I am fixated on women's b******

I know this is weird, being fascinated and fixated on other women's b******.

I have been caught many times staring, sometimes with women I know and other times with stranger women in public places. To me the breast is the most appealing feature of a woman. I had a girlfriend in college who was far more blessed than me and she would invite me to suckle her and to play with her b******. I have not gotten over how wonderful b****** are, and how good it feels to just suckle on them.

I will at times exhibit my b****** around the house, in front of my husband and kids. MY kids should see b****** in their natural form. I have also exhibited my b****** in front of friends, when we have back yard BBQ pool parties. I have encouraged other women to bare it all, to show them off, I don't ask my girls to cover up either, I want them to grow up and feel free to show off what they have, and be proud of their b****** when they come in.

I envy those women who in the early societies who were free to show their b******, to show one and all that they were women.

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