Big d*** guys want to humiliate me?

I have a tiny d***, I fantasise about big d*** men humiliating me, f****** me, making me suck them etc. What would you do to me?

I am 5'10, slim build, have a 3.5 inch d*** and am a huge secret sissy.

Describe yourself and how you would abuse me.

Dec 29, 2015

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  • Id make you watch as I f***** my wife, then as you licked her her c*** clean id cane your a***. Then id f*** you roughly and then stick my c*** in your mouth. We would then let you want your pathetic little c*** and lick you own s**** off your hand as we laugh at you

  • I know what I would do! I would beat your a double s!

  • My hubby has a d*** 14" long and boy does he know how to use it, me and the others in our swinger club can vouch for that. But, he would not abuse you, he is too much of a gentleman and he simply could not abuse you and nor could I. I have sucked c**** of about your size and they are great, no need for deep throating - which is a shame. I cannot deep throat all of my hubbys d*** and at our club there is only one lady a very fat lady who can take his whole weapon. She lays on her back on a table with her head hanging of the side of the table and when his d*** goes down her throat you can see it because her throat has to expand. Eventually it goes behind her breastplate and it is soon all in her. Then when he starts to move it in and out you can see it all happening in her throat. It is such a thrill and gets a huge audience at our club, my chest swells with pride!

  • That sounds amazing. It's a shame you guys wouldn't humiliate me, I would love to have my dickie next to your husbands, I would want him to slap it across my face and against my d***, and I would want to watch others o***** as he f**** them and then I would want to f*** them after and see how they feel me.

    I need humiliation in my life.

  • I like guys like you. I would love to invite a few of my buddies over, and introduce you to them as my new slave/toy. I would ask them if they would like to see you naked and of course, they would. I would make you strip naked and take your clothes and put them away, since you won't be needing them. We would then have a formal inspection of your body, looking everything over very closely, especially your tiny manhood. I would then entertain suggestions on what we would make you do. Perhaps we would put on some cool rock/dance music and make you dance for us, wiggling your butt and watching your little p**** bounce around. I'd bring out the video camera and capture it all for us to watch later or maybe I would show it around to people who know you, but don't know about your secret. How humiliated do you want to be? I can be more creative, like taking you on nude car rides and other pubic stuff. We are only limited by our imaginations.

  • Oh that sounds hot! Parading naked for you in front of your friends. My "tiny manhood" would probably get hard but it pokes straight out and isn't huge. Yes video me, but don't show anyone, blackmail me with it. Yes humiliate me, in front of your friends, on video, in public. Once I'm naked with you, I am u dear your control. Please tell me more, I have no limits. Humiliate me good!

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