Accidental nudity

I've been leaving my bedroom door open when I change clothing knowing that my son and his friends are in the house and will see me if they walk passed my bedroom. I don't know why but it gives me such a trill hoping they will see me and spy on me

Dec 28, 2015

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  • While my wife pretends she’s changing clothes with the door open hoping our son’s friends would see her if they pass by I see her from the bed lying down jerking me off.

  • When I was in high school my mom hired a maid to help out at home. She used to come 2-3 days a week. I left my my bedroom door ajar for her to come in with the folded laundry and I pretended to be surprised in my underwear watching playboy magazines on my bed. It was like our afternoon routine. Then I started taking a shower around the time she was going to come and left the bathroom door open so she could watch me through the shower glass doors. One day when she came in I had just showered and watching a playboy nude in my bedroom hammock. She got closed to me and nervously unfolded the hammock off of my belly and gave me a hand job. She was fifty something. I asked her to give me a b******* but she claimed she had never done that so she wouldn’t do it. One day I told her I needed to f*** her and she said she would do that. She turned around and leaning on my bedroom window she pulled up her maid uniform, puller her panties aside and asked me to f*** her from behind. It was close to the end of her working hours and her husband had already come to pick her up and we could watch him from me bedroom window as I f***** her. It was very arousing and I had a premature e**********. That was the only time we did it.

  • I walk around the house j********** when my sons girlfriend is here. She doesn't care and sometimes i will shoot c** at her.

  • I leave toilet open when i go for a s****

  • Send ur son on an errant and suck his friend

  • I did that and I have to go to the bathroom to m********* with the door open

  • I do the same when my daughter's boyfriend is around, get so wet thinking about him, if they ever brake up I will help him get over it!

  • I've purposely taken showers when my son and his frends are home and then walked around the house pretending to look for specific clothing items. It's a big turn on to see them looking at me and drooling. I think one of them would like to f*** me, if I let him. I think some day I will....

  • Oooh what a lucky boy he will be

  • Good girl such a s***

  • If I saw I would definitely come in and see what you're willing to do

  • Its not really accidental if you leave your door open so your so and his friend can see you ? lol

  • I love it. As a Mom I have done the same thing and enjoyed it very much. Knowing that some young guys are thinking of me when they have their private moments is so hot. Actually I do not know if I could have resisted if any of them came onto me. I believe that I would have done anything they wanted me too.

  • Good girl

  • Can u two look at my post

    Which is entitle
    Pics of me I am so hot
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