She wants to fight than f***!

I have been going with this gal for a while now and the way things are going it's not going to last much longer. My GF seems to look for reasons to get p***** off at me which then escalates into an intense argument.

By the time the argument seems to blow it self out she starts coming onto me, as in she wants to have s**. The argument may have ended but I'm basically still p***** for being the whipping boy for every small thing that sets her off.

I'm sorry I can't be defending myself over some stupid s*** one minute and in the next minute thinking about f****** her! This s*** happens over and over again and frankly I'm about done with her.

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  • F*** someone else

  • I agree with you. This is a good post. I can't stand woman like this. Don't p*** me off and think that I wa t to s**** you. I want to split her head wide open. I had a gf that did that a couple times so the next time she tried to pick a fight with me, I threw her on the bed and bent her over. Took her pants and panties over and took her like an animal from the butt hole. I came inside of it and she said I rapped her. No I didn't this is what she wanted. So two days later I went to her house and and she let me in. I didn't say a word and picked her up and bent her over the arm of the couch and took the butt hole again. I did this like 4 times dry in the butt hole and now she is stuck. That's all she wants is for me to rape her in the butt hole. So I do about twice a week and she goes nuts. So just take butt hole when ever you want it.

  • Oh I had one of those too! My GF would get p***** off at me for just stupid s*** and then five minutes later she wanted to f***. The only thing I was in the mood for by then was to put my hands around her neck! Thankfully I got out of that relationship.

  • Some women are like that - they like to pick arguments and fight. It's just who she is. If you can't deal with her mood swings you have to move on otherwise you're just going to be miserable. Sorry dude.

  • She sounds like a bipolar drug addict - there's a million hot kind girls out there - go find one!

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