nude on the boat?

Everytime I go out on my dads boat we always see other people on theirs, nude. They are usually far away to realy see much except through the binoculars but sometimes we get close to see others pretty well. I want to try it but don't know how to bring it up without sounding weird. I just like the idea of no tanlines and it looks fun and natural. It's supposed to be really nice this weekend and its my dads weekend so I am pretty sure we are going to go sailing. I most likely will say nothing as usual..but I think about asking if it's be ok.

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  • i think about it some

  • ^^wasn't me that said that above...i didn't suck off my dad but he let me get naked and I was lying out on the bow of the boat and waved to people that passed by but mostly just stayed nude almost all day....the sun felt great!!!! I teased him to go naked too but he wouldn't take off his trunks...but i could tell...he was excited

  • Yup!! and swallowed..

  • You are right, we'll never guess! Stop being coy.

  • To the first commenter: Please do not ever reproduce. If you need help in that department, I am sure all of the people on this site would have no problem holding you down while I castrate you.

  • whatever you want to believe but we didnt do anything really bad....but it was fun

  • I call Bullshit.

  • we got nude on the boat this weekend!!!!!!!!! hehe. you will never guess what happened....or maybe you will. hehe

  • ^Dude I still think you want to f*** your dad

  • Because you a little s***!

  • Well, you didn't state your age (or gender really though I assume you're F) and whether anyone else will be on the boat. Under the circumstances I would advise against it. Think of what the repercussions might be if someone at your dad's company told a colleague, "Hey I saw ____ last weekend on his boat with his daughter and she was nude."

  • ^Hmm your fantasy is with your dad? Kinda grotesque, but its a free country.

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