Wife sucks

I have just found out my wife of 10 years has sucked off pretty much every man I know from the pub ( about 15 or so ). I was told by a friend and she admits it. She said " I used to do favours for the guys regularly but stopped when we met " This was done before I met her but still don't know how to feel .

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  • Bet she earned more sucking c*** than she did pulling pints

  • Like you were a virgin when you married her.

  • Who said it was the good real ale that got the punters in?

  • She's a c*********. Get over it!

  • Yeah man that's bad to find that out!

  • I would be p***** if I found that out man.

  • It's a damn shame that these guys on here want to make fun of you over something like this, and they exaggerate their own s** lives, the comment below mine it a guy not a woman so don't pay any attention to him. Just so you know, girls are sexual too and we give head to guys we like a lot. Your girl is not a ho just cause she prefers to suck d*** and it sounds to me she like many of us filling in the gaps of loneliness by giving head rather than putting out. Believe me when I say she is with you now and she wants to be with you now or she would have told you differently, not those other guys. At least she is honest with you and not trying to hide her past, be respectful and honest with her now. Stop being a p****! If you really like her than get over it cause I'm sure you're not perfect yourself

  • My husband knows I have sucked on a lot of my family and friends who he knows well. He doesn't talk about it with them. Although a couple have asked me for repeat favor and I've done it.

  • How did you get him to accept it? Id love to do this as I love sucking c*** and swallowing s****. Could you give me some tips. I also want to lick another woman's p****? Hubby is out so I'm going to d**** myself

  • I let him watch to make it more exciting for him.

  • Wow what does he say when you are sucking their c****, are you naked when you do it. You make me so h****. My hubby is working away, I will go out tonight and suck a complete stranger off, maybe a couple. Id love to find a glory hole. Do you lick p****?

  • Well I did it, went out got chatted up and after a couple of drinks I was in his car, sucking him off, he took ages to c** but when he did he fill my mouth full of s****.
    Then I got a taxi home, the driver was Asian and kept looking at me in the mirror so I flashed him my t***, he pulled into a lay bye and I sucked him off, he had a lovely circumcised c*** with a fat k***, after he spunked on my mouth he sucked my t*** then f***** me.y 1st black c*** was very nice

  • I wish I was his friend

  • Wish I was his friend, I love being sucked off and would return the favour by licking your c***

  • Bruv what she did before doesn't make a difference. If the guys told you about before, they would have told you if it was happening aftet

  • Bet she has carried on sucking c*** when she can. She's a s*** accept it

  • She a s*** and always will be

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