I confess for s** in childhood and masturbation.

Dear father,

My life is filled with tragedies. I was weak in education and failed in 9nth and went to open school from where I took 10th and 12th Certificates. In my childhood I was the most straight child in my family, my colony, and school. Still bad forces took me in early childhood into sin. I was innocent and never new anything. The s** worker boys came and seduced me beyond limit and I was trapped in original sin and sexual intercourses with boys. All of them were of bad family, poor, uneducated, and were coming by themselves. I was also doing masturbation. Even if I have stopped doing sexual evil since my late childhood, I am still doing masturbation otherwise negative and sexual thoughts and evil rise in my mind.

I confess for serious original sins and crimes of childhood s** and evil acts with illegal boys. I confess for masturbation since my early childhood until today and I fear even in the future. God help me...


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  • masturbation is normal and child molestation is a crime. You should forgive yourself- you deserve it. You have been through enough trauma as it is. Enjoy the m***********!

  • u shouldnt have to confess on a website, you should go to your father and tell him the truth or if your afraid of what he might thiink u shouldnt have to confess to him,but u should confess to a person and church is the best place because the only people that will know is the "father" and god but the decision is in your hands

  • Your a f****** loser.

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