My 18 year old stepdaughters panties

My stepdaughter is a wonderful person. She's a gorgeous brown eyed brunette with a world class ass that drove me crazy all the time. apparently she liked my ass to because she was always grabbing it and sticking her fingers in my butt lol. But anyway we both played the grab ass game. It was fun.

I first noticed my stepdaughters panties when i would have to take them out of the dryer. You see she would leave them for days at a time and I would have to take them out to do my laundry. They were very sexy and some had cute little sayings on them. Her thongs were very sexy and for some reason i really like the red ones.

There were several incidents that happened that kind of created a sexual tension or vibe between us. The first was when she brought her boyfriend over to the house one night. I was laying down on the couch and he was in the bathroom and she came over and kissed me upside down on my lips. It was surreal and it sent a shutter through my body. I know she liked it to because she started to tremble. I just wanted to grab her and keep kissing but didn't have the guts.

She knew I liked her body and she would tease me with it. One day she came down in the morning with a see through white shirt on completely exposing her nipples. When I saw them I got an instant erection. She walked over to me and pointed them right at me and all i could say was nice nipples and then ran off to tend to my erection. Lol

I wanted to be closer to her so I started going into her room and taking her worn things out of her basket. I would take them to my room sniff them and lick them while I masturebated. Sounds gross but it really wasn't . Her scent and taste was intoxicating and I had huge otgasms knowing they were just on her body.

I did this a lot and went from putting them back in her room in her basket to putting them back on top so she could see them. I did this for a while and I knew she liked it because she would make little comments like water was a little cloudy today and smirk at me.

She could be a nasty girl to. I know she masturebated a lot and one day right after doing it she came down and pulled my head back and shoved her fingers down my throat and wiped them on my tongue until I gagged. Of course that was a major turn on and she turned around and walked back to her room

One day my stepdaughter sent me a text message with emojis. I had no clue what they meant so I had to google it. I found out she sent me a sext message. I of course learned what they meant and sent messages back to her and this went on for weeks.

With my new found emoji friends I decided to get bold with her so I would send cryptic messages for her to figure out. I also would let her know how I would like her to leave her panties for me. Told her more is better and she obliged me. She put great effort into making sue her panties were filled and I loved it. But I knew deep down it was wrong and getting out of hand. Things ended abruptly when my stepdaughter left he house and went to college. I do miss her dearly and have my senses back thank goodness. When she comes back I definitely will not continue doing the aforementioned. Felt the need to confess. Thanks for listening

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  • No I shouldn't have and glad nothing else happened. I was warped in the head due to watching too much p********** . After 2 years of therapy I can honestly say I was a creep but no longer have those sick perverted thoughts.

  • You should have banged her, dude.

  • And supposing your daughter experiences that in the hands of "a stepdad" when you are probably divorced and your wife remarries?

  • Shame she has got such a twisted old perv for a stepfather!

  • "Sounds gross but it really wasn't" - um yes, yes it is.

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