S** with my boss

This story was when I was 19. I worked in retail. My boss was openly bisexual or that's what he said. He would openly hit on me in front of the other guys. He would grab my ass, proposition me, etc. I would always play it off because of the other guys in our department. In fact, the main reason I always said no was because back then I didn't want word to get out that I liked men. I didn't want to get made fun of.

One day, the radio announced the only road that takes me home would be out of service for the evening. I was gonna have to drive about 45 min out of my way to get home. It was just he and I closing that night. He said, "You can always just stay the night with me. You open in the morning anyway."

I thought about it. I honestly didn't have a choice unless I wanted to drive all that way just to get home. I told him I would take him up on his offer. After we finished closing, I followed him to his apartment. He had a 1 bedroom apartment. We walked in and both sat on the couch and turned on the tv. Just chilling and watching some movie. He then said, "You mind me doing something?" I said, "Sure. Go ahead. It's your house." He said, "Well, I'm afraid you will smack me." I said, "I won't smack you."

He got up and got on his knees in front of me. He unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers down to my knees. I was instantly hard. Couldn't help it. He pushed my knees apart and started sucking my c***. God, did it feel good. I lost any inhibitions I had. (I've had b******* from several men and a few women. Top three are my current gay lover, randy (the boss I'm talking about) and my current wife in that order). He stopped after a few minutes. He said, "Let's go to bed." I said, "Ok. Where am I sleeping?" He chuckled and said, "Well, you can have the couch here or you can sleep in bed with me. If you sleep with me, I'll be naked and so will you." I said, "Sounds good to me."

I followed him to his bedroom. He went into the bathroom. I got naked and got in bed. He came out shortly and he was glorious. He was a show-er. His c*** hung about 8 inches. It dangled between his legs. He walked up to my side of the bed and I immediately started sucking it. He said, "Mmm. You are gonna be fun to play with."

He got in bed and we started 69ing. I could only suck half his c***. He made me c** very hard. He swallowed my load and kept sucking despite me begging him to stop. It was damn near uncomfortable when he wouldn't stop right after I came but eventually turned into very hot. I had another o*****! (only three ppl have been able to continuously suck me off to back to back o****** and they have all been guys). After my second o*****, he asked if he could f*** me. I told him he could.

He had me get on all fours. He put some lube on my a****** and his c***. He slowly worked his c*** inside me. It hurt like h***. He could tell and would stop. Not pull out but leave it where it was. When the pain would go away he would continue. Eventually he had his whole c*** inside me. I asked how much was in me and he said the whole thing. I told him to f*** me.

He started off slow. It didn't hurt. It felt pretty good. Soon he had his hands on my ass and was f****** me hard. I would involuntarily moan out loud. He had made me his b**** and I was totally ok with that. He f***** me for 15 minutes before telling me he was about to c**. He asked if he could c** inside me. I said, "Yes baby. C** in my p****." He said, "Ahh f*** yeah. That's what I like to hear." He slammed his c*** in and out a few more times and then I could feel him empty his load inside me.

We spooned afterwards and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up before him. His c*** was hard. I backed my ass up into it. That woke him up. He said, "You ready to go again?" I said, "Yeah. I want you to f*** me good before we go to work." I layed on my stomach with my head on the pillow but my ass in the air. He f***** me really good. Took him twice as long to c** that time.

We went to work and Ben, a guy that was a year younger than me asked how I got home. I said that I had to crash at Randy's house. He asked how that went. I said not too bad at all

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  • Iv never had s** with another man but after reading this, I like to try gay s**

  • I could help you out, I'm bi married and my wife is ok with other men f****** me. She is also willing to join in, I have an average c*** 6" she is chubby with big t*** and anything goes

  • Id love to f*** with you and your fat wife, were you from?

  • Gay s** is fun, you should try it. It has been years since I've f***** anothet guy and its long over due.

  • Lets get together and you can f*** my ass all night long. Bareback is best.

  • Well in the poster above can we f***? Id like to suck your and get f*****

  • Do you want to teach me?

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