If I could have my way with him, just once, I know he'd leave his girlfriend and kid for me.... which is exactly why I can't and WON'T do it.

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  • Prince william and kate middlton are BAFTA's Baft bags. SO is prince harry and meghan markle dirty stinky BAFTA's Bags. Bully boy and bully girl BAFTA-BAGS!!!!!! I want to see them sad faced and sad assed.

  • If he'll do it WITH you, he'll do it TO you. Just keep that in mind

  • LOL Girl, you have NO IDEA what his girl does in the bedroom, and you can't compare your s** skills to any other woman, cause you don't know anything about what other women do. The only person who is qualified to compare is the guy that both of you are f******. Do not underestimate ANY woman. If the guy is still with her and they have akid together, she must be doing something right, stupid b****.

  • You are a s***! Leave him alone and stop trying to be a home wrecker.

  • Yeah she's flattering herself just a bit. Plus chicks always seem to forget that if a guy would leave his girl for YOU, then he would leave YOU for something better also.

  • I'm guessing you're a lousy lay with delusions of grandeur.

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