S** and drugs

I like to find fairly innocent, naive girls in their 20's, get them drunk and then smoke some crystal meth with them. It gets them so h**** and adventurous, they are up for anything. Then they want some more the next day, etc. until it becomes a habit. I juggle about 6 or 7 young s** maniacs at a time, with another 3 or 4 in training at all times.. They are totally at my beck and call as long as I have some meth. I tell you, it's an awesome way to get yourself a harem of s** slaves ! (Plus the meth keeps them nice and thin.)

Dec 31, 2015

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  • Yeah, its a loada fun getting spun, stroking my d*** and fantasising about this kinda stuff.... meth def gets u going, im a straight married guy - but damn, all i wanna do it get f***** and f*** and suck and feel the loads of 40 big c**** bursting their throbbing pulsating hot c** down my throat and into my ass... all the while, pinning down some fun lil h**** ass cumslut girls and covering them with c** frmo head to toe... they act like they dont want it, but in truth (it is their fantasy), they're in 7th heaven with all the hot c** going inside and over them...

  • You are one piece of s***, you really are. Have you ever considered anyone else's feelings?

  • I know the effect that Crystal Meth has on me. But then again meth turns gay guys like me into c*** crazed maniac. I've never really seen to much of an alteration in straight women. But with men, we just go crazy. Straight guys don't really change that much, I always seem to have to beg straight dudes to let me at least suck their c***. So you might want to rethink what you are doing, cause your little s** harem might revolt, and hold you down and administer a heavy dose of meth. I have seen one straight guy over do it. He went roaming around Adult Bookstores and Arcades

  • Thats honestly horrible. Tf is wrong with you?

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