don't know how long we made out but I know when she pulled back a little my c*** was hard as a rock. Her face was flushed, so I knew she was excited as much as I was. Then it was like the moment had passed for her and I left a few minutes later with a rock hard erection.
This was not the only time that this happened either, there have been several other times that we have made out together. Each time it ends the same way, with me leaving all worked up.
Whenever I bring the subject up to her she always finds an excuse not to discuss it at that particular time, but it doesn't stop her from making out with me the next time the opportunity presents it's self.
I could understand if I was the one trying to initiate something but since it's her doing makes it only more confusing.

Dec 26, 2015

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  • FYDBWRITP ... (F*** Your Dead Brother's Widow Right In The P****)

  • I agree with the guy that said she wants you because you remind her of her brother. If your brother has really passed, than control your d***. Com on man she was your sister in law. Your sick to even kiss her like this. 4.5 billion woman in the world and you got to mess with her. She don't want to talk about it because she knows it wrong. Nasty!!! Wake up man!

  • She must feel guilty but wants to feel wanted

  • She wants you, but she doesn't want to talk about it. You remind her of her late husband. Next time, just take her and have your way with her.

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