I am Malay...so why??

I don't know why others people hate malaysia and malay (especially)...why they hate muslims???...

Philipines :

Malaysia take sabah from us!!!

Answer : our goverment bought sabah a long time ago...they even paid annually...

Indonesian :

They take our culture!!!

Answer : it's not yours...

Malaysian chinese :

They say us BABI!!

Answer : it's just a word...'babi' means pig...i also don't know why they said that...not only chinese okay...they even joking with malay...

Maybe i'll continue this confession...my battery is very low...what do you know????okay....assalamualaikum...

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  • You Malays don't know this, but non-muslim Malaysians hate Muslims because of you, Malays. Please go overseas and see many races of Muslims for your education.
    In Islam, racism doesn't have a place. But Malays go against it.
    I'm a convert foreigner and know exactly how they feel. I don't speak BM, so whenever I have Islamic gatherings with them, I just sit quiet. No "muslim" at the table speaks to me. Unlike other muslims from non-Malay background.
    Non-muslim Malaysians hate Malays, why??? Well, give yourself a plenty of time to contemplate :)

  • Oh, and please stop trying to buy foreigners' positive feelings towards you over Indonesians. To my eyes as a Muslim, Indonesia and Singapore's approach to Islam look healthier. I'm of course against teachings not following Al-Quraan and authentic hadith, but for example, you must not kill a pig brutally just because it's haram :)
    Also, please stop gossiping about me, a new convert, just because I didn't know crossing right in front of a praying person is forbidden. Why not have a sincere heart to inform me of it rather than spreading gossips in a bad tone?
    Oh and I will never forget this...when I was sitting at a closed meeting room with a registrar at Shariah Court to legalise my conversion, this female registrar with Hijab said "Ooooo your husband is so handsome!" with a bad sneer. Never forget.

  • Really "that's not yours" you f****** idiot it's been our culture since before your country exist f****** n*****

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