I love being a dirty w****

I like it when I dress in a short tight mini skirt no panties, black fish net tigh high stalkings, tight white tank top no bra. Lots of red lipstick and black eyeliner hoop ear rings and my hubby bought me a collar fresh shaved p****. He ties me up from hooks on the ceiling my legs spread apart. My hands tied behind my back. He writs always with black marker across my chest w****. He then and this really makes me hot takes his hard c*** out and makes me beg to chock on it. And then he f**** my mouth rough I can swallow it and deep throat it over and over. And a lot of the time he brings over this other girl we know and they tie me up and make me watch him f*** her telling me what a good f*** she is. And then tell both dominaate me and pull my hair choke me. I like being their submissive w****. They call me names and humilate me. But my favorite thing I really love iss when he shows our girl friend how he can fist me. And how he loves my sloppy wet big used p****. And then he makes her eat me and makes me c**. And then he f**** her pusyy and fills it. Up with c** and grabs me by the hair and drags me to her freshly used c*** and makes me like every bit of his load from her or ass. While he takes pictures to send all his buddies.

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  • Very nice to have a s*** like you for a wife! To the lady that posted the comment below, call me! :)

  • I wish my husband would do that to me, there is a w**** inside me crying to get out. My hubby is to gentle with me I want it rough

  • You dirty w****. I'd love your boyfriend to invite me round to f*** you whole f**** this other girl.

  • Very sweet and love couple

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